Requirements to Pass the ITV: Documents, Costs and MORE

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If you have just bought a car or it is up to you to go back to the ITV inspection and you feel afraid of doing it, don’t worry any more and read here the Requirements to pass the ITV.

You can review costs, documentation, tips, and suggestions. Anyone who has a car must go through this obligatory appointment. So now, take action and follow all the recommendations that we indicate below.

What are the requirements to pass the ITV?

As for the Requirements to pass the ITV, So that the experience when you go to the site where the technical inspection will be carried out is not so traumatic, since many things are said about it, follow the requirements that we present here to the letter:

  • In principle, they check the number of the chassis with which it appears in the documentation, in this way the identification is verified.
  • License plates must be securely fastened, they must not be bent, much less the numbers are blurred.
  • Very important, is the detail of the bodywork, since they always check that there is no rust and corrosion, in addition the bumpers or bumpers that are well attached and do not have sharp edges or edges.
  • The seats are checked, they must be well attached and the child belts that they block.
  • Windows should go up and down perfectly and the doors must close very well.
  • The horn must be functional.
  • The speedometer should work well, the steering wheel should have an anti-theft lock, and the windshield wipers should have the brushes working.
  • Likewise, airbags should go off after starting the car.
  • In addition, check the lighting, flashing lights, low beams, duly regulated that do not dazzle. Also the taillights, reverse lights, brake, all have to work perfectly.
  • The lamp cannot be broken, neither does the windshield glass rotate or crack.
  • The rear view mirrors have to be undamaged and well fixed.
  • Regarding the tires, the check is carried out, the speed code and the load index are verified.
  • Likewise, they check the brake power and balance and suspensions.
  • They check for leaks, the tank is checked, the catalytic converter, the exhaust, the dust covers, the springs, the steering ball joints, the silent-blocks and the gas analysis.

What documents must I have to pass the ITV?

Following with the Requirements to pass the ITV, The documentation required to go to the Vehicle Technical Inspection must be complete since the control is exhaustive and it is not enough only that the car meets all the requirements, but the following documents must be had:

  • Have the Data sheet, named ITV card (if previously the ITV has been passed). This is one of the documents that you should always have on hand, since it is mandatory to circulate with it as well, it is necessary to pass the ITV without any problem. It is a green card with the coat of arms of Spain printed on its cover.
  • You must present the Circulation Permit of the vehicle, its presentation is totally obligatory. Likewise, it is a green card with the shield of Spain but on the cover it has a blue color underneath is the logo of the European Union.
  • Have the Accreditation of Insurance of obligatory character of the automobile. You must bring the insurance payment receipt and be current. It does not require that the insurance be annual.
  • Also, you must have the Driver’s ID of the automobile, this document is requested in some provinces.

To pass the ITV it is necessary to have all the basic documents that certify the ownership of the car, and the registration. The date on which the registration was made counts for the consideration of the periods determined by the decree.

Costs to Pass the ITV

According to Requirements to pass the ITV, The cost to perform the Vehicle Technical Inspection varies depending on where you reside. Since each community determines the value or rate, it also depends on the type of vehicle.

Generally, cars pay for the ITV inspection approximately 38.82 euros. However, the price varies if the car is diesel or gasoline. Also, if the vehicle is of low cylinder capacity then the revision is usually of a lower cost.

Regardless of how expensive the ITV revision may be, remember that it is something essential to carry out, without this revision the car cannot circulate, also if it has it but it is expired.

The rate to be paid ranges between the different Spanish communities, for example, it ranges from 17.56 euros in the Valencian community to 53.70 euros in the community of Murcia. So, the recommendation is to pay what corresponds in your community.

Special situations

According to Requirements to pass the ITV, There are situations that are considered special and that must be taken into account to pass the ITV, in addition to being established in the decree.

There is the situation where the car He has had an accident, and has affected some aspect of the safety of the steering, braking, transmission, suspension, frame or any self-supporting structure of the anchor points.

Vehicles in this situation must be presented to the authorities for the corresponding inspection prior to starting the car, as long as the traffic officer indicates it according to the conditions in which the car is to circulate on the roads.

Subsequently, the authorized agent for traffic surveillance makes the corresponding report and proposes the vehicle inspection before putting the car back into circulation.

To do this, they send the vehicle’s driving license to the Headquarters of the province or local traffic where the car was registered.

If appropriate, they will communicate with the owner of the car to indicate that he must present himself with the vehicle to carry out the technical inspection, the competent body of the Autonomous Community where he made the registration is also informed.

Once the owner of the vehicle carries out the repairs that correspond to him, he must request permission from the Headquarters of the Province or Local Traffic of the site where the car was repaired to pass the technical inspection.

When the inspection is positive, they give you the circulation permit again after submitting the report.

Likewise, there is another special situation when a modification in car fate. For this particular case, the technical inspection must be carried out, noting the new destination on the ITV card and therefore the new date for the inspection will be placed according to the new periodicity indicated by the Body of the Autonomous Community where the inspection was made.

Recommendations to Pass the ITV

According to the Requirements to pass the ITV, the main recommendation is to keep the technical review up to date and thus avoid unnecessary worries. You must have all the required documentation and the car in good condition.

There are some details that you may not have reviewed and repaired, so it is convenient that you take note:

  • It may be that the car has some windshield damage. If it is a scratch located on the driver’s side, the fault is serious and may deny you the authorization to circulate.
  • Take a good look lights, If you have a light that shines a little less than it should, this is the first reason for failing technical inspection.
  • As for the windshield wiper the deposit must be perfectIf not, the inspector takes it as a serious fault.
  • It is highly recommended to clean the car well, the inspectors enter the vehicle and check everything.
  • For cars weighing more than 3,500 kg MMa must have fire extinguisher.
  • Likewise, a detail that vehicle owners tend to forget and is to approve the tires with the manufacturer. If you do not, you will return home with the decision denied. Regarding the bodywork, it must not have sharp parts.
  • It is recommended to be up to date with the ITV and it will avoid many troubles.

What is it?

The ITV is a technical inspection or a technical review that is carried out on cars legally.

It is a mandatory maintenance, with preventive characteristics that requires periodic certification, where the verification of compliance with the correct traffic regulations and polluting emissions is made.

It is absolutely necessary for the car to pass these tests, in some cases in order to be registered or in the case of the renewal of the driver’s license. This review or technical inspection of vehicles is carried out by an entity in charge of this type of inspections.

One of the ways to know if the vehicle has passed the ITV test is that it has a verification sticker attached to the windshield, which is placed at the inspection site.

Once on the site for the review, in principle it is the vehicle identification, that is, the license plate, the mark, the chassis number, the corresponding circulation permits and the license card. Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) and the data of the owner of the car.

Generally the elements of revision in the vehicle technical inspection are the following:

  • The low beam, brake light, high beam and reverse light.
  • The brakes of the vehicle.
  • The direction.
  • Visibility, mirrors and rear view mirrors are checked.
  • Also, the doors, windows, seat belts, car locking mechanism.
  • The body, the underside of the car, the frame.
  • Likewise, the tires, the suspension and the axles.
  • The operation of the engine.
  • The weight of the car is checked to classify it.
  • In addition, it is verified that the license plates can be seen perfectly.

Surely, at this moment of reading the Requirements to pass the ITV, you already feel more secure and confident about the inspection that you will soon have to carry out. Take note of the advice we give you and comply with the vehicle regulations.

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