Requirements to Register: Steps, Documents and MORE

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To obtain the registration certificate in Spain it is necessary to know the Requirements to Register. It is a very easy and fast process, that depending on the city council where it is requested, it can be issued instantly, or a specific date will be assigned for subsequent withdrawal.

If you are a foreigner and you have already decided that you want to start your life in Spain officially, look no further! Here you will find all Requirements to Register.

Requirements to Register

All the people who live in Spanish territory must register in the municipality that corresponds to them. The first thing is to attend the city hall headquarters, but you must go prepared with the Requirements to Register, which are detailed below:

  1. Complete the individual or collective registration form.
  2. Present the Valid passport in original and copy.
  3. The rental contract duly signed with a copy, or an authorization signed by the homeowner.
  4. If you have children: Consign the passports, birth certificates of all minors, the family book and a copy of all the documentation.
  5. In the case of not having documents, in other words, you are in Spain in irregular condition, No problem. It should be noted that the city council does not verify if a person is legal or not within the country, they are only registered in the registry.
  6. Depending on the municipality where the application for registration is made, a approximate amount of € 2.5 euros.

Steps to Follow to Register

The steps to follow to register are basically to deliver the Requirements to Register at the town hall office. Estel is a very easy and fast procedure. It is important to carry out this diligence as soon as possible and not let time pass, in order to have this document to carry out other steps of interest.

To request registration, you must verify that the person lives in an address in the municipality, where it is necessary to register. The certificates of the information that is issued must have the nature of public and reliable documentation for administration purposes.

The documentation allows to vote when there are elections and to have a control of the people who reside in the country. It is necessary to be registered to have the opportunity to enjoy some rights and assistance. In some entities they can request the registration certification, which is a document that is required to carry out many procedures.

Documentation Needed to Register

By having all the Requirements to Register, must be submitted together with the duly completed registration form. As well as with the census flyers, which inform about the current address of residence. Said flyers are required to carry out the following procedures:

  • Issue or request the renewal of the DNI (National Identity Document).
  • Request or issue the passport.
  • Request the renewal of the driving license.
  • I registered a vehicle.
  • Request a school space.
  • Opt for unemployment benefits.
  • Prove residency.
  • Perceive some helps by social services or get discounts.

There are certain procedures of an administrative nature of the Autonomous Community of residence or of the Central Administration that have no limitations with the presentation of the registration certificate. However, this is not a reason not to process this document.

In many city council offices you can request the registration by phone, online, by mail or in person. It can even be requested by another authorized person. This requires the consignment of the DNI in the company of a permit, which must be signed by the registered citizen and the respective copy of the applicant’s DNI.

The registration certificate is a documentation that has great validity when verifying that a person is registered in a municipality. The registration may also be required for the procedures mentioned below:

  • Judicial institutions (courts and tribunals).
  • Military institutions or foreign commands.
  • The Civil Registry (adoptions, change of names, nationality, marriages among others).
  • Declaration of heirs.
  • Various Official Registries, penitentiary institutions, customs offices, universities, National Employment System of Spain INEM).
  • Residence by rooting.
  • Dependency condition check.

The issuance of this certificate has a duration of only 3 months. If it is needed later, it must be requested again. It should be noted that, in some municipalities, an amount has to be paid each time the registration certificate is requested.

Who can register? Requirements to Register

The people who can register are all those who live in Spanish territory. And that they have a fixed address, including children if they have any. It is enough to comply with the Requirements to Register and carry out the pertinent procedure.

One of the doubts that people have about the registration certification is the duration of the registration. This document does not have an expiration date usually. For this reason, there is no time that serves as a reference for the entire country today.

However, 3 dates can be taken for granted. Where the autonomous communities accept this documentation as valid, to carry out the corresponding management. These dates are: 2 months, 3 months and 6 months, depending on the place where the registration was processed and its use.

Difference between the Registration Certificate and the Registration Certificate

Being clear about the difference between these two documents is important:

  • Padronal steering wheel: This document indicates that the person is registered in the municipality where you usually reside. However, it is not legal in nature since it does not contain the signature corresponding to the city council.
  • Town Hall Certificate: This certificate if bears the official signature of the town hall, so it is cataloged with a legal document. At the time of renewing any documentation such as: The DNI or the passport, at the headquarters of the Police, the Registration Certificate will be requested and not the Registration Certificate.

Legal Aspects to Take into Account to Register

The fact of registering implies that, for civil purposes, people become residents within Spanish territory, since it is in Spain where they have their current residence. Likewise, they expose to the Spanish administration that their fixed address is in Spain, an act that triggers tax effects.

For example, there is the personal income tax (Personal Income Tax) It is an individual, direct and successive tax that is taxed on the profit obtained in a calendar year by natural persons residing in Spain. That is, it taxes the total of your gains, profits and losses of equity.

In the case of not being a resident of Spain, but a person for whatever reason decided to register, must take into consideration the consequences of registration. It should be observed at the time of registering because, although you really do not live in Spanish territory.

The registry can serve as evidence for the Tax Administration of Spain, to argue and verify that must be paid in the country being a resident. This is because being registered in Spain presumes that the person has a fixed residence on Spanish soil.

What is Being Registered?

The census is an administrative record that groups all the inhabitants of a municipality. Registering means that you obtain a credential that confirms that you reside in that place. It is an essential process to carry out some necessary procedures and to be able to live a regular life in Spain. These are:

  • Request regularization or work authorization and home.
  • Ask for a health service card.
  • Change driving license.
  • Enroll children in school.
  • Opt for social benefits.
  • Obtain the final documents as a resident.

Regarding the registration, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

  • This certificate only justifies that the person is a resident of the municipality uninterruptedly.
  • The information provided in the registry is private. It can only be used by the Spanish Administration in public security situations.
  • The person may be in Spanish territory in an irregular condition. However, you have the possibility of registering in the municipality where you live. It is important to note that the municipalities do not have control of the administrative status of the person in Spain. Its function is keep track of the people living in the country.
  • It is essential to inquire at each municipality about the Requirements to Register, as there may be additional requirements.
  • To verify that the person is registered, you must ask the corresponding town hall for a certification or registration flyer. Where the reason for the request is indicated.
  • In the event that the person has a temporary residence or work permit and does not have a permanent resident permit (5 years).

To obtain detailed information about the registration process, you can go to this link to clarify any doubts you may have in this regard.

Registration is a benefit and a right that allows you to register your new address in Spain. Thanks to this process, you will begin to have certain responsibilities in your community, becoming a more registered citizen in the register.

We hope we have helped all those who have already lived in the country for a while with these Requirements to Register.

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