Requirements to Obtain the Driver’s License: Exam, Costs and MORE

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Are you looking for information on How to obtain a driving license in Spain? Keep reading in this article we present the details regarding the requirements to get the license of driving, the exam to take, the associated costs for the application and much more.

It is important to know that in order to drive way free with any automotive means, it is necessary to have the corresponding permission. In this way, the person certifies that they have the capacity, understanding and skills required to drive the car. It is also necessary to know that driving licenses are granted according to the type of vehicle of the applicant.

On the other hand, a large part of the vehicles that travel on the streets, they need to obtain of a driving license. Likewise, there are different types of permits, everything will depend on the type of vehicle. For example, to drive a dangerous goods transport vehicle, you need a special permit.

What are the requirements to obtain a driving license in Spain?

Before mentioning the Requirements to obtain a driving license in Spain, it is necessary to know the types of permits and licenses that are awarded to drive a vehicle. However, in this article the most requested will be mentioned:

The types of permission are mentioned below

  • For 2- or 3-wheel moped vehicles, also for light quad bikes. To apply for this type, the minimum age required of the applicant is 15 years old.
  • The permit for motorcycles, with a cylinder capacity equal to or less than one hundred twenty-five cubic centimeters (125 cm³). The minimum age of the applicant must be 16 years old.
  • For motorcycles with power equal to or less than thirty-five (35) kW. To apply for this type, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

  • I allow type A, with this permit you can drive motorcycles and motor tricycles, the applicant must be at least 20 years old.
  • The type B permit, can be requested by anyone who is 18 years or older, allows to drive the following vehicles:
    • With a permitted weight less than or equal to 3,500 kilograms, built to transport a maximum of eight people without counting the driver.
    • Vehicles with trailers with an authorized tractor and a trailer weighing less than or equal to 750 kilograms, provided that the overall weight is not greater than 4,250 kilograms.

Requirements to obtain a driving license in Spain

  • Live in Spanish territory.
    • If the applicant is from a country in the European community or if the country of origin maintains an agreement with Spain and has a driver’s license, he only needs to change the one he has.
  • Have reached the minimum age required, according to the requested permit.
  • Have the psychological and physical qualities and skills required, according to the type of permit or license to be requested.
    • In the event of a disability, a special license can also be obtained.
  • The applicant must be certified by the head of the province of traffic, where he takes the required tests.

On the other hand, the complete process for obtaining permission it is estimated to take about six (6) and seven (7) months. Likewise, the price will depend on the location where it is requested, it is estimated at about seven hundred (700) euros. In this sense, the applicant must have an amount of money close to that indicated and have time for training.

Documents Needed to Obtain the Driving License

Part of the requirements to obtain a driver’s license are the documents mentioned below:

  • The application form to go to present the exams required to obtain the permit.
  • Medical report of psychological and physical evaluation, issued by an authorized medical center for this purpose. It is important to remember that the valThe idez of this document is for ninety days.
  • The applicant must submit a signed statement certifying that they are not under custody. As well as not being subject to administrative suspension.
  • Valid personal identification documentation:
    • If the applicant is a foreigner from the community, he must present the identity document of his country or the residence permit.
    • In case of being a foreigner, valid residence permit.
  • Current color photo in size: 32 millimeters by 26 millimeters, from the front with the face uncovered and without lenses. This requirement is necessary for first-time applicants.
    • In case of using covered hair, due to beliefs, the photo will be received with a veil, but with a totally clear face. All this in order to facilitate the identification of the applicant.
  • If the applicant already has a permit, they must present it at the time the evaluations are submitted.

Psychotechnical Test to Get the Driving License

After initiating the request for get driving licenseIt is time to present the psycho-technical evaluation. That is why the applicant must go to an authorized medical center for this purpose. It will also be necessary for you to make the payment, estimated between forty (40) and eighty (80) euros.

This evaluation It is made up of a general review of the applicant’s health status, as well as an examination to validate the applicant’s vision and hearing. Likewise, a coordination evaluation is carried out through a simulator.

Once the results of the psychotechnical examination have been obtained, the staff of the provincial headquarters where the request was made, will indicate whether the applicant is fit to drive a vehicle.

DGT Practical Exam

Once the applicant considers that find trained To take the practical exam, you must schedule the date of the evaluation in coordination with the driving school.

The instructor will be located in the car right next to the student or applicant, at that time, an observer from the DGT will sit in the back of the vehicle. Then for an estimated 30 minutes, this person will give the different instructions that the driver must follow.

At that time the observer will perform the skills assessment and driving skills. Likewise, at the end of the evaluation, the observer will inform the applicant whether or not he has succeeded in passing the exam. In this sense, you may also need some observations about the development or behavior of the student during the test.

If the applicant fails the exam, you have the option of filing in one week without the need for additional practice. In addition, if it is postponed 2 times, the payment of the fees must be renewed, so you must wait 2 additional weeks and take at least five more practical classes.

Costs of Getting a Driver’s License

Which is the expense to get the license drive? Everything will depend on the region where it is requested and the driving school that is hired. In this sense, below are the average costs broken down, according to the information recently collected:

Tuition fees

The price of the enrollment It is estimated at two hundred (200) euros, this amount may be different in each city. The most expensive, according to this study, is in Gerona, with a value of eight hundred and seventy (870) euros and the most affordable in Seville, which is free.

Theoretical classes

The cost average of theoretical training is estimated at two hundred and three (203) euros, which commonly includes informative material, however in case of paying the cost is approximately thirteen (13) euros.

Classes for practice

The average cost per a single class It is estimated at twenty-six (26) euros, in this concept the price can show wide inequality in each region. For example: In Badajoz, La Coruña, Seville and Malaga you usually pay twenty (20) or less for each class. But in Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastián and Pamplona the maximum cost is estimated at forty (40) euros or more.

The psychotechnical evaluation:

This evaluation must be passed obligatorily in order to obtain a driver’s license. The cost is estimated from twelve (12) to sixty (60) euros, averaging thirty-five (35) euros.

The traffic rate:

This payment is made by the right to present the position also grants the power to fail the exam twice. It has a fixed value of ninety-two (92) euros.

The cost of records management

These costs are the ones they pay to driving school to manage the applicant’s file with the traffic authority. It is important to know that this expense varies a lot from one school to another, since there are some that do not charge for this management, others that include it at the cost of tuition and others that charge it if it is a renewal. The average cost for this management is estimated at forty-four (44) euros.

Driving License Renewal

To carry out the license renewal It is necessary to carry out the psycho-technical examination again and pay the price for it. On the other hand, the fee must be paid to renew the card, which is estimated between twenty-five (25) and eighty-five (85) euros. This cost will depend on the site where the renovation takes place.

Now, when making the payment of the fee for renew the card, present the psychotechnical test, wait for a few days for the driver’s license to be renewed and sent to the residence that has been indicated to the DGT. That is why it is necessary to keep the room address updated.

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