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After a person they begin to return to the third age, there comes a time when they have a high degree of dependency. At this moment is that all families They begin to evaluate certain possibilities to overcome whatever limitations are being presented.

Generally, what is evaluated is that despite their age, they may have a adequate quality of life and your well-being. Also among these possibilities, is considered the option of the nursing homes, which is usually the most valued by families.

It is well said that it is true that the private ones have very high prices, and in the public there are few places, therefore they are limited. For this reason we will explain what is necessary to be able to enter a public nursing home.

Requirements for entering a public nursing home

Because access to a place in one of the centers public I have ended up becoming an odyssey in recent years.

And that the nursing homes Private are so expensive and for almost everyone unaffordable. That is why you may be interested in knowing the requirements necessary.

However you have to know that these requirements They are variable according to what is stated with the autonomous legislation.

There is still a framework that is common and the state has to meet these possible conditions:

  • You must be over 65 years of age, it may be 60 years if you have cases of dependence either severe or moderate.
  • Live in the municipality in which the home public which is to be registered
  • Own your designation as a socially and medically dependent person.
  • That does not have any prior sanction in any square that has its public ownership

However, sometimes a third alternative of home for people who are older. Since as they could see the requirements to be able to enter a public residence and the high price that private ones have.

These two make it remarkably complex alternatives, but there is still the option of a slightly more personalized service. Or more individualized, as can be the care for your older relative at home.

That is why I chose the caregivers of seniors it can become the answer you were looking for. They have a more accessible price and also have a comfort that is greater, because you should not abandon your home.

And have a service that represents quality maximum for the welfare of the elderly.

Who can enter a nursing home`

For this to be answered, it has to be known first who is recognized as higher? Will it always be the one who is over 65 years old?

The answer to these questions is not simple, but it must be recognized that currently people have decided to stay active and independent for longer.

Previously this did not happen, for example in the 1940s a person 60 years old were already considered an old man.

But nowadays many people of this age they are still in good condition.

It is necessary to know that certain rules of autonomy about social services can allow people under this age to enter.

This will happen as long as they comply with the factors that imply such as the requirements in the different nursing homes.

But the main reality here in Spain is that most people end up entering by having much more than 80 years.

Therefore the deciding factor for those who enter It is not precisely the age, but the degree of dependency that the person already has.

How to get a place

One of the main difficulties that exist there is that when you want to enter a public nursing home there are very few places.

A clear example is that in the past year, residences public they barely reached 200 places. Which is only in 4% of the elderly population in Spain.

Which indicates that the data is totally insufficient if you want to have a good response for the demand requested in these services.

In a population of the society that each time ages at a gigantic speed.

For all the families who prefer this type of care modality, this shortage of places and residences is a terrible obstacle.

Due to the current Law of the Dependence it is not really enough to be able to cover all these needs, in addition to knowing the requirements.

Of all the residences it can help a lot for the moment of the application of the squares.

Steps to follow

  • A must be requested appointment Previously, this is the first step, in the event that for any reason the elderly person cannot attend, a relative may appear.
  • You will receive a visit from worker After the visit to the center, the social services will be in charge of assigning the social worker.
  • This will come in a way face-to-face to the domicile to be able to carry out the evaluation of the degree of dependency that the person has.
  • You must have the documents ready for your visit, on the day that the cognitive and physical abilities of your family be evaluated should also.
  • Possess all your documents in the hand, to be able to fill out and sign your application in order to properly evaluate your dependency relationship.
  • You have to wait for a letter in your address, by which it will be explained how the evaluation was and the resolution taken in your request.
  • In addition to this they will indicate the degree and the level of dependency if you have it.
  • You will have a new appointment with your social worker, having the letter in your hand, it is the worker social who will detail the content it has.
  • Thus indicating also the means and its benefits, in which an older person can be accommodated with respect to the Dependency Law.
  • Finally you have to wait for a home public, it will only have a maximum of 50 kilometers of the distance from your previous residence.
  • However this assignment it is usually quite slow and you may have to wait even several months.

Types of nursing homes

The residences Private: These do not have public financing, they can have a total cost of the stay that is assumed.

Either by residents or their relatives, this cost can even reach € 1,800 each month in Spain

Public residences: These are under the financing of the public administration.

The arranged residences: The latter are the residences that are managed by certain companies, for which you offer places with a concession public before.


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