Requirements to Drive a Taxi: Documents, Salary and MORE

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If you are interested in earning income as a driver or chauffeur, here are the Requirements to Drive a Taxi. Which you must fulfill to be able to perform the functions as a taxi driver.

All the requirements are important, since you must have a permit that authorizes you to be able to drive as a taxi driver in Spain. You will also know the salary they receive, their functions and other information of interest.

What are the Requirements to Drive a Taxi in Spain?

First of all, you should know that the taxi service is municipal in nature. In other words, each city council places the provisions for the inhabitants to acquire a taxi license. The Requirements to Drive a Taxi in Spain they are set out below:

The BTP Driving License (Professional Drivers License)

The first requirement to work as a taxi driver is the B1 driving license. A specific exam must also be passed, which contains sixteen (16) questions. It can be prepared in a driving school or independently, and its approximate cost is € 100.

Test at the Town Hall

You must pass another exam at the town hall of the community where you are going to work. It is generally a test style exam with questions regarding the city where you live. It contains more than a hundred questions and is proposed with four possible answers.

Documents Needed to Drive a Taxi in Spain

The documentation that must be submitted for this procedure is part of the Requirements to Drive a Taxi, which are:

Other credentials

  • Do not present a criminal record.
  • Possess the title as an ESO graduate (Compulsory Secondary Education).
  • The interested party must not present any physical difficulty that prevents the fulfillment of the assigned functions.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages no narcotic substances.

The Medical Certificate

Health issues are very important and controversial in terms of taxi drivers. There are some people who carry HIV and they cannot do this job.


To conclude, with this procedure the goal is to obtain the desired taxi license. These are usually sold by retired workers, for an approximate amount of € 140,000 euros, which will depend on the city.

This license can be sold with the car ready or not. If you are not ready, you must buy a model that is approved in your city (€ 25,000 euros). Then you must paint, place the chapel, also the meter and make the pertinent revisions.

What License is Needed to Drive a Taxi in Spain?

A year ago, drivers required a specific license to drive a taxi and other priority vehicles such as ambulances. This was the called BTP cardHowever, this rule was unique in Spain.

Spanish law has had to comply with European standards, which do not allow other authorizations than those required according to the characteristics of the vehicle. In other words, B for tourism transport, C license for trucks and D license for buses, this is separate from the service provided in each vehicle.

With regard to the restrictions, it is necessary to know that people who have the BTP authorization can continue to drive the vehicles for what they were available. However, in the same way they have to obey the other requirements that have to do with the vehicle involved.

In conclusion, all those people who have the BTP card, will continue with the authorization they currently have, until your B license expires. When the time comes to make the corresponding renewal, the BTP specification will be discarded.


The salary of a taxi driver depends on some conditions such as the following:

Salary of a Licensed Taxi Driver

If they reside in Madrid and it is a normal season, according to the Taxi Exam page the salary is € 3,500 euros in total and € 2,130 euros net. It has been calculated for an employee who works 5o hours a week, and has a considerable savings per month.

It could be said that, that would be the amount to give a number to it, however, this is an amount that varies normally. Which is determined by the month in which it is worked, the mileage, the make of the car that is acquired, the cost of the insurance.

It also includes the way of driving (how the driver presses the gas pedal), which affects the monthly salary. Another influencing factor is whether the driver wants to work 8, 10 or 16 hours a day (legally the maximum authorized), or in any case if he wants to enjoy a vacation or have days off.

Now, to get to about € 2,000 euros per month, which is a good amount, 2 elements must be taken into account. One, is that previously there were more taxi drivers who worked overtime to the extreme (they work many hours a day). Two, there was dishonest competition, which meant losing at least € 300 per month.

The Salary of a Taxi Driver who does not have a License

In this case, it is a taxi driver hired by the person who holds the license. Taking into consideration what is estimated by the Taxi Exam, 65% of the income each month passes to the licensee. With which it must pay for insurance, service, etc. Working at least 50 hours a week, it would be € 1,200 euros per month.

There are also cases such as, for example, where 2 taxi drivers work in the same car and with the same license. Likewise, each one works 40 hours per week, which reflects an individual employer (he is the one who has the license) and the other is the employee.

Taking accounts, each month they invoice about € 4,500 euros. By subtracting the aforementioned costs, € 2,980 euros of profit per month are available to divide by 2. This division can be € 1,200 euros of salary for the employee of the taxi driver and € 1,780 euros for the license holder.

In other words, an ordinary taxi driver is a person who works many more hours than normal than a regular worker. In turn, he receives a higher salary than the average in Spain, without pretending to make a fortune. Being a taxi driver who does not have a license, he earns less.

What is it?

Taxi drivers or private drivers, drive different models of vehicles some are: cars, limousines or vans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to move people from one place to another.

These drivers are in charge of looking for customers and their suitcase, in different places to transport them to where they need it, safely and quickly.

This people They work for autonomous taxi lines or transportation companies. They have a fleet of their own cars, correctly identified as taxis. Which are intended to hire a number of taxi drivers necessary to handle them.

Now, to request their services, users usually communicate through a telephone call from the lines or get them directly on the street.

Drivers are responsible for receiving the amount paid by each client, it can be a rate calculated by the meter or flat, it will depend on the distance of the journey and the period of time taken.

On the other hand, private drivers are hired by independent or companies, getting a steady income for rendering their services. These drivers generally work for large companies, companies that are dedicated to renting limousines and for hotels. Where the user pays the company directly and not the driver.

Functions of a Taxi Driver

Among the functions performed by a taxi driver are the following:

  • Check the car to be sure it runs smoothly:
    • Ensure lights, brakes, windshield wipers, locks, windows, and horn are working properly.
    • Check fuel level, oil in the engine and coolant.
    • Check how the tires are and the air pressure.
    • Do constant inspections of the vehicle.
    • Notify the company about any malfunction in the vehicle’s functions.
  • Maintain contact with the headquarters, the company, customers and users:
    • Admit users assigned by the company or central assignment.
    • Stick to the path and direction indicated to get to the site where the user will be searched.
    • Be attentive to users who are on the street and require your services.
    • Notify users about amounts of the services.
  • Search for passengers:
    • Park the car in the designated area so that users can board safely.
    • Cooperate with users with their bags, likewise, with those who are unable to move.
    • Check that users are properly seated and that they are wearing the seat belt properly.

Other Functions of Taxi Drivers

  • Move users to where they asked:
    • Obey the current land traffic regulations.
    • Check that the passenger is safe during the transfer.
    • Accept the indications given by the users.
    • Use the faster way.
    • Charge the user the established amount for the transfer, and deliver the invoice in case you need it.
  • Respond to emergencies or accidents:
    • Notify the company about any damage (tires without air, crashes, among others) or accident.
    • Request the replacement of the car to transfer the users in case it is required.
  • Have control over working hours, rates and routes:
    • Present the report to the company.
    • Turn on the warning that the vehicle is available, and that users have access to the service.
    • Keep a record of the users transferred, the roads taken and the fees received.

The Requirements to Drive a Taxi in Spain they are easy to gather. In such a way that, if you feel qualified to exercise this profession, do not think about it and take the step.

Depending on the conditions in which you find yourself as to whether you have your own vehicle or not, it will be your income. We wish you luck with your procedure.

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