Requirements to Open a Hotel: Rooms, Costs and MORE

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Starting a new business raises many expectations, in this article of the Requirements to Open a Hotel in Spain, It will surely dispel doubts and insecurities that you have regarding the subject as a business in Spain.

Tourism in Spain is a sector that remains with potential, but opening a Hotel surely causes excitement and a series of concerns regarding the budget to have, the requirements, conditions, among others.

Start planning and taking care of everything now and a good start is to read this article and take note, in addition, to share it so that your friends and partners interested in the business are also aware of everything you need.

What are the Requirements to Open a Hotel in Spain?

I agree with you Requirements to Open a Hotel, Initially, it is necessary to establish what type of establishment we want, a small, large, luxury or less luxurious hotel, what services it will offer, which rooms it will have, among other important aspects.

Likewise, the location is important, Spain has thousands of hotels, cities such as Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona have many hotel establishments.

The requirements are as mentioned below:

  • Perform a Business plan.
  • Make a market study and analysis.
  • Establish an outline of procedures and define short, medium and long term objectives.
  • Must have a budget and define financing needs.
  • Likewise, determine the financial investment.
  • Within the corresponding legal framework, request the authorizations, licenses and permits to start operations. Likewise, permits related to the sale of food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Likewise, depending on the services that the hotel will offer corresponding all the procedures to open beauty salons, spas, swimming pools, among others.
  • Once the location is defined, assess whether it is necessary to make structural changes to the building, make decorations or renew image, among others.
  • Also, very important all basic services such as plumbing, electricity, internet connection, water service, air conditioning.
  • Make the hiring of decoration services, interior design as they are the ones to get right about the choice of colors, carpets, walls, bedding, lobbies, common areas, reception, main hall and more.
  • Make hiring of agencies to start with advertising.
  • Establish relationships and links with tourism and travel agencies. A modern, professional, very attractive web portal must be created, adapted to the new technology that facilitates online reservations.
  • At present it is advisable to use influencer and renowned bloggers to invite them to a free stay at the hotel and that this then functions as advertising among the followers of these characters.

Requirements demanded of all hotel establishments:

  • You should do a study of the competition and the hotel sector.
  • Comply with the requirements regarding construction, installation, operation and building. Machinery, security, fire prevention, security, among others.
  • Place the plate where the badge, category, group, modality.
  • Have the claim sheet.
  • Possess the check-in book.
  • Hotel spaces must be properly ventilated and isolate external noises.
  • Must possess hot water and heating.
  • Comply with the standards of hygienic services.
  • Present some adequate facilities for people with disabilities.

Room Requirements

I agree with you Requirements to Open a Hotel in Spain, There are some differences regarding the requirements for opening hotels in Spain and they will depend on what each autonomous government establishes in the different regions.

All hotels in Spain must have their classification and once opened they must have the stars displayed on a visible plate outside the hotel.

The stars of the hotels are awarded according to a minimum of requirements that the rooms that comprise it must have and are those mentioned below:

For the One star hotels:

  • The single room must be seven square meters with a bathroom of three and a half meters.
  • Regarding the double room, it must be 12 square meters.
  • They must have heating and an elevator.

Two-star hotels:

  • As for the single room, it must have seven square meters with a bathroom of three and a half meters.
  • The double room, this must be 14 square meters.
  • They must have a telephone in the room, have heating, an elevator and a safe-deposit box service.

Three-star hotels:

  • The single room must be eight square meters and the bathroom or shower room must be four square meters.
  • Regarding the double room, it cannot be below 15 square meters.
  • The facilities must have heating, elevator, telephone in the room, bar and air conditioning in the common areas of the hotel.

Four-star hotels:

  • The single room must be nine meters square and the bathroom or shower room must be four and a half meters in size.
  • As for the double room, it must have an area greater than 16 square meters.
  • The facilities must have heating, elevator, telephone, safe and minibar in the room, air conditioning in common areas and in the room.

Five star hotels

It is the highest category of hotels in Spanish territory:

  • The single room must be 10 square meters and the bathroom or shower room must be five square meters in size.
  • Regarding the double room, the surface should not be less than 17 square meters.
  • The hotel must have heating, elevator, telephone, safe and minibar in the room, air conditioning in common areas and in the room.

Classification of Hotels in Spain

Continuing with Requirements to Open a Hotel, All establishments for lodging may have different categories. There is Decree 159/20003 dated July 10, of the Madrid Hotel Establishments, which has the classification by groups and categories:

The First Group

There are the Hotels which are those establishments that provide accommodation with additional services that complement. They can be located in a building or in part of the premises of a building but independently. Its facilities are homogeneous with stairs for exclusive use, elevators and entrances.

They meet the minimum regulatory characteristics. They can belong to any of the categories from one to five stars. If this is the case, the General Directorate of Tourism may grant the qualification of “Luxury” for five-star hotels that, according to the quality of services and facilities, deserve recognition.

There are also the Apartment-type hotels, which are the ones that, in addition to having the aforementioned characteristics, have appropriate facilities for the preparation, conservation and consumption of food within each unit that makes up the hotel. Generally, they belong to categories from one to four stars.

The Second Group

In this group are the Pensions, which are spaces that offer accommodation in rooms with or without dining room and complementary services. Its characteristics do not reach the level of exigency to be hotels.

These types of establishments can determine the stay of clients to choose a full board with dining room and kitchen, as long as they have it.

Later, are they Hostels, If the pensions have a number greater than 20 accommodation spaces and a minimum of 10 rooms, then they are called hostels. They are in the category of one to three stars.

The Third Group

Here are the Guest HousesThey are spaces that provide the client with elementary services and do not reach the required level to be considered or classified with the stars. They are pensions with the name of Guest Houses.

It is important to remember that absolutely all accommodation establishments must have the plaque displayed on the main façade. This plate must have the distinctive of the group and category in which they are classified. Likewise, indicate if they have a dining room service.

How much would it cost to open a hotel in Spain?

Continuing with Requirements to Open a Hotel, According to studies carried out in Spain, to build a five-star hotel, 265,000 euros are needed for room space. For a four-star hotel, approximately 136,000 are required and for a three-star hotel, 89,000 euros per room are required.

This cost includes construction, the cost of the land, and related expenses. Likewise, machinery, fixtures and furniture. On the other hand, about 77,000 euros per room are required for one and two-star hotels.

But in the case of luxury hotels, the investment requirement is double the amount for a four-star hotel. Even though, it has a close number of rooms, 140 compared to 130 rooms.

Including all common areas such as shops, lounges, restaurants, each room of a five-star hotel with an area of ​​approximately 128 square meters compared to the 83 meters of a four-star room and 59 square meters of a three-star hotel .

According to this study, the profitability of a five-star hotel generates an average of 29,700 euros per year per room, twice that of a four-star hotel. Meanwhile, what a one-star hotel generates is 8,250 euros per year per room.

Pensions and Hostels

Within the Requirements to Open a Hotel, it can be said that the Pensions They are defined as mentioned before, as establishments that do not meet the requirements to be considered hostels and hotels.

They have a classification of one, two and three stars, with the identical requirements but there are communities in which they are not classified by categories.

The Guest houses do not meet the requirements to enter the classification as Pensions. They do not have categories by stars and must have single rooms of about seven square meters and for double rooms 11 square meters with one bathroom for every three rooms. They don’t always have heat and hot water.

The lodging house refers to those accommodation facilities that do not meet the conditions to be included in the hotel classification. They have an internal staircase for exclusive use on one or more floors connected to each other. They must have a number of at least 10 rooms and 20 beds.

Hostels are rated between one and three stars. Those classified with one star must have a bathroom every three rooms, hot water and heating. The three-star all rooms must have bathroom and heating. They must have a common star salt, laundry, safe, among others.

Previous Classification Report to Open a Hotel

In accordance with Decree 159/2003 dated July 10, of the Regulation of Hotel Establishments of the Community of Madrid.

All establishments dedicated to tourism must obtain the tourist authorization and classification granted by the Tourism Department, attached to the General Directorate of Tourism. It is not limiting for obtaining the corresponding licenses from the different bodies in the matter, such as the Municipal License for Operation.

In Article 10, stipulates the Previous Classification Report, this is issued by the tourism administration, since this is the initial voluntary assessment, it coincides with the resolution of the tourism authorities, once the characteristics and facilities of the project have been accredited.

The term for issuing the report is three months.

The tourism sector is a powerful economic sector in Spain, it generates many jobs and receives its economic counterpart. With a hotel you can have many options for profitability depending on what you provide to customers.

Consult regarding the previous classification report.

The most important thing is that you already know what to do to get down to work and open a hotel, after having read everything about it here in the Requirements to Open a Hotel. Take action now and succeed.

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