Requirements to receive food from Caritas

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There are a number of Requirements to Order Food at Cáritas that you must keep up to date if you want to be part of the beneficiaries of this organization. It is also important to know who can receive food, how the project works, what the objectives of the project are and much, much more.

Caritas is a catholic organization, of the own church, that is in charge of doing work of humanitarian aid, social services and cooperation to the development in all Spain.

It was founded in 1957 and today it has more than 90,000 volunteers and 70 caritas throughout the country. If you are interested in enjoying the services of this humanitarian organization, don’t go! Today we will explain what you should know about it.

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What are the Requirements to Order Food at Cáritas?

Let’s get started with the Requirements for Order Food at Cáritas, so that your most immediate questions are answered once and for all, and you can also continue to learn more about this project and how it works, what is its basis.

Let’s see,

  • You should go to the nearest caritas headquarters to be able to instruct you when studying your socio-economic situation. You can click here to see where it is located.
  • Provide information on all the resources at your disposal.
  • The project is aimed at families without income and the care of minors.
  • You must be a person with no or insufficient income.
  • The lonely people (without immediate family and / or minors), they can also choose if someone accredits that the program would be of benefit to overcome the situation.
  • Accept the accompaniment that will take place during the duration of the agreement, in addition to the terms of said agreement. We will explain the terms to you in the following sections.
  • Research about the project, the organization and all the other programs offered by Cáritas: supply of clothing, medicines, help with transportation, workshops for job placement, psychological and / or legal support, related to housing, etc.
  • Not be deprived of liberty.

As you can see, the Requirements to Order Food in Cáritas. Basically the only requirement is to show the lack of resources to buy food and follow the instructions when you go to one of the organization’s headquarters.

What People Can Order Food at Caritas?

Who can order food at Caritas? Well, as we have hinted previously, the project is aimed primarily at families without resources, without sufficient income to lead a healthy life, and with minors in daily care.

People who approach Caritas to request this donation will undergo an assessment to determine if they meet the required profile. If this filter passes, a series of agreements are handled to determine the duration and size of the aid.

To obtain it, people are prioritized who are willing to accept the accompaniment, the terms of the agreement, who have no or insufficient resources, and with minors in charge. The single people (without immediate family and / or minors), can also choose if someone accredits that the program would be of benefit to overcome the situation.

Finally, it should be noted that the profile you are looking for It is from families or people willing to change, with family or social ties, and who want to improve themselves but do not know how.

Take into account all these points, as they are decisive in the evaluation of your profile. By way of direct answer, everyone can order food, but some may not qualify.

How does the Caritas Food Asking Project work?

The operation of the food delivery project It is due to the work of Cáritas Diocesana de Tortosa and consists of the delivery of cards with which the beneficiaries can buy food, these being generally families with minors in their care.

Basically, the person or family who wants to enjoy this help only has to go to their nearest Carita and ask for instructions at the headquarters. A specialized person will be in charge of receiving you, that same day or by appointment, and asking the pertinent questions. In addition, a subsequent visit will have to be scheduled for the delivery of the documents that may be requested or to specify the sequence of instructions that will be given at the time of starting the procedures.

When the socio-economic study is ready and an agreement is reached, Caritas will grant the card that will allow you to start shopping for food, for a specified amount. An in-kind assistance agreement can also be reached.

As you will see, it is a super easy system, without major complications. However, you should keep in mind that help in this area is temporary. The purpose of Caritas, in the end, is to avoid creating dependency and instead offer advice for improve the situation that is being lived. Whether in the psychological, labor, legal or other areas.

In this way, Caritas will accompany the beneficiaries to help them obtain the necessary tools for autonomy, to instruct them in economic management and support them in whatever they can, not only to cover food needs. Important to know, that once your profile is accepted and the agreed terms, you will enjoy the support of Cáritas for a year, during which you will learn to be more and more independent.

Every day more people need these resources, so do not stop if you are part of these people. It is a program aimed at families without income and with minors in their care, but this situation can be made more flexible if necessary.

Objectives of the Project

The food delivery project goals there are several. All these are important to keep in mind so that you know the vision that this organization has and about the purpose of its programs.

Let’s see what these goals are,

  • Create food acquisition opportunities for low-income families.
  • Teach beneficiaries how self-manage with available resources, so that autonomy is promoted in these people.
  • Through teaching healthy habits, improve the family environment.
  • Instruct families about food, personal finance, family outings, creating healthy and creative menus, adapting to family members and their requirements, and also the importance of not wasting.
  • Psychological Support so that the person can overcome the situations that led to this outcome. In this way, acquire the emotional tools necessary to get ahead.
  • Do workshops or talks about the factors that lead to poverty and why it is something generational, in order to prevent it from becoming a chronic and insurmountable problem.
  • Boost local commerce, so that the people who are going to buy create relationships and, thus, support.
  • According to the capacities of the beneficiaries, the focus will be on.
  • Reduce the total amount of products that are awarded in kind, in order to alleviate the physical effort of the organization’s volunteers.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of Caritas centers, especially in the support groups and in the relationship that these teams offer.

As you can see, the objectives are focused on the well-being of all the beneficiaries and participants of this non-profit organization.

In the end, the goal or concrete goal is that all beneficiaries acquire the necessary tools to get out of the situation of lack of resources in which they live. And, in addition, not to return to it, learning about independence and autonomy, and identifying the factors that led them to that situation in the first place, in order to heal them.

Food Delivery

If you are wondering how to do it the distribution of food, Well, the truth is that it is a very simple process.

Once the terms of the agreement have been agreed and you officially become a beneficiary of the Caritas food program, you will be given a card. With it you will be able to acquire the goods that Caritas does not provide, but that are necessary, such as fruits and vegetables.

Caritas will take care, however, of supplying with packaged products, such as rice, pasta, legumes, etc., following a system that they will explain to you when you enter. You will basically have a very flexible schedule so you can go, choose the products you need, both in quantity and quality. All under friendly supervision.

A volunteer will be aware of your doubts and requirements, in addition to advising you on the products you will need. In addition, he will be the one who keeps a record of the donated food.

Finally, the places where you can go to get these products they will also be pointed out to you in a timely manner.

What is Caritas?

Caritas is a non-profit, humanitarian organization of the Catholic Church. It has a presence in many countries around the world, including Spain, France, Canada and Australia. It has a presence in Africa, America, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

It offers services to low-income people, with a large number of food programs, psychological and legal support, supply of medicines and clothing, and so on.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to Order Food at Cáritas.

See ya!


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