Requirements to collect the RAI: ​​Obtain all the necessary information

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The Active Insertion Income (RAI) It is a benefit intended for the unemployed, which offers a large number of benefits and a series of obligations must be met to avoid the established penalties.

In this opportunity Procedures and Requirements brings you an article that contains everything you need to know about the Active Insertion Income, how to obtain the benefit, the requested requirements, the obligations, the penalties, the function, among other aspects of interest.

What is the RAI?

the Active Insertion Income Also known by its initials as RAI, it is a type of non-contributory benefit, which is intended for the benefit of the unemployed who do not have any type of financial aid and who have difficulties operating in the labor market.

It is an economic aid for people who do not have a job or receive any type of assistance, it does not have to do with social security and contributions, but depends or arises based on the time that they have as unemployed .

The RAI grant It is made up of three programs of eleven months duration each. Unemployed people who have been unemployed for a long time and are more than 45 years old and returned emigrants, must wait a year between one program and another, those who were victims of abuse in gender violence, and those who have a greater disability 33% can request programs continuously.

How to get it?

In order to obtain this benefit, a series of requirements and requirements must be met, in addition to following the steps established to perceive the RAI.

There are general and specific requirements to carry out this procedure:

General requirements

  • Be under 65 years of age.
  • You cannot receive economic income that exceeds 675 Euros per month.
  • The family unit cannot exceed the income ceiling, that is to say that at the family level the income cannot exceed 675 Euros.
  • Does not apply to former RAI beneficiaries.
  • Not having collected the RAI in the twelve months prior to the request.
  • In the case of people over 45 years of age and people with disabilities, they must make an appointment with the SEPE.

If you meet these requirements, you can continue with your process.

Specific requirements

The following additional requirements are requested according to each case:

For Unemployed people over 45 years old

  • Possess more than 45 years.
  • Having exhausted some type of unemployment benefit or subsidy prior to this application for the RAI.
  • Not being able to opt for another type of benefit or social benefit for the unemployed.
  • You must be continuously registered at the employment office, to prove that you are a job seeker.
  • Keep looking for work.

Returned emigrants over 45 years of age

  • Be over 45 years old.
  • You must have worked at least for a period of six months abroad since your last departure from Spain.
  • Must have returned within 12 months prior to application.

Victims of gender or domestic violence

  • You must prove that you have been a victim of gender or domestic violence. For this you can use a certification issued by the Administration’s Social Security.
  • Meet the general requirements.

Everyone must meet the general requirements before moving on to the specific objectives.

What do I do when the RAI runs out?

When the RAI and even the person is unemployed, you can opt for any of the aid granted by the SEPE:

  • Plan Prepara: This is an aid that is granted for six months to the unemployed who have exhausted all types of benefits or subsidies. This aid also facilitates training to attempt inclusion in the labor market.
  • The Activation Program for Employment PAE: This is a temporary program, which is intended for unemployed people who have remained in this situation for a long time.

What is the function of the RAI?

The RAI function It is to provide financial aid to the unemployed who have a difficulty that does not allow them to work and at the same time find a way that they can be included in the labor market.

Generally, this aid is aimed at people who have been unemployed for a long time who are over 45 years of age, returned emigrants, and victims of gender or domestic violence. Also those people who have a disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Obligations of the beneficiaries of the Active Insertion Income

There are some parameters and obligations that the beneficiaries of the Active Insertion Income:

  • Applicants for this benefit must provide all the documentation that is considered important for entry and maintenance within this help program for the unemployed.
  • Present the necessary information and data to the Public Employment Services to establish communication electronically.
  • Subscribe and comply with the established requirements corresponding to the activity commitment and those that are also established in the job placement plan.
  • Request the exit or reduction of the rent, in case of suspension or extinction of the right or the requirements for its perception are no longer met.
  • Come to the office when the appointment is scheduled.
  • Reintegrate the amounts of the Active Insertion Income unduly received.
  • Stay in the constant search for employment.

RAI sanctions

According to each case, different sanctions can be presented, which are based on Royal Decree 1369/2006, of November 24 (BOE). This decree is in charge of regulating the program RAI, establishing in article 9, the grounds for sanction. Among them we can find:

  • Forgetting to seal the strike.
  • Traveling abroad without notifying it in advance.
  • Failure to report extraordinary income
  • Failure to attend a summons from the Autonomous Employment Services.
  • Among other.

Depending on the offense that is committed, the penalties are lighter or stronger, they can range from not collecting rent for a month to permanently losing aid. That is why it is important to comply with all assignments and thus avoid inconveniences.

Take into consideration the content of this article and get successful results.

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