Requirements to open an Account at CaixaBank: Read us and find out what you need to know

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You want to open an account at CaixaBank, but you don’t have enough knowledge, you are on the indicated page; where you can obtain the information of what are the Requirements to open an Account at CaixaBank and much more. Don’t stop reading us!

What is CaixaBank

It is a bank in Spain, with a headquarters in Barcelona that is currently operational, and a social headquarters in Valencia. It is also known as the universal banking model common financial group, it is socially responsible with a long-term vision, especially in specialization, proximity and quality.

It offers a value proposition of services and products, it is possible to adjust to each segment, assuming originality as a strategic challenge and a distinct feature of their culture and, whose leading statement in commercial banking in Spain and Portugal allows it to play a key role in the contribution.

What services does CaixaBank offer

By becoming a client of Banco CaixaBank, You can do it online and enjoy the following services:

  • An account without administration and maintenance fees.
  • You will get a debit card, without annulled commissions.
  • You will have more than 9,000 ATMs nearby, Totally free on debit withdrawals with CaixaBank cards.
  • You will have the opportunity to organize a trip, easily with CaixaBank, where you can enjoy:
  • An exceptional comfort, you can organize all reservations in a simple way, fast and in one place.
  • Complete confidence, changing your currencies, and getting the cards for purchases abroad with total security.
  • Insure your vacation with CaixaBank insurance, you can customize it to your liking and needs.
  • Buy Star, and they will refund 5% in and 4% of the amount of the book on
  • View, and manage to move independently to all your destinations, With the star purchase they will refund 6% of the amount of your reservation.
  • Save time exchanging or looking for foreign currencies by visiting CaixaBankNow and a shipment will be made to your home for convenience. You can also withdraw the money at the CaixaBank branches.
  • The loan, you can do what you want in your travels.
  • Take your CaixaBank Protect card and buy what you want with a lot of safety and comfort.
  • Visit online Digital Banking and manage the finances you need from your home.
  • In the online services and payments you can make donations, payments, and much more.

What are the requirements to open an Account at CaixaBank

  1. Identity documents.
  2. Personal information.
  3. Address.
  4. Declaration of economic activity, The bank will grant you this statement, the applicant will only have to sign.
  5. Direction of email.
  6. Telephone contact
  7. Justification of economic activities or income, be it a payroll, self-employed, among others.

However, the bank may request other extra documents depending on the type of card you want to obtain or the type of account you want to request.

How to open an Account at CaixaBank

exist two viable options to open an account in Caixabank, which are:

  • Carry out said procedure online; CaixaBank products offer many alternatives, which will help you save valuable time; you will only have to complete a web form and follow the steps and directions that the page indicates.
  • The other option would be to go to one of the Banco CaixaBank offices that is close to your home, in a personal way; There, the trained staff will ask you for the necessary help and will guide you to carry out the steps with the appropriate advice in case you have doubts.


In case of opening your account in one of the Bank’s offices, remember to take the documentation with you aforementioned so that your application is processed correctly, the specialists in the field will take care of everything.

What types of Accounts CaixaBank offers

Youth Checking Account

You must be between 18 and 25 years old to obtain this type of account; it allowed youIt will make deposits, as well as withdrawals at all times and without any limit. Said account operates freely the use of associated cards and the use of check stubs.

The account will also allow you to make free transfers, but only between CaixaBank accounts, as well as you can find information on all the movements you make immediately.

Current account

This account will allow you to make money deposits, as well as unrestricted withdrawals at any time of the day; operations can be carried out from the use of associated cards or the use of checkbooks.

This account will also allow you to make free transfers to other CaixaBank accounts, and it will show you immediately all the movements you make, and you have your money at all times when you need it.

Checking Account My Piggy Bank

It will allow you to plan the way to achieve your goals, free of charge and totally personalized; This account can be opened especially for future trips, for a personal wish that you want to make, or simply to prevent a future problem.

Senior Family Pension Account

To obtain this type of account you must direct your pension, make 3 purchases with your card per quarter or direct 3 receipts. And you must have a minimum balance of € 10,000 in Flexible Future Plan, Investment Fund, among others.

If you do not have this balance, you can be a policyholder of auto, home, life insurance, or have a security system financed by Compra Estrella.

You will get 2 credit cards at no cost for administration and maintaining, no account maintenance fees and unlimited checking income. In addition, it offers 24 income transfers check or standard during the year for self-service. You will have access to CaixaBankNow Digital Banking, and its corresponding on-line correspondence.

Family Account

It will give you access to maintenance and administration, with installments of 2 credit cards for a beneficiary and for the holder, thus obtaining unlimited transfers through CaixaBankNow digital banking and ATM.

You will have a limit to trade short. In addition, there is the Family Loan where you can have up to € 60,000, with the opportunity of a maximum of 6 years of time to adjust the fee to your needs.

Take into account that

The Family Loan you can request it and contract it online.

Find out about everything related to CaixaBank and enjoy its benefits through:

  1. CaixaBank Pay: Te will help you make your payments comfortably from your mobile.
  2. Familia: Where you will observe new projects of plans for the whole family.
  3. Credi App: In this app you will find the financing you need or want.
  4. My Finances: Manage your direct debits, cards and receipts comfortably from home.

Basic Payment Account

You can open, use and close the account whenever you want, with funds deposits and debit card issuance. In addition, you can withdraw cash on debit in euros, at ATMs that are located throughout the European Union or at the CaixaBank headquarters.

If you decide to withdraw money at ATMs other than that bank, they may appear expenses or commissions to satisfy the third entity that owns the ATM. You will have 120 annual payment operations in euros, within the European Union, which consists of transfer and direct debits.

And, check the movements through your CaixaBankNow digital bank, whether mobile or ATM, any way will be immediate

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