Requirements to Form a Political Party: Documents, What it is and MORE

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If you sometimes think that you have excellent ideas related to the progress of a country and imagine founding a political party, you are in the right place for the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Spain.

In addition, it is known that not everyone can do it, form a party, be in elections and reach everyone. But in theory any citizen, if he meets the corresponding requirements, can achieve it.

Do not let time pass and fight for your ideals and if the way that you think is possible is by founding a political party, go ahead read and learn more about the subject.

What are the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Spain?

You are wondering what the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Spain, below all the requirements to start it without leaving out any aspect.

Here are the requirements to form a Political Party:

Choice of founding members

  • In principle it should form a group of three people.
  • It must not be a legal person.
  • Has to To be over 18 years old.
  • Nationality must be Spanish or belong to the European Union (EU).
  • Must be on full exercise of civil rights, that is, not to be legally disqualified.
  • Have no conviction due to problems with illegal associations.
  • Establish the positions that correspond to the party, although they may differ from one party to another, the general positions are: President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the members.
  • Then when you draw up the statutes you can make the changes you want, also make the division of powers.

Set the type of Party

Must be determine the purpose of the creation of the party and the type of match that will be. All this is very important since a national party is not the same as a local one, for the purposes of partisan practice, it is legally the same.

Likewise, you must have a defined project with a thematic line of the party. It is recommended to prepare a document that establishes the basic ideas that make up the ideology of the party that is being formed. Once done, the Statutes can be drawn up.

Define the name of the party and corporate image

It is a delicate matter to establish name and acronyms, since it must be previously checked if the name is already used, also with the acronyms. Also, check if it is very similar to an existing one, it is done exactly the same with the acronyms.

Regarding the existence of the name and acronyms, it can be checked on the political party registration website. It gets a little more complicated with respect to the acronyms and the similarity of the name.

The issue related to logos must be taken into account, since marketing leads you to have a good image of the party that is being created. Consider the color of the logo that is a way to identify the party and that is easily identified. Likewise, it happens with the typeface to be used because each font represents personality types.

These points mentioned must be established in a manual so that in this way everyone follows it and there is a total identification with partisan ideals.

Preparation of the Initial Act of the match

Notary services must be paid for the preparation of the Founding Act, giving public faith of the creation of the party. This initial act must contain the following:

  • Name surname of the founders of the party.
  • Indicate the DNI / NIE numbers.
  • Place the address of each of the founders of the political party.
  • Likewise, indicate the marital status of the founding members of the party.
  • Also, the profession of each of the members founders of the party.
  • The Minutes must indicate the distribution of management positions and indicate which position each founding member will hold.
  • Place the registered office where will be the headquarters of the political party. In case of being small parties, initially it can be the domicile of one of the party members.

Preparation of the Party Statutes

It is recommended at this point to review the statutes of similar parties. The law establishes that the statutes must have the following before being brought to record:

  • Party name and acronyms corresponding.
  • It must have the logo, description and graphic representation.
  • Indicate the registered office.
  • The email and website of the party must also be indicated.
  • Very important, the scope of the party that is, autonomous, state, provincial, municipal.
  • The goals of the match.
  • Clearly indicate the duties and rights of the members and the disciplinary regime.
  • Also indicate the governing and representative bodies.
  • Elaboration of an ethical code.
  • Likewise, indicate admission modalities, withdrawal of members and the requirements for joining the party.

For any questions in this regard, consult Article 3.2 of the Organic Law of Political Parties.

Having ready the Statutes and the Initial or Foundation Act, they are brought before the Notary, so that he can prepare the Notary Act and then each of the founding members can sign it.

Before visiting the Notary, the cost must be taken into account to pay at the Notary through the corresponding procedure. Oscillate between 151 and 251 euros approximately.

Documentation Needed to Form a Political Party

Continuing the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Spain, Important steps are mentioned when forming a political party and the necessary documents to attach.

In addition to constituting a party, it is important to make the corresponding registration, this must be done in the Registry of Political Parties of the Ministry of the Interior. You can also do what is called an electoral coalition.

To register you must present the corresponding registration request, the Notarial Act, a constitution agreement and the Bylaws.

The constitution agreement must have the identification and other personal data of the founders, the founding Act and of the party leaders. Include the registered office and the statutes of the new political party.

The cost of registration is zero, the only cost corresponds to the notarial act as mentioned above.

Political Party Registration

According to the Requirements to Form a Political Party the formal requirements to register the political party in the authorized Registry of the Ministry of the Interior.

They are as follows:

  • The document of application for registration, signed by the founders of the party with all the corresponding identification data.
  • Present the Incorporation agreement that should have been formalized in a Affidavit in original with the identification data of the founders, address, profession or trade, marital status, among others.
  • Deliver the Minutes of the founding of the party, which is the one that originates after the meeting where the decision to form a political party is made.
  • Present the members that make up the directive part of the party created.
  • Declaration of principles, where are the political and ideological guidelines.
  • Indicate the registered office of the political party.
  • Deliver a certified copy of the Statutes by which the constituted party will be governed.
  • A political party is an association of several able-bodied people who agree to form a political party. The number of founders must be three or more natural persons.

What is the Use of Forming a Political Party?

Following with the Requirements to Form a Political Party, according to the statutes of the majority of the parties politicians, these They are a kind of mediator between the government of the day and the citizens. They must be representatives of the citizens and generate actions that contribute to the achievement of the objectives.

They lead ideas that form doctrines to form power groups and seek to pursue the goals of their followers. One of the functions of political parties is to train leaders who are aligned with their doctrine and where the common good is pursued.

Political parties must make contributions that contribute through programs to the formulation of government plans and policies. Something of great importance is that with their contribution they strengthen the democracy of the peoples.

The greater the inequality in the citizens, the more necessary the presence of the political parties becomes.

Legal Aspects to form a Political Party

The legal aspects around political parties are framed within Law 21 of June 14, 1976, on the right to political association, which was repealed by the Organic Law 6 / of June 27, 2002 on Political Parties.

The Constitution of Spain of 1978 establishes in article 6: “Political parties express political pluralism …”. The creation and free exercise of parties is within the Constitution and the Law.

There are also the EC Regulations N ° 1524 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated December 18, 2007 and the Regulations of the Congress of Deputiess dated February 10, 1982 Articles 23 to 29.

Organic Law 6 of June 27, 2002 regulates the legal regime of political associations.

Also, the Organic Law 8 dated July 4, 2007, is related to the financing of political parties.

Likewise, the Law 50 dated December 26, 2007, which modifies Law 43 of December 15, 1998 and deals with the compensation of political parties in application of the norm on political responsibilities for the period 1936-1939.

What is it?

A political party in Spain today is considered a stable and permanent organization, according to its ideology.

The Spanish Constitution indicates that political parties are the expression of political pluralism implicitly expressing the will of citizens and are an instrument for political participation to exist.

The role of political parties is to serve as a mediator between society and the government. The formation of political parties is conformed as a right of citizens.

How could you read in this article about the Requirements to Form a Political PartyThe whole process involved in creating a political party is not easy, but if you are able to do it, go ahead. Spain needs representation and to follow the projects that will take it to a better political and citizen level.

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