Requirements to Open a Bar: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Are you interested in opening a bar? This article will explain what they are Requirements to open a bar in Spain where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

People always have aspirations, where they want to make their dreams possible. That is why it is profitable to have or start a business. One of them that people want to meet is to set up a bar, according to various sources Spain is one of the countries with the highest increase in bars.

Citizens who want to get involved in the business by setting up a bar, look for a way to attract people and make it a fun place to meet. That is why, if you want to get involved in this business, you must first comply with the Requirements to open a bar, which will be explained below.

Documents Needed to Open a Bar in Spain

People who meet the requirements to open a bar will now have to collect the necessary documentation, which is the following:

Requirements to open a bar in Spain: Bar-Town Hall

  • A license from the municipal activity of the bar, cafeteria or, if applicable, restaurant. It is important to note that the municipal authorities verify and observe the activities very carefully.
  • Before apply for the license, the citizen must carry out a determined plan, in which he demonstrates that the place meets the pertinent requirements.
  • In the license application you must attach the following: a technical report and project document accepted for the activity, soundproofing measures, a fire-fighting project, its respective NIF or CIF and a pay the fees relevant to the license.
  • Work license to carry out the conditioning of the place.
  • When the works and inspections have been completed, the city council will give the opening license to be able to exercise and comply with the activity in the place.
  • Permission for use public roads, in case of having objects such as tables, chairs, etc.

Requirements to open a bar in Spain: Autonomous community

  • If you want to set up a bar, the citizen must register the company in the registry of Companies and in Tourist Activities.
  • You must get the plate that identify the bar and put it outside the place where it can be observed.
  • The bar must have the claim forms so that they are available for the people attending the bar.
  • There must be a permission for installation of slot machines.
  • Each staff working in said establishment must have the food handling license. This document is submitted by CC.AA.
  • The place must contain the sanitary permit, send by CC.AA.
  • Said establishment must have the hazard analysis plan and control points that include studies of potential food risks.
  • They should have all the menus with their respective prices and the letter in view of the customers. It is important to note that depending on the community, it is essential to have these lists that are sealed by an Autonomous Body.
  • Have a civil liability insurance subscription

Requirements to open a bar in Spain: Tax agency

Have the Model 036. It is a document of a declaration of Registration of the beginning of the activity, either VAT, Quarterly, Irpf. etc.

Requirements to open a bar in Spain: Social Security

  1. Company registration in the Social Security.
  2. A Self-Employed Registration.
  3. Registration of the Work Center.
  4. The Work calendar it must be observed in any part of the premises. That is why, they must place it in a visible place.
  5. Risk assessment and a project for the preparation of occupational hazards.
  6. Guestbook.
  7. A Obligatory insurance for cases that are accidents.

Tobacco Market

A permit regarding the sale of tobacco products on request.

Agency of protection of data

  1. Have the declaration before the protection agency of the personal data of each worker.
  2. The declaration before the data protection agency according to the personal information of the clients or suppliers.
  3. Have the security document in case the information is on your own computer.


Registration of entities that carry out procedures for Copyright, if you have a television, a radio, etc.

Costs of Opening a Bar in Spain

It is important to note that the cost of setting up a bar is at least 12,650 euros. But this figure depends on many factors. For example, opening a family bar in a familiar neighborhood is not the same as having it in a central location.

In the event that the citizen wants to set up a bar of about 90 to 110 square meters. The breakdown to create a bar is as follows:

  • The construction project and the opening can cost at least 2,000 euros.
  • The refurbishment works can have a value of 3,500 euros.
  • Activity license 1,400 euros, the cheapest price you can find is 400 euros and the most expensive would be 4,498 euros.
  • The license of the work can cost 200 euros.
  • Register in self-employed a value of 250 euros.
  • Machinery and furniture cost 4,500 euros.
  • Rental of the premises at least 800 euros. This gives a total of 12,650 euros.

The budget may depend on whether the premises are in good condition to carry out the activity. It will also depend on the size of the place and where it will be located, how people are going to recreate it, the materials to be used, etc.

Types of Bars

In Spain with having a bar culture, it contains different types of bars where people can attend. They are as follows:

Tapas bars

It is one of the most important bars in Spain, where the tourists always go to one of them. They have a letter from very typical products of the city you are going to visit.

This type of bar is attended by any person and can be both at the bar to taste as well as at the table.

Pool bar, terrace or beach bar

This group of bars highlights the similarity to each other, but each one has its own function. The chiringuito is very important in Spain and its purpose is to serve near the beach.

The bars with terrace and swimming pool have in common with what has been explained above that they are the types of perfect bars to enjoy the seasons spring and summer. Most of them close their doors in winter.

Irish style bar

This bar’s function is that aesthetics and decoration predominate, where it refers to the Ireland bars. In said bar offer food and drinks, especially many beers of different brands. In addition, the public can witness live music.

This bar with its decoration makes people feel at home with its wood finishes. The lighting is dim and dim and it is common to hear Celtic music.

Wine bar

It is a sophisticated type of bar, british style, which is for people who love to drink. The Wine Bar stands out for offering a wide variety of wines on the menu, brought from anywhere in the world so that customers can taste and enjoy the moment.

Cocktail Bars and Lounge

These places predominate night fun. Music and harmony play an important role, especially in the wide variety of alcoholic beverages that they offer, especially in cocktail bars where you can order those. cocktails with or without alcohol.

In the case of the lounge bar, it contains a spacious place so that the public can sit down to enjoy a good dinner and enjoy the moment.

Hotel Bars

This type of bar is located inside a hotel and in general they can accept visits from people who are staying, as well as passing customers.

The bars in the hotels have a large lounge, with comfortable and cozy sofas, so that customers can sit.

Bar cofee shop

It’s a type of bar that they serve in offer breakfasts and snacks. When noon arrives, the place usually turns into beer gardens and they rarely open at night.

There they can offer all kinds of coffee, juices, desserts, hot drinks, among others.


And finally and one of the most important, are the taverns that are some traditional bars. They are also known as taverns, canteens, taverns, etc.

In them not only drinks predominate but they also think of the smaller public.

Mandatory Signs in the Local

When you have your bar you have to take into account that you must have mandatory signs that are the following:

  1. They must have the schedule when they open and close the bar, always complying with the established rules.
  2. Prohibition of consumption and sale of alcohol for citizens who are under 18 years of age.
  3. Prohibition of granting tobacco to citizens who are under 18 years of age.
  4. A sign that reflects that smoking is prohibited throughout the place.
  5. Clause of the right of access, in which case they want to be forced to perform other functions.
  6. Opening license of the establishment.
  7. Capacity of the establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opening a Bar in Spain

People who want to start a business, you can always have some questions in your head.

Why do I want to open a bar?

First the person has to think about the reason why to open a bar. You must think about the pros and cons, in addition to how to turn it into a profitable business, what you are going to offer, that the differences from others, among many others.

Where am I going to open my bar?

The citizen must imagine where he wants the bar to be, it is an important factor in any business. You must carry out a study in which location your bar can generate very good income and be profitable.

You can think of putting your bar in a commercial area, where people walk, a neighborhood bar or also places where there is no bar. If you want to fulfill your dream of starting a business, you must first find out and fulfill the Requirements to open a bar in Spain.

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