Requirements to Open a Bakery: Equipment, Costs and MORE

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You must take into account the Requirements to Open a BakeryWell, these are the ones that will allow you to complete this endeavor that you feel like doing. Along with these requirements, you will also need to know what equipment and permits you will need for your bakery to function properly, as well as how to open it and at what cost.

A Bakery It is a place where they sell bread of all kinds, and pastry products are usually also offered, to accompany the bread and to drink. Bread can be found in its various presentations, so you can choose from a wide variety of them. All the countries of the world have this type of establishment and in Spain there are more than a thousand.

If you are interested in knowing everything about how to open your bakery, stay reading. We will be explaining what you need to know and we will give you some tips at the end of the article so that you do not miss anything.

What are the Requirements to Open a Bakery in Spain?

Let’s start with the Requirements to Open a Bakery, as these encompass everything you will need in a general way to carry out this idea. Let’s see what they are,

  • First of all, you must decide that Business Type you want it to be your bakery. It can be a limited liability company, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. Likewise, it can be a bakery with pastry, with coffee, online sales, or all of the above
  • Be sure to research viable insurance for your bakery and other personal property, and if possible include it in your budget.
  • The most important requirement is to have a Business plan. This should contain the marketing, competition, administration and financing paths that your bakery will follow. Regarding financing, it will state whether it will be given on its own initiative, by a bank loan or by external investments.
  • A market study is required. You should analyze the market in the locality where you plan to put your bakery. Find out if there are many bakeries in the area, if there is a demand for a new bakery and if there are access facilities that your customers would have in favor.
  • Establish your advantage over other bakeries. It can be for prices, quality, atmosphere, service, products, and so on.
  • Investigate the sanitary requirements to start running a food business. You will need a sanitation authorization to be able to handle any type of food; cleanliness and the necessary equipment to keep everything in optimal sanitary conditions are of vital importance. Check the legal regulations of your community regarding this type of business.
  • In addition to the above, get all the necessary licenses and permits. These are the ones that will allow you to function legally and which we will talk about at length later.
  • Make a list of all equipment and machinery that you are going to need, depending on the list of products that you are going to sell and that you must carry out previously.
  • Search providers that offer you the best price-quality ratio, which is in accordance with your economic possibilities but which allow you to carry out your initial purposes.
  • Hire quality bakers. This is a very important requirement, since the quality of the bread is what will characterize your bakery. If you also need a pastry chef, then the same. At least, of course, that you are going to take care of everything.
  • Make a wonderful marketing plan. Marketing for 2020 is vital, make your product known and attract customers.
  • Finally, investigate everything related to Requirements to Open a Bakery.

All these are necessary to be able to carry out your idea. However, let’s see in what order you must fulfill each requirement.

How Should You Open a Bakery?

The procedure to open a Bakery It has no major difficulty, although it can take time away from you. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you, so that you can see it from a more general perspective.

  1. Investigate. The first step is to research the competition and what type of business it would be. Market analysis is vital for any venture you are going to start, as well as the establishment of the type of business: is it an association, a limited liability company?
  2. The business plan. The second step is to have everything planned, from the area, through each product that is going to be sold, to the amount of furniture and equipment needed. All this must go within a budget where it is evident who will carry out the administration, the kitchen, the service, etc. And that, of course, also reflects the source of funding.
  3. Get the financing. You previously made an estimate of the money you need to start your bakery and the next step is to get it. Investigate the different options available: the money can come from your savings, they can be constituted between several partners, you can get a bank loan or an external investor. This step and the previous one are done almost simultaneously.
  4. Get the place and rent it. In the first two steps you should have made a list of the places available to put your bakery, so that when you get financing you can go to your final option and rent it. We recommend you rent it and not buy it, just in case.
  5. Process the permits and licenses you will need. We will dedicate a whole section to talking about this, but the next step is to have all the documentation in order. Thus, you will avoid very expensive fines as a result of operating a premises illegally. Remember: you will be handling food, something very delicate.
  6. Acquire the equipment you will need. From tables to fermentation chambers. We will talk about the equipment you might need when opening your bakery in the next section, but in general these will depend on the list of products that you have prepared.
  7. Suppliers of food and other products. Call a number of wholesale suppliers of food and the products you are going to sell, such as soft drinks, cold cuts, or packaged juices. Get the best offer, taking into account the quality of the products, the conditions of sale and the prices, and ask for an estimate of what you would need for two months.
  8. Employees. Get the baker, the pastry chef and the other employees that you will need. Make sure you have trustworthy and trained people in their work.
  9. Sales and advertising prices. According to your expenses and expected profits, generate the sale prices of your products. You should also take into account the prices of nearby bakeries. Also, come up with an advertising plan that involves pamphlets, signs on the avenue; host a housewarming party and, very importantly, use social media.
  10. Organize the bakery. Decorate it, give it personality and style. Warm colors are always a success, as well as ventilation. You can search online for ideas or hire a professional decorator.
  11. Opening. Invite everyone you know to the opening, wait for the fruits of the publicity previously made, and make incredible offers so that they will be tempted to try your products.

That is all! In just 11 steps you can open your store.

Equipment Needed to Open a Bakery

Between the equipment you will need to open a bakery, we can find the following:

  • Ovens, whether wood, electric, gas …
  • Refrigerated counter.
  • Proving chambers, so that the bread grows evenly, with the necessary heat and humidity.
  • Baking and countertop trays.
  • Scale to weigh food.
  • Grids.
  • Dough mixer for making bread
  • Specialized refrigerators.
  • Stainless steel sink for proper hygiene of kitchen equipment.
  • Utensils to decorate the sweets and present them.
  • Mixers, processors, etc.
  • Counter.
  • Shelves
  • Trays
  • Payment touch POS.
  • Chairs tables.

Everything that you are going to install for the operation of your bakery will depend on, again, your list of products. By This same reason is that it is so important, as it serves as a guide for absolutely everything you are going to do in your place.


The costs of opening a bakery they depend on a large number of factors. In summary mode, some of these factors are:

  • Location, which determines the level of rent.
  • Supplier prices.
  • Quantity of products offered.
  • If there is personalized or basic decoration
  • Investment in advertising and equipment.
  • Cost of licenses and permits.
  • Whether it is a large bakery or one more of the small business type.
  • Extra expenses: legal advice, interior decoration, etc.

All these expenses, whether they exist or not, will determine the cost of opening it. You Business plan will specify an estimated amount, but in general terms it can range from 80,000 euros up to 200,000 euros. Here you can consult an article called Business Plan to set up a Bakery, so you know exactly how you should structure it.


Almost to end the Requirements to Open a Bakery, we will tell you about the necessary licenses to get started. Let’s see what they are:

  • Start of municipal activity, where the premises will be evaluated to verify that it meets all the requirements, one of them being the Fire Fighting Plan.
  • Working, to be able to condition the premises.
  • Opening, in order to authorize the official opening of the premises, prior compliance with health and emergency regulations.
  • Authorization for the installation of the pedestalsIf your bakery is going to have an area for people to sit down to eat, and whose area is located on the public highway.
  • Census declaration, to see the status of tax obligations of the owner or owners of the bakery.
  • Be registered with the IAE.

This should be done in order, as each one is required.

Tips for Opening a Bakery

Finally some tips for opening a bakery that will be very useful to you at any time.

  • Make offers. You can have offers two days a week, present combos, accessible breakfasts, and so on.
  • Offer other services, if you can, such as a pizzeria and cafeteria.
  • Design a cozy atmosphere and with style, although it avoids looking too luxurious if it is not in a high price area.
  • Use social media and offer your products also there, if it is with delivery much better. The idea is to differentiate yourself from other nearby bakeries.
  • Offer the most demanded products and make some new ones known by putting them at affordable prices, so that if they do not know them they are encouraged.
  • Hire a quality staff, that customers feel at ease and want to return.
  • If it is possible to choose a place with parking, much better.

We hope we have helped you and now that you know what the Requirements to Open a Bakery, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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