Requirements to register the light: All the information you need

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You need to know what the Requirements to register the light, You entered the indicated portal to answer this question.

Follow us and find out about all the requirements you must have to be able to register for the light!

How to discharge the light

Discharge to the light It is known as an important procedure other than what is contracting an electricity tariff or changing companies.

They are efforts with a lot of similarity we must add.

This procedure is the verification of the electricity supply as such, of a property that does not have electricity.

When someone needs to register you for an electricity supply, the first thing they should have is the situation in which this home or premises can be found in the case of one.

In this very particular way you can find two different cases:

Number one is high reactivation This is usually used for homes or premises that have already had electricity supply before.

And the second is the real estate of new constructions that for the first time he is discharged to the light.

High light in new home

Discharge of electricity to a new home It consists of a series of steps that the person who is acquiring the home must carry out, this together with the hand of the company that he chose to have this supply for the first time.

These steps are as follows:

Step 1 buy if the house with an electrical connection: in this case, you should not talk to a light distributor that is in the area.

Step 2-Make the request for the electrical bulletin: This is the document that contains all the information you need about the electrical installations that the house has had.

This will be done by a trained electrical installer, this is very important to be able to carry out the procedures with the company.

Step 3Immediately call the marketer: In order to be able to make the request for the discharge of electricity in the property or premises in the case that is.

Step 4You must deliver the requested documents: In order to be able to discharge the electricity, the company will ask for a series of documents, please have them at hand.

High light after recent low

One of the most important things when moving to a new home is the electricity supply is low in the case of a sale.

In the event of finding this, you must request to register the supply again.

This request brings various costs to customers: such as the discharge of electricity or connection rights, in addition to the deposit that must be made from the guarantee.

Both should be paid at the electricity distribution company only once on the first invoice.

If the extension has been canceled for three years, the rights of the extension will be preserved and it will not be necessary to pay it again.

On the other hand, if the guarantee deposit is known as a charge that must be paid to the electricity distribution company in the area where you live.

This is as a guarantee in case of any non-payment.

This deposit will correspond to the cost of the monthly bill, which is equivalent to some 520 hours of maximum electrical power that has been contracted.

This guarantee deposit will be returned when the owner changes or a supply drop occurs.

Requirements to register the light

The consumer who needs to give high to the light the home where it is located will have the duty to deliver a series of requirements requested by it in order to carry out the procedure.

In a given time and as quickly as possible.

You should bear in mind that these requirements are necessary to discharge the baby to activate it again.

In the event that it is a new registration, it will be just the moment where said request, when the corresponding distributor will provide the CUPS which will be associated with said property.

The Requirements to register the light, are the following:

  • Full name and identity card (DNI) of the holder of said contract
  • Universal Code of Supply Point (CUPS)
  • Electric power
  • The electrical installation certificate will be necessary
  • Address of the premises or dwelling where it is located
  • The bank details.

What is the cost

First of all, you must have the knowledge that the price of electricity is divided into three parts, these are regulated by the minister of industries, in addition to tourism and commerce.

This means that not all people will have to pay the same amount for the activation of the electricity supply.

The price of paying for electricity varies by three different factors, which are the following:

  • The electrical power that is contracted.
  • The electrical power before that.
  • And how long this supply has been disconnected.

When these factors mentioned, the electricity distributor will calculate said total cost when paying based on the regulatory rights below:

Equality for each of the users, leaving aside the marketer in which it is located or the distributor responsible for said supplies.

What are the powers that can be contracted

In the moment of discharge the light it is of the utmost importance and essential that an electricity rate be contracted.

Now there are three ways to calculate electrical powers:

  • Electric power calculator
  • Manual calculation
  • Advice from an electrician

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How long does it take to register

In the area where you live, it usually takes 5 to 7 business days to discharge electricity.

If the assigned technician finds some problems in the electrical installations this can take much longer.

Remember to verify everything to be able to do this type of procedure.

Thanks for trusting us.

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