Requirements to Collect the Unemployment: Documents, Benefits and MORE

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The Requirements to Collect the Unemployment they are extremely useful for those citizens who have recently fired. This aid will allow them to have an income during the time in which they are unemployed.

Next, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the benefits, the documents and the Requirements to Collect the Unemployment.

Requirements to Collect the Unemployment

This diligence is very easy to do, it should only be recorded in the office of the INEM (National Employment System) that corresponds to the Requirements to Collect the Unemployment. These are the ones detailed below:

  • The family book together with the National Identity Document (DNI) of the members of the family group.
  • Certification of the company that prove unemployment status.
  • Application form which will be provided with the information from the Tax Agency.

When the documentation is delivered to the employment office, the applicant will be notified of the amount they will receive and the instructions for obtaining the benefit. If you want to know what is the amount you have, you can enter this link how to calculate unemployment benefit.

Documents Needed to Collect Unemployment

The documents that are needed to carry out this procedure are a complement to the Requirements to Collect the Unemployment, and to be able to enjoy the benefits of the SEPE (State Public Employment Service). They are mentioned here below:

  1. Have worked and have a quote for a minimum time of 360 days, in a period of 6 years before the unemployment situation.
  2. Not having quit work voluntarily.
  3. The interested party must be registered as a job seeker.
  4. Be unemployed, for having been fired, because the employment contract ended or because there was a simplification of the working day of more than a third of the initial time.
  5. Request the benefit during the following 15 days at the end of the contract.
  6. Do not violate the conditions during the time the unemployment benefit is received. Otherwise you may lose this benefit.

How much is quoted to collect unemployment?

To find out how much should be paid to collect the strike, you can request an appointment at the corresponding SEPE office or enter your web portal, where there is information about the situation in which the person is at the moment. It should be noted that for each person the conditions are different.

Generally, when the person has worked for more than a year and has a quote minimum of 360 days in the last 6 years, you can receive unemployment benefits. However, you must be registered with Social Security, and be registered as a job seeker, in addition to being legally unemployed.

But if it is the opposite case, and the person has worked less than a year, the unemployment condition must be legalized. The benefit must not exceed 75% of the minimum interprofessional income. This if you have family charges, and if you do not have the time that is 6 months.

On the other hand, reviewing unemployment benefits at the INEM office is essential to clarify doubts, and to know exactly the amount. Firstly, the time that has been worked will have an impact, in other words, the period that has been quoted. In the case of having the amount, the time will be extended for 21 months.

The interested party must be looking for a job, or taking courses, attending interviews, etc. Likewise, you have the possibility of receiving at least 120 days of unemployment (4 months), if you had a contribution of one year and a year and a half. If you have contributed for a period of 6 years or more than this in a job, the maximum will be 720 days, which is equivalent to 2 years of unemployment.

Unemployment benefit

The SEPE is the one who informs about the amount to be received for the unemployment benefit, which is 70% in the first 180 days and 50% as of day 181. Additionally, when reviewing unemployment benefits it is confirmed that there is a minimum and a maximum amount.

Amounts for Unemployment Benefit

As previously stated, there are two amounts, which are:

  • The Minimum Amount: This is € 664.74 euros if you are in charge of children under 26 years of age or disabled older children, which is equivalent to 33%. However, for people without children it is € 497 euros.
  • Maximum Amount: It refers to when you have a dependent child and is € 1,242.52 euros. In the case of having 2 children, this amount increases to € 1,397.83 euros. But if you don’t have children, it will go down to € 1,087.20 euros.

It is important to know that the SEPE will vary according to the period that you have contributed as an employee in Social Security. This weather can be extended up to 2 years. The amount to be received is subject to the Regulatory Base, you can work and collect benefits, if the job is for a shorter time. Of course the unemployment quota will be reduced according to working hours.

In the case of exhausting the SEPE benefit and still not working, there is an assistance aid that is granted under specific conditions. These conditions are: Having family responsibilities, being a returned immigrant, being over the age of 45, or having been in jail.

Who can collect unemployment?

Collecting unemployment comes from having an unemployment contribution for a minimum period of 360 days during the 6 years prior to the legal unemployment condition. The most common cases where unemployment is requested are those named below:

  • At the end of the employment relationship with the company, either by being fired or by termination of the contract.
  • Decrease in working hours and wages.
  • Intermittent permanent employees, including those who do fixed jobs and for periods, that are repeated on specific dates, in times of productive stoppage. These employees must request it within 15 business days. Since the legal condition of unemployment begins, signing an activity agreement. If the stoppage is requested in time out, the interested party loses the money in proportion to the delay.

What is it?

In Spanish territory unemployment is known as “unemployment” and the percentage of unemployed citizens in Spain. Likewise, to the help that these people receive or may receive in accordance with the Law. Citizens who are unemployed as indicated by the RAE.

For this reason, when a citizen wants to register with the Employment Service, to manage a job, he has to sign up on the unemployment list. The time that this benefit lasts is equivalent to a third of the time that the employee came to contribute, as long as it is greater than one year.

The minimum duration is 4 months and the maximum is 24 months. All of this is calculated according to an interval scale. Where four months of unemployment benefit are granted with an unemployment contingency contribution of at least 360 days.

Causes for which the unemployment can be suspended

The following are the reasons why unemployment benefits are suspended:

  • In the time that corresponds for having been penalized by incurring serious or minor breaches.
  • While the maternity or paternity time elapses.
  • If the person is paying a penalty which includes deprivation of liberty. Except if the person has a family burden and does not have any family income, which is greater than the minimum interprofessional salary.
  • When performing work on behalf of third parties that last less than 12 months.
  • When freelance work is done in less than 60 months, after this situation has elapsed, it must be registered in the Special Regime of the Social Security of Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers.
  • In the event that the job in a personal capacity has been less than 24 months, it is indistinct that it has been registered as a worker in a personal capacity in any of the Social Security regimes.
  • When it continues to provide the service or not by company decision, and when a sentence promulgates the non-admissibility or annulment of the dismissal.
  • To the move abroad to find or carry out a job, professional improvement or international collaboration. All this for a period of less than 12 months, as long as the trip is notified to the State Public Employment Service and it gives the permit.
  • If the person goes abroad for a successive time up to 90 continuous days maximum each year. You must also notify the State Public Employment Service for approval. At this time the benefit is suspended.
  • Upon termination of the cause of suspension, continuation may be requested, unless this is the result of a penalty. In this case, the service is automatically restarted by the SEPE, when the suspension period has ended. The person must be registered as a job seekerIf this is not the case, you will need to attend the SEPE in advance, justifying the registration.

This unemployment benefit can help you support yourself during the time you are looking for another job. This guarantees you a certain degree of financial security in these difficult times.

We hope you get a new job soon, but in the meantime, take note of the Requirements to Collect the Unemployment!

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