Requirements to collect unemployment benefits: All the information you need

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Looking for the Requirements to collect unemployment benefit in Spain, You just stumbled on the right portal!

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What is unemployment benefit

East unemployment benefit it is mostly a welfare aid.

In order to determine groups of unemployed people without resources. Which consists of a significant economic presentation.

They also have the payment to Social Security of the contributions corresponding to each of the health care benefits and family protection.

This subsidy is for people over 55 years of age.

Requirements to collect unemployment benefit

The necessary requirements to collect unemployment benefits are the following:

1-First of all, they must have contributed for minimum unemployment for 360 days, this had to happen 6 years before being unemployed.

In this quote you cannot have another request to present other benefits or any other subsidy.

2-You must be in a fully legal situation after unemployment.

The law is very clear, this strike had to happen for reasons unrelated to work.

3-You must be registered in the scheme that provides for unemployment benefits.

This is the normal social security scheme. There are special things in which there are no entitlements to unemployment benefits.

One of them are household employers, or self-employed workers who have not voluntarily accepted the contribution for active termination.

4-You are registered as a job seeker.

Aimed at said strike and subscribed to the activity commitment.

5-Not be of retirement age, nor do any work on their own account.

Except in the exceptions written in the law as such.

Can I apply for unemployment benefit if I have less than a year at work?

In order to be entitled to taxpayer benefits, it is necessary to have a minimum of 360 days which must be worked.

In addition to that, they must be assessed for unemployment. These should include any vacation days that were not taken.

Which must be in the 6 years prior to what happened, or at the time the listed obligation was terminated.

Remember that this should not be used for any other previous service.

To qualify for unemployment benefit, it is necessary that:

  • If you have family responsibility, you must have at least three months, which will correspond to 90 business days.
  • In the case of not proving family responsibilities, they must have at least six months corresponding to 180 business days.

Can i charger the unemployment benefit if I am a foreigner?

Foreigners who are precedents from countries of the European Union or the European Economic Area:

They can receive this unemployment benefit.

They only need to identify themselves with their passport or with their identity card (DIN) or their TIE, which is known as the foreigner identity card.

They have the right to all the benefits which correspond to them for the time working in Spain.

Foreigners from non-EU countries also have these benefits, as long as they strictly comply with certain requirements:

First of all, you must have the residence in a Spanish legal way.

The permit to validate the unemployment payment must be one of those mentioned below:

  • Temporary and work which must be an initial employee and must be current.
  • It must be a renewed employee and be current.
  • For an initial or renewed third-party account that is expired and accompanied by the renewal application.
  • Being temporary due to exceptional circumstances, I hope you are clear that this refers to roots.
    If you are a minor or are in a situation such as an asylum or refuge, this does not apply.
  • It should be permanent.
  • Your stay in the city of refuge, together with the temporary residence authorization society for some exceptional circumstance in force or in the event that it has expired, together with the request to renew it.

Subsidy benefits

The Benefits there are many, one of them is that they can help the unemployed who lack income of any kind which is higher than 75%

Which comes from the current minimum interprofessional salary, in addition to being in any of the following situations:

  • To each of the workers who are over 45 years of age who have exhausted their contributory unemployment benefits and have a great family responsibility.
  • 45-year-old workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits, whether or not you have family responsibilities.
  • 55 years old (workers)
  • Migrant workers who decided to return to Spain.
  • Working people who, when given the legal situation of unemployment, have not been able to cover the period necessary for the contribution to be able to access a contributory benefit.
  • Invalid or incapable.
  • Those who are released from pressure and are in remission for a detox sentence.


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