Requirements to Donate Hair: Documents, Steps and MORE

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If you are an altruistic person of good will, this article is for you. Here you will find the Requirements to Donate Hair, which is an act of generosity and empathy, which contributes to the making of wigs for people with pathologies where they have lost their hair.

There is also information about the steps to follow for donation, why hair should be donated, and the associations that are in charge of receiving donations and making wigs are also mentioned.

What are the Requirements to Donate Hair?

In Spain there are some foundations that are responsible for collecting hair to later be donated. But to execute this action it is first necessary to comply with the Requirements to Donate Hair, which are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old and under 35 years old.
  • If you are under 18 but you want to donate hair, you may require an authorization from the parents in the place where they are going to cut the hair.
  • Hair tail should measure approximately 20 cm which is equal to eight inches. In some foundations they ask for at least a length of 30 cm the equivalent of twelve inches, in order to accept the donated hair.
  • You must have healthy hair, that is, the person who is going to donate has not bleached so many times, nor has he / she performed perms, chemical straightening and applied hair dyes.
  • Have a proper toilet, in other words, the scalp must not have diseases, no nits, no lice.
  • All strands of hair must have the same sense and measure.
  • The person must make sure they want to donate the hair.

Documents Needed to Donate Hair

To donate hair in Spain it is not necessary to present any type of documentation. However, it is important to comply with the Requirements to Donate Hair that were mentioned above. In any case, what can be required is the authorization of the parents if the hair donor is under 18 years of age.

On the other hand, if the foundation that is collecting the hair has a statistical record of the people who donate hair, it may have to be filled out in advance and sent after printing or through the internet, where it should have the number of references of The donation.

Steps to Donate Hair

When donating hair, it is essential to follow the steps detailed below:

  • Wash your hair applying shampoo and conditioner. No foams should be applied, jellies, fixatives, styling creams, among others.
  • Pick up the hair at the level of the neck, in the case of having a lot of hair, it can be divided into three parts, one at the back of the head, and also two parts, one on the sides of the head.
  • Make a high tail, tied with a band as resistant as possible.
  • If some are found hair outside the band will not be included in donation.
  • Prevent the hair from coming out of the tail by placing some elastics in the center. It is suggested to make a braid.
  • The tail should be at least 8 inches long, and the elastic band should be right where the person wants the hair to be cut.
  • In the case of not having hair of the required length, it is convenient to wait for it to continue growing, since otherwise it will not be admitted and it is one of the Requirements to Donate Hair.
  • Go to the beauty salon of choice and ask to have your hair cut.

Why do it?

Hair donation has been the easiest and in which less money and time is used. It may not save someone with a terminal illness, however, it is a way to put something useful that will surely end up in a garbage can every time you get a haircut.

This voluntary action serves to boost mood and self-esteem of some people, who are going through a hair loss problem (which implies a change of image), generated by pathologies such as alopecia, also burns, cancer or lupus.

There are a large number of people in Spain, especially ladies who, because they have very long hair, are encouraged to donate some strands of hair year after year, which contributes to the elaboration of wigs for patients receiving chemotherapy, which are collected in some beauty salons and they send them to some foundations, where they make them.

These wigs are manufactured for both people who do not have financial means to pay them, as for those who have the possibility of paying them. Here are some reasons why you should encourage yourself to donate hair:

  1. If a person is healthy, their hair will grow healthy, but that of other people does not grow the same.
  2. Cutting your hair creates a new image.
  3. It is advisable cut your hair every so often, in order to grow healthy.
  4. Donating hair is a voluntary act of love for others, so by doing so the person will feel very good, since they are contributing something for the benefit of those who need them, in addition to being their own.

Associations to Donate Hair

Regarding the associations that exist in Spain to donate hair are the following:

  • AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer): The donation can be made through the AEP (Spanish Association of Posticería), and take the hair to one of the humanitarian hairdressers of said association, or send an envelope to the following address: Spanish Association of Posticería, calle Sagasta, 19 2ºB CP: 30004 Murcia Spain.
  • In Pekelucas: This association is in charge of manufacturing free wigs most of all for girls, and additionally has a bank to donate. It is a non-profit association.
  • Solidarity Strands: It has more than 500 affiliated hairdressers spread throughout the Spanish territory. It should be noted that, in these hairdressers haircut is free if the person is going to donate it. At the same time, they collaborate with a Foundation called Aladina, where they are in charge of donating wigs made with natural hair.
  • Pink Bracelets: It has a project called «your hair is worth a treasure», it is a solidarity proposal to support both children and women who are in the fight against cancer.

Frequent questions

To donate my hair is it mandatory to go to a solidarity hairdresser?

Not at all, it is an alternative but it is not mandatory. Anyone who wishes to donate hair can go cut it where they prefer and then send it through the mail.

Where are the solidarity hairdressers located?

Through this link You can check where the solidarity hairdressers are established, including the one closest to your home address.

How much hair is needed to make a wig?

To make a good wig it is necessary to have 14 tails, it should be noted that each tail comes from different people, with different hair colors.

What is the maximum age required to donate hair?

The maximum age required to donate hair is 35 years old.

Do you accept donation of colored hair?

Unfortunately not, since in the process of making wigs it is included hair coloring received, and that it has a realistic image, therefore, all the tails are dyed the same color. This implies that the hair to be processed is as resistant as possible, so that it absorbs the greatest amount of dye.

An exception is made for hair dyed with henna, because it does not absorb the dyes afterwards, if necessary. It does not matter what hair color you have, but one of the most sought after is natural blonde, and it is the one with the least in context.

In such a way that gray, bleached or dyed hair does not obey these conditions in a satisfactory way. Because it’s much harder to dye, and when they are dyed their discoloration is easier. Without However, donation of undyed hair is generally preferred.

What is the minimum length to donate hair?

The minimum length required to donate hair is 12 inches, or 12 inches.

How much is the cost of a wig made with natural hair?

A wig made with natural hair can cost between € 2,000 and € 3,000 euros.

How safe is it to donate hair to an association?

It is essential to consult the information of any association to which hair is donated. Certainly, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of the good hearts of others to benefit financially from the high cost of wigs.

What are the most requested wigs?

Most of the ladies prefer to wear wigs made from long hair as they want to preserve their pre-hair loss image.

Is there a maximum length to donate hair?

The length is measured from where the garter is put down. There are some foundations that request a minimum of 30 centimeters, this with the aim of making long hair wigs, since they are the most required on the market.

To Take into Account: If you plan to donate your hair to the AECC, you should know that this association accepts colored hair, with highlights and gray hair.

In the event that the hair is used by foundations of oncological origin, the safest thing is to do a test to discard any abnormality that may alter the patient’s health, and when this information is validated, it is used.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to Donate Hair. Do not think twice and take advantage of making a change of look and at the same time you are contributing with the development of a wig for someone who needs it.

There is nothing better than having the satisfaction that with good actions we help others. Just make sure you meet the necessary requirements, which are also easy to meet.

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