Requirements to Rent an Apartment: Documents, Contracts and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to Rent an Apartment. The step-by-step is highlighted for owners who want to rent their apartment in Spain and future tenants who need to rent.

If you need to rent a flat in Spain, it is best to consult the offers that appear in newspaper sections or visit a real estate company that will advise you and help you clarify all your doubts regarding the signing of the rental contract.

Whatever your case, you have to take into account that for this type of negotiation you must comply with some relevant requirements already established. That is why, if you are interested in this topic, the citizen must comply with a series of Requirements to rent a flat.

What are the requirements to rent a flat in Spain?

The Requirements to Rent an Apartment in Spain are the following:

It is important to note that the first thing you should do as a landlord is to verify that the apartment you want to rent belongs to this person, unfortunately this type of business lends itself a lot to commit fraud. That is why we advise you not to hand over money before meeting and meeting the owner of the apartment.

In general, the requirements demanded by the landlord is the signing the rental agreement according to the law with a minimum time of 6 months, make a deposit equivalent to one or two months of the monthly payment agreed, personal references and financial strength.

In addition, it must have the document that the autonomous society sends it, which guarantees if that place complies and aspires with the standards set forth in the law for the supply of energy.

The lessee must demonstrate that they have financial solvency, this will help make the negotiation more transparent and faster.

Necessary Documents to Rent a Flat in Spain

With having complied with the Requirements to Rent an Apartment in Spain, the citizen must comply with the following documents:

  1. Foreigner Card and NIE, if it is the case, or the National Identity Document; In either of the two options, you must obtain the original document and the copy.
  2. Present the last payroll receipt, properly stamped and signed by your employer.
  3. If you are studying, you must pay a institution brief study in which it is verified that you have sufficient means.
  4. It will be canceled one month in advance.
  5. The citizen must make a deposit, which will be reimbursed at the end of the contract.
  6. And finally, a month of payment or cancellation for real estate services, if it is the case.

On the other hand, the person interested in renting the property will also have to present a series of documentation prior to signing the contract. With these data you can find out if your profile fits with what the owner is looking for and, therefore, if he is a valid candidate to rent the property.

  • ID: Obviously, you have to present the supporting document that can identify a tenant
  • Bail: it is also imperative that you pay a bail to be able to demonstrate the solvency that one has and give more security to the homeowner. The deposit must be equivalent to one month’s payment since this is how the Urban lease law.
  • The endorsement in some cases it is usually optional. It is possible that within Important requirements to rent an apartment, add the need to have an endorsement. This means that a bank representation is needed that the owner can request so that the renter, if he is not responsible for his fees, there is someone behind who can guarantee him.

Contracts to Rent a Flat

In the lease contract it is the most important step to close the rental negotiation, there the rental conditions are established, so it is very important that before you sign it, you study it carefully and verify that everything has been written, in accordance with what Discussed before agreeing to negotiate to rent the apartment, it will guarantee that in the future everything goes in the best way.

In the contract, the leasing conditions will be specified, such as the determined time to cancel the monthly payment that usually must be made within the first 5 days of the month and, that according to the law you must rent for a period of no less than 6 months and that the maximum rental time is 5 years, extendable for a further 3 years.

In addition, you must be clear that once the contract is signed, there are still some procedures that follow; In general, when you rent an apartment you must pay a deposit (bond) equivalent to 3 months of the established fee. Which becomes an endorsement for the landlord. Said amount must be deposited in the corresponding body, so it is good that you make sure that the money entered correctly.

Approximate Rental Costs

The cost to access the rental in Spain varies according to the city: Next, we will give you a reference of the approximate prices according to each city. Indicated in Euros:

  • In Alicante (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): its approximate price is 650 to 750 per month.
  • The city of Barcelona (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): varies between 850 to 1,000 per month.
  • In Bilbao (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): Its price is approximately 850-900 per month.
  • The city of Castellón (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): you can pay approximately between 450-500 per month.
  • Logroño (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): Its price varies between 500-650 per month.
  • In Madrid (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): The amount would be 1,200-2,000 per month.
  • The city of Malaga (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): it is approximately of 600-750 per month.
  • Murcia (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): It is between 500-700 per month.
  • In Pamplona (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): varies between 700-800 per month.
  • San Sebastián (rent with a size between 60 and 90 m2): Its price can vary between 1,000-1,500 per month.

Types of Accommodation in Spain

It is very important to note that there are varieties of accommodation, but it will depend on the citizen where they want to stay. The types of accommodation in Spain are the following:


Hotels are considered by stars from one to five. Each star will depend on the level that each hotel represents, that is, if the citizen stays in a 5-star hotel, it is considered luxurious, on the other hand, if it has 1 entry, it is considered cheap, simple, economical, etc.


The paradores are considered as a public hotel chain. The places where people are hosted are historical, emblematic establishments that have been chosen for their cultural, artistic interest, etc. They are usually castles, monasteries or even palaces.

Hostels or pensions

They are cheaper than traditional hotels. It is a good option for weekend trips to avoid spending a lot of money on a hotel.

Most of the time you will see that in hostels or pensions it is necessary share the bathroom with users who are staying in other rooms. In general, these places are about spaces with a warm atmosphere, as if the guest felt at home.

Also in the hostels or pensions you can find by stars, maximum is they classify up to 3 stars. Therefore, if you find 3, you may find that in the rooms there is heating in each room, each one has its own private bathroom, living room, safe, etc.

Tourist campsites

People who stay in tourist campsites have the possibility of camping in large spaces where they provide basic services such as electricity, water, surveillance. It is worth noting that the accommodation can be in caravans or tents.


Hostels are places where more than all students stay, with affordable prices. The prices will depend on the amenities offered by each establishment.

Singular accommodation

In this rural areas are constituted, it is an attractive option for tourists in Spain. These rural places are located most of all in the small towns. You can find simple homes very comfortable and pleasant.

The floors

The flats are well known in the Spanish territory, in them you can cook, buy, as if you were in your own home. They are rented depending on the season, be it weekends, long periods, specials, etc. It will depend on the person how long they want to stay there.

Best Times to Rent a Flat

To rent an apartment in Spain it will depend on the time in which the citizen wants to stay. The best seasons that citizens seek to rent an apartment are in the summer months.

In summer it is the best season due to the high temperatures that exist in the Spanish territory, it also allows you greater mobility to carry out your proceedings and activities.

It is important to emphasize that this time is ideal because in those months people go on vacation to any part of the world and that means that there are more places to rent.

Approximately between the months of September and October, demand increases, where it is observed that citizens seek to rent flats, because they are returning from their vacations.

If you want to stay there, remember that you must collect a series of Requirements to Rent a Flat in Spain.

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