Requirements to Put Vending Machines: Home, What it is and MORE

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Vending machines are a classic of the sales model known as vending, which consists of selling products through automatic machines. In addition, it is a profitable and very attractive option to have in premises or commercial stores, since a wide variety of people will always be interested in buying through one. Therefore, if you want to acquire one, here we present the requirements to put vending machines.

In this article you will find the necessary information to do the machine maintenance and the products you place on them. In addition, there are some data that should be visible on these sales gadgets, so they can be seen by all customers.

So, if your intention is to place one of these machines in your premises or store, we invite you to continue reading this article about Requirements to Put Vending Machines in Spain.

Start of Activity

Carrying out the procedures to put vending machines is simple, because no need to go through an authorization request to start with this commercial activity.

However, there are a series of processes to follow, so that you can carry out the placement of a vending machine.

First of all, it must make a communication and registration in the Sanitary Registry of Food Companies and Establishments, so that you can start commercial activity with your vending machine.

Now, this registration must be done at the town hall or government entity corresponding to your area of ​​location.

Once you have communicated your intention to register, you must wait receive discharge from the Economic Activities Tax to place your vending machine.

It is very important that you carry out this process and receive the registration, since it is the way to justify and describe the function that you will give to the vending machine, within your commercial activity.

On the other hand, there are a series of requirements to put vending machines that you must meet, once you have the respective permits.

However, these requirements are individual in nature and can be identified in two parts: distributors and operators.


  • Have a warehouse. It is important to have a space in which all the products that are going to be placed in the machine can be stored or stored, so that they are preserved and not contaminated.
  • Have health records. Since you are going to have to store products, it is important to have health records or permits that guarantee that your activity is safe for health.


  • Product management. In these cases, it is important to know and identify the mobility route that our products will have, that is, you have to trace from where your product leaves (purchase), to where it arrives (the vending machine). In this way, you make sure that your products have not been damaged.
  • People who are going to come into direct contact with the products, before and during their placement in the machines, must have a document (card) that guarantees that they are able to operate the merchandise.


Maintenance Needed When Putting Vending Machines

Once you finish gathering and meeting all these requirements to put vending machines, you will be able to continue with the installation of these, which is a simple process.

However, later you will have to maintain a maintenance on them, so that they work correctly for several years.

In addition, said maintenance contributes to the sanitation that must be maintained on the machines for the public and health entities.

In the same way, this maintenance activity will allow you keep vending machines clean and keep track about what has been consumed from your inventory.

Now, for this maintenance activity there are some tips and tricks that we will present below:

  • For hot machines, which have the function of dispensing coffee or other dairy products, it is recommended clean the internal nozzles.
  • Cleaning the machines for avoid accumulation of products, causing an obstruction.
  • Prevent insects and mosquitoes lay eggs inside machines.
  • Schedule a daily cleaning before enabling the use of the machines.

On the other hand, each vending machine will have its own maintenance and health protocol, so you will have to read their instructions.

In this way, you will be able plan and schedule maintenance activities according to the characteristics of the machines.

Likewise, it should be noted that the maintenance of the vending machines must be constant, to ensure their correct operation. In addition, daily cleanings should be scheduled to provide safe and optimal service to consumers.

Maintenance of Products

In the same way that machines need maintenance, the products that go inside them must also be properly maintained. This service includes cleaning and restocking the products in the machines.

The maintenance of the products of the vending machines is intended to ensure the quality and safety of the same. In addition, this is a way to present a quality image to the client and to enter health.

Now, to carry out this activity and preserve a quality image, we present some tips to keep in mind to maintain the products.

  • Have a warehouse in which to store the products, in which all the health and preservation requirements are met.
  • Make a constant review of expiration dates of products and inventory.
  • Review the path that the product makes, that is, supervise since it is acquired, until it reaches the warehouse.
  • Know the handling rules of each product and have a document that validates the operator’s training.
  • Make a constant cleaning of the warehouse areas.
  • Preserve products in the ideal temperature of the same.

Visible Information Needed to Put Vending Machines

Among the requirements to put machines we find that they must have a Own identity card and visible to customers.

This is a legal requirement that must be met, so that you can install and start the commercial activity of your vending machine.

Said card must have the following information visible:

  • Details of the company that owns the machine.
  • Address.
  • Tax identification code.
  • Telephone number for Customer Service.

Similarly, it is recommended generate and preserve a file with all the information of the machine and your providers, for emergencies. However, this action also requests to comply with a process to protect this information.

In conclusion, by legal regulations it is mandatory to put some manufacturer-specific data vending machines in full view of consumers. If this requirement is not met, you may be in a position to be sanctioned by law.

Civil Insurance

The issue of civil insurance is a secondary issue among the requirements to put vending machines, but that is very important and can save you a legal or financial penalty.

Civil insurance is a way to protect yourself against the occupational risks that are generated when handling vending machines.

On the other hand, civil insurance also helps to respond for damages caused to third parties, during the handling of the machines.

This works most of all for the workers who are going to transport or do maintenance on the machines. In addition, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to have an emergency plan.

The same way, contracting civil insurance is mandatory for law, to avoid leaving people unprotected in cases of work emergencies. This is because the risks of handling vending machines can be considered risks.

What is it?

We have all entered a commercial premises or a facility in which we observe a machine embedded in a corner, which can have cans of soft drinks, sweets, trinkets, hot drinks (coffee), among other products. Now, those objects that we see are known as vending machines.

Vending machines are a way to increase your business activityl and add a plus to the finances of your business.

In addition, the way to get them is simple, since the requirements to put vending machines in Spain they are straightforward for applicants. You just have to notify the corresponding entity and comply with the specifications that are stipulated by law.

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