Requirements to Get the Passport: Documents, Steps and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to Get the Passport that you must keep in mind at all times, if you wish to carry out this procedure. Today we will explain what they are, together with the documents that you must have on hand, the steps to follow and the associated costs. In case you just want to renew, we’ll talk about that too.

The Passport It is an essential identification document that allows you, among other things, to leave Spanish territory and enter other borders, whether they are within the European Union itself, or anywhere in the world. One of the advantages of having it is the ease of entering other countries that generally require a visa to enter, such as Canada.

If you want to know everything related to Get your Passport, do not go! We will explain everything to you in this article, so that there is no doubt.

What are the Requirements to Get the Passport?

The Requirements to Get the Passport they have no major difficulty. Not all of them are mandatory, but they respond to specific cases, as you can see below. These are distinguished from documents, in the first instance, because they are not physical, but are requirements in terms of a context or situation of the person.

Let’s see,

  • First of all, all the documents that you are going to present on the day of your appointment must be in good condition. It could deny the issuance of your passport if said documentation has erasures, is broken or illegible, for which you will have to return another day with these in good condition.
  • If you have sanctions or impediments judicial or administrative nature that prevent you from leaving the country or moving within it, it is very likely that your passport will be denied. You would need an authorization from the competent body.
  • Minors must be accompanied by their representative.
  • Presenting false documents is seriously penalized, so be sure to present truthful information.
  • To come from abroad, documents must be apostilledotherwise they will not be received.
  • You shall pay the fee corresponding to the procedure. This is an immovable requirement.
  • You must make an appointment first, otherwise you will not be received to complete the procedure.
  • To have weather to carry out these procedures. This may surprise you, but it is important to take into account the time factor if you are a fundamentally busy person.

Once you have all these in mind Requirements to Get the Passport, we can proceed with the documents that you will have to present according to the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior.

Documentation Needed to Get the Passport

The necessary documentation It is as important to keep it in mind as the requirements, as it will ultimately allow you to obtain your passport without major inconvenience. Keep it in mind, as we will indicate it, so that you can present it when appropriate.

This is:

  • National Identity Document (DNI), which must be in adequate and current conditions. In case of needing renewal due to deterioration, they will not receive it.
  • If you are residing in the Foreign, you can present in place of the DNI, the valid or renewed passport, or the lateral birth certificate of the consulate
  • Applicant’s photograph, with the following characteristics:
    • Be in color.
    • That the central image is the applicant’s face, such as a passport photo, from the front.
    • Size 32 x 26 mm.
    • Plain white background.
    • No glasses with dark lenses or any other accessory that makes it difficult to identify the person.
    • High resolution.
    • Photographic paper.
  • In the case of people abroad, they will need lateral birth certificate. It is important to bear in mind that it is valid for 6 months. People in Spain will also need it, if they are minors and do not have a DNI.
  • Also, if you carry out the process outside Spain and they have dual nationality, you must present your identity card or valid passport, depending on whether you are over 16 years old or less, respectively.
  • Bill payment of the corresponding rate.
  • Proof of scheduled appointment. It might not be necessary, but better to be safe.
  • Consent in writing from the guardian or person exercising parental authority, in the case of minors or disabled applicants. If they are two people, then both must authorize.
    • This can be done in the same National Police Corps, in the pertinent consulate, before a notary public or by judicial order, in case the previous ones are not possible.
  • Representatives of minors must present their ID on the day of the appointment in the case of being Spanish. If not, number of foreigners and evidence of relationship or guardianship.

Other documents may be required if necessary for the correct identification of the applicant. Keep that in mind.

Steps to Follow to Get the Passport

Now yes, the steps you must follow to get your passport. Once you have the requirements and the documents up to date depending on your case, you can proceed to carry out the corresponding procedures as such. Let’s see what these steps are:

  1. Make your appointment. This is the first step you must follow to issue your passport, and you can do it by calling 060 or via the Appointment Request website, which you can access by clicking here.
  2. Pay the corresponding fee. The fee for the issuance of the passport, which for 2020 is 30.00 euros. You can pay it on the previous page or in cash on the day of the appointment.
  3. Show up at the office with the necessary documentation. On the day of your appointment, you must present yourself at the issuing office, which is generally in authorized offices of the General Directorate of Police in Spain, with the documents described above and according to your case. If you are abroad, in the country or if you are a minor.
  4. Get your passport. If all the documents are in order, it will be a matter of waiting the precise time for them to give you your passport and you can, finally, make use of it when it is convenient.

In the case of Spaniards abroad The ideal is to access the Spanish Consulate of the respective country of residence and request the appointment in person. There may be electronic channels, which you can consult at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

In addition, the rate may vary, as well as the time of issuance of the passport. Once the documentation is presented, you will probably have to wait about 25 days to be able to obtain your passport, as these are issued in Spain and sent to that country.

Costs of Getting the Passport

The costs of getting a passport They only include the fee corresponding to the procedure, which for 2020 is located at 30.00 euros. This cost can be omitted if you are part of a large family, an exception that is made only if you are in Spain at the time of completing the procedures to obtain your passport.

Also, if you are Spanish but you are residing abroad, you may be charged a little more for passport shipping costs or for policies in that country. Whatever the case, this is the only cost that you would essentially need to pay off.

Obviously there are also the cases of people with double nationality, born abroad, who need to apostille a series of documents. These costs are separate and depend on the country of origin.

Passport renewal

For renew your passport The same dynamic is followed as to obtain it the first time, with the exception that now you will only need your ID, recent photograph and the expired passport to be able to request a new one. However, the procedure is the same:

  • Get your appointment, either by calling 060 or by the section of Quotes of the General Directorate of Police.
  • Pay the corresponding fee, which remains at 30.00 euros.
  • Show up at the office indicated, before the scheduled time for the appointment, and deliver the necessary documents when it’s your turn.
  • Wait until everything is in order to obtain your passport.

The same happens with Spaniards residing in other countries. However, we once again recommend that you contact the Spanish Consulate (or the Embassy) for specific instructions regarding documentation and the cost of the procedure. The duration, again, is 25 days to a month.

If you are in spain but you still have doubts, you can also go to any of the offices, whether they are police stations or headquarters, of the Police, which have been enabled for this concept.

What is it?

The Passport It is considered an identification document for each person, with which the nationality and identity of the person outside and within the Spanish territory is evidenced. This is non-transferable, personal and individual, and is used most of all to visit other countries in the world, for which the passport is essential.

Since Spain is part of the European Union, as a Spaniard you will be able to circulate freely through the member countries. In addition, you will be able to visit many countries that generally require visas and permits, without this applying to you, and access Public Health services and apply for positions that are not accessible to foreigners.

We hope we have been of help, and now that you know what the Requirements to Get the Passport, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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