Requirements to register as a lawyer: Everything they haven’t told you

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At present the lawyers like the other legal professions, they fulfill a fundamental function in today’s society. Thanks to the various important tasks for the integrity of a country and its inhabitants.

However, like each profession, it is important that in order to exercise it previously complete training is carried out. This will allow graduates to understand and know what to do to be able to function in the labor and judicial environment.

It should be noted that it is important that before studying or enrolling in this profession know all the branches and specializations that it has. Despite the fact that within the judicial sphere there are various appropriate aspects for the different cases that are presented there.

Given this, we want to provide you with a whole guide of what you should know to become a lawyer. In addition to the requirements that are essential to carry it out in Spain.

Requirements to register as a lawyer

Before starting with the requirements you need, it is important that you bear in mind that one of the disadvantages of this profession it is the lack of internationalization. Since each country has different laws so if you register it in Spain You can only exercise it there or in the member countries of the European Union.

However, there are certain countries that allow the revalidation of the profession in universities. However, in the same way you must study for a minimum of 2 years law degree to exercise it in the country you want.

Starting with the requirements, it is important that you know that There are different cases for applying the tuition in law. There are currently 4 types of tuition on this profession.

The first is through personal title of new exercise, the second is by means of new professional practice, temporary or long-term start-up exercise and finally the reinstatement to tuition. Below we will mention the requirements depending on the case:

Common requirements for the first three modalities

  • Document that proves or proves the cancellation of the tuition fee, if applicable.
  • National Identity Document presented in original and photocopy.
  • The printed direct debit.
  • Document approving or denying the medical service that the educational facility offers, if applicable.
  • The printed data protection certification.
  • The certificate issued by the General Council of the Spanish Lawyers accrediting the new incorporation to the law firm.
  • Health certificate.
  • The accreditation of criminals.

Specific requirements for self-employment

In this section, what is specified are the fiscal requirements on professional economic development that the government requires and regulates.

  • Be registered in the mutuality or in the RETA.
  • Have the Registration in the Economic Activities Tax (IAE).
  • Possess or enjoy a policy of temporary disability insurance.
  • Make or have a declaration of health.

Specific requirements for exercising as an employed person with exclusivity

Here the requirements that you must take into account if the practice of law comes from an entity already established such as a company will be awarded.

  • Legal documents and data of the company where you are working.
  • An affidavit that proves that you exercise for a company exclusively.
  • The business certificate.
  • Possess or enjoy a policy of temporary disability insurance.
  • Make or have a declaration of health.

Specific reinstatement requirements

This instance is allowed when, for various circumstances or reasons, the training of the legal profession is not continued. For what is desired restart or rejoin the teaching facility.

However, unlike the requirements presented to enter the campus, only the proof of payment of the tuition must be presented. In addition to that you must meet the other requirements in case you need or apply for some of these cases.

What does it mean to join?

Well in the first instance This refers to the fact of entering or being accepted into an educational campus regardless of the type of campus. Currently there are schools, high schools, universities, institutes, among others.

In turn, this term is not usually used in many countries since only some countries in the world use it to talk about this topic. In the same way, let us remember that education is very important for the human being.

It should be noted that in the countries where this term is used, it is generally used to refer to being enrolled in a university or university institute. For what it is commonly appointed for the legal procedures of inscription or registration in said enclosures.

What is the price of enrolling in Spain

Surely at this point you will wonder about how much tuition prices in Spain oscillate. Well, the first thing you should know is that there are different prices despite the wide variety of educational centers.

In the same way, we must mention that they currently oscillate between the 241.58 euros to 876.63 euros. It should be noted that it will depend on the educational campus you wish to enroll in.

However, there are some that offer flexibility in the financing plan depending on the economic conditions of the applicant. As well as scholarships awarded to exceptional averages.

Steps to practice law in Spain

Finally, we will show you the easiest way to start practicing law in Spain. Within the legal and professional parameters that this profession requires.

  1. In the first instance, you must have already obtained the degree in this profession in addition to the Official Master.
  2. Then you must take an exam issued by the Ministry of Justice which will certify you suitable to practice the profession.
  3. Finally, you must register within the Spanish Bar Association so that you can practice the profession within this country and in the members of the European Union.
  4. Ready!


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