Requirements to enter the Legion: Find out what you need to know

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Surely, there are many people who are interested in being part of military life, which is why the requirements to enter the Legion and what else is needed to join this military organization.

What is the Spanish Legion?

It is an organization better known as the Spanish military force which has its origins in the year 1920 by José Millán-AstrayIt is a land force from Spain.

Today the legions consist of the following:

  • Grand Captain 1st Legion.
  • Duke of the dawn second legion, it is also known as the Brigade «Rey Alfonso XIII».
  • Don Juan of Austria who would be the third legion.
  • Alejandro Farmesio is the fourth legion.

In the early days of this military force they called themselves the Third of ForeignersIn addition, the legions that were mentioned above are also known as the third. This military organization came to life thanks Infantry Commander José Millán-Astray and it’s all due to the colonial wars in North Africa.

The wars in North Africa need support and why José Millán-Astray create this military third, making it the home of professional soldiers. On the other hand, the Spanish legion has participated in several wars that have occurred in Spain since this legion was founded.

What are the functions of the Spanish Legion?

Being the military force of Spain, it is understood that they are the defends Spanish sovereignty, that is, only those who go to war when the country declares it. Plus also heed the call for missions discussed, between the Ministry of Defense and the Government of Spain.

It is to be expected that they are the ones who go to war and it is due to their origins because they were created for this purpose, therefore their training is for combat. As he has no estimate when it will be the next battle, although he always avoids as many as possible.

At the same time they also comply with escort or guard service, depending on the importance or value of what they have to take care of, which are generally important to the Nation.

In short, the legion is the defense weapon of Spain, which at the same time protects the security of this European country. For this and more, anyone who wants to be part of this military force has to comply with requirements to enter the Legion, since when enlisting, he places on his shoulders the responsibility of defending Spain from any enemy.

What are the requirements to enter the Spanish Legion?

You are already aware of what the spanish legion and what is its main mission since it exists in Spain. But so far in reading, it has been mentioned the requirements to enter the Legion, something that is important and you have to know, if you want to be a member of this military force.

In this way, everything that a person who wants to be a member of the legion has to know is made known, so they are completely sure of the decision, although it is an honor to serve your country, it is also a responsibility that must be sure to assume.

Without further delay, these are the requirements to enter the LegionThis is how you are sure whether or not you can enter the legion:

  • Have Spanish nationality or the nationality of these countries:
    • Argentina.
    • Bolivia.
    • Costa Rica.
    • Colombia.
    • Chili.
    • Ecuador.
    • The Savior.
    • Guatemala.
    • Equatorial Guinea.
    • Honduras.
    • Mexico.
    • Nicaragua.
    • Panama.
    • Paraguay.
    • Peru*.
    • Dominican Republic.
    • Uruguay.
    • Venezuela.
  • Be of legal age and in the case of having exceeded this age you must be below 29.
  • Measure between 1.55 meters to 2.03 meters.
  • Have no criminal record, neither in Spain nor in the country where you come from.
  • If you have eye diseases that require corrective lenses, only -4 diopters of myopia are allowed, up to +4 of hyperopia and +/- 2 of astigmatism. Neither does the spherical component.
  • Have studied according to the levels that correspond to their age.
* Peruvian citizens must have an authorization from the corresponding body that they can join the Spanish Armed Forces or have a document.

What is the documentation to enter the Spanish Legion?

The profile of the person who can enter the Spanish legion, it only remains to indicate what documents they have to bring on the day that the convocation indicates to be part of this military force, since just by meeting the requirements they are already in the legion.

For what has just been mentioned, you have to do the permitting procedures to be able to acquire the following documents and it must be as follows:

Before testing:

  • When you are in the center of selection of complements you have to have:
    • Declaration of citizen conduct.
    • Designation of beneficiaries of group life and accident insurance *.
    • Certificate from the Central Registry of Prisoners and Rebels.
* The designation of beneficiaries of the group life and accident insurance can be obtained here.

For the day of the test you must already have these documents:

  • Photocopy of the National Identity Document, in the case that the permission to search the information in the system to know the identity was not approved.
  • Document that validates the academic level that the applicant has in original and a copy, it can also be a legalized copy or a certified photocopy.
  • Residence card or the card of a family member who is a community resident, only in the case of being a foreigner.
  • For those who have been soldiers or sailors, they must bring a certified copy * of the Military card, Notification of Pass to Reserve or Recruitment Area Certificate. Everything will depend on the applicant, in addition, the job he / she performed, decorations obtained and time spent in the FAS must be indicated.
* At the selection center, certified copies of original documents can be made.

How to join the Spanish Legion?

So far those who are interested in being part of this legion, should be more than sure with their decision. It only remains to indicate the steps to follow to be part of this military organization, of course as long as the requirements to enter the Legion. These are the steps to follow:

  1. The day indicated by the call to request a prior interview.
  2. Then he leaves when it is the day of the appointment, he has to bring the documents that were indicated before the training.
  3. After the appointment, you must go on the day that corresponds to the adaptation and orientation class.
  4. Then comes training as such, where the resistance of future legionaries is put to the test and they are taught everything they need to know to do their duty.
  5. Finally, after passing the hard training and having approved it, you can make the selection of whether you want to be sailors or be part of the ground troops.

You can always live with honor doing what you like the most, that is why every country has its own defenses because a declaration of war exists. So don’t think about it because with this you have the answer.

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