Requirements to rent an apartment: Types of accommodation in Spain

Are you looking to rent a flat? You are in the appropriate place, with this article Requirements to rent an apartment: Types of accommodation in Spain, you will find a simple guide for you to rent easily, safely and successfully.

Requirements to rent an apartment

When renting or renting an apartment in Spain, both the renter and the tenant must have a series of requirements.

The renting owner must own the certificate issued by the autonomous community, to guarantee that the space complies with the regulations established by law for the supply of energy. Also the certificate or certificate of habitability and the documents that guarantee that it is your property and you can offer it for rent.

In relation to the documentation to be presented by the possible tenant, we have:

  1. The legible identity document, in original and a copy
  2. According to the Urban Leasing Law, a bond equivalent to two months of rent must be paid. However, it can be agreed between the parties for a month. This serves as a guarantee to demonstrate financial solvency.
  3. Optionally, it is possible that a Guarantee must be presented, it is a banking instrument that guarantees the owner that someone is going to take charge of the monthly payment, in case the tenant does not do so.

In summary, to constitute a rental agreement, documents that identify the tenant are presented. In addition to the documents that help to demonstrate that you have the resources to timely comply with the agreed payment. There are companies that become guarantors signing the contract.

Types of accommodation in Spain

In Spain, we can find a large number of types of accommodation. But your choice will depend on the reason why you are looking for accommodation, either as a foreign or national tourist, for studies, for work, etc.

And although to say that you can find different types of accommodation, it sounds incredible, it is that real. They exist from luxurious hotels, also palaces. Or others such as tourist inns, hostels, camping, rural houses and the well-known apartments or apartments.

  • As for hotels, they are classified by stars from one to five. Obviously, the one-star ones are the lowest category and the five-star ones are the super luxury ones.
  • A pleasant experience, provided by the paradores. This type of accommodation is located in important natural or historical places. They are usually castles, or palaces, or monasteries.
  • The hostels, also called pensions, are categorized by stars. Less expensive than a hotel, as there are some where a room is shared by several people and they have a bathroom in common, they are usually one star. Other three-star hotels have a room with a private bathroom. It is usually occupied by those looking to travel and meet people, without spending a lot on accommodation.
  • With reference to the campsites, they are large spaces that provide all the basic services, with hot water and electricity. Accommodation can be in caravan, bungalows or tents.
  • The rural houses, are located in small towns, are very cozy simple houses, equipped for rent. Their advantage is that they can be rented in parts or in full.
  • And we will finish with the well-known and famous flats, where you can buy food and cook. Carry out a normal daily routine. These are rented for special seasons, long seasons, weekends, etc.
  • In the event that the reason for accommodation is for studies, there are student residences and family houses, which provide accommodation, in areas close to university campuses.

Approximate rental cost

The amount of rents are influenced by several factors, such as the city where the apartment is located. Of course, in large capitals such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the amounts are usually higher. While in nearby or foreign areas they are lower.

Also within the same city, there are places with structures with improvements or amenities, which the owner has included in their space.

Our research on the prices of an apartment or flat, with a bedroom and a monthly rent, shows that they range between:

  • Located in Madrid, € 781 within the city, and outside of it at € 579
  • In Barcelona, ​​€ 798 within the city, outside of it at € 594
  • Alicante, € 421 within the city, on the outskirts at € 328
  • Or those located in Almería, € 340 within the city and outside of it at € 272

The selection of an apartment in addition to the monthly rent, will also depend on the needs and conditions of the tenant, it is possible that outside the main cities or in a rural area, there are options with cheaper rents.

How a rental contract works in Spain

According to the Leasing Law, amended in March 2019, it specifies in Title II, Chapter I, in Article 8 on the Assignment of the contract and sublease, that The contract cannot be assigned to a third party without the authorization of the owner or lessor.

If you have this, you can only sublet a portion of the space. So that the sublease rental amount must not exceed or equal the initial landlord’s rent amount.

Taking into account that once the term of the initial lessor’s contract expires, the sublease also ceases.

In relation to the duration of the contract, in Chapter II, in Article 9, The minimum term of a rental contract will be freely agreed by the parties involved.

In the event that they were less than five years for natural persons and seven years for legal persons, upon completion of the expiration date, It will be obligatorily extended annually, until five years or seven years depending on the person are reached..

If the landlord does not want the renewal, he must notify the owner in writing, with a period of thirty days before the end of the year for its renewal.

Those contracts entered into with an undetermined or undated date, it is understood that the lease will be at least one year. Unless the parties agree to other guidelines, which should be taken for granted in the contract. As well as the annual automatic renewal or extension, which is stipulated by law.

Being more specific regarding the extension of the contract, in Article 10, it is indicated that Once the five or seven years of rental have been completed, it will be obligatorily extended annually up to a maximum of three additional years.

As long as, none of those involved has made any notification, between two months for the tenant and four months for the landlord, prior to the culmination, of their desire not to renew.

What is the best time to look for housing

Usually during the summer months, it is the best season to look for housing. This is because in addition to the climate, which, although at high temperatures, allows you more movement, university life also has a rest in many cities. Students leave the flats they had rented when going to their family homes during this time or on a trip abroad. Leaving a high range of homes for rent.

This situation occurs at the end of the second semester of the year, at the end of the school year.

Besides that because there is a greater offer of property to rent, more affordable or cheaper prices could be achieved.

It is the case, that between September and October the demand for apartments for rent increases.

This situation is generated by the boom in hiring of companies. Where many workers obtain new jobs outside their city of origin, having to rent an apartment to live.

And also The new school year begins and university students are part of the demand for flats to rent.

How to organize your accommodation search

In order for our search for an apartment to rent to be efficient and rewarding, it is advisable to attend to the following information:

  • Avoid misleading offers or bargains, you have to awakening 100% common sense and good sense, because although we would love to live in a main city, with a modern apartment and also a terrace, that has a high cost. So a home with these conditions at very low prices is not a very reliable offer, it may not be true or the landlord is hiding damage to the home.
  • Take into account the rental prices that we have discussed in previous paragraphs, and so you can have a more real situation, in terms of prices.
  • There are electronic platforms that the search for flats is free, they centralize properties for sale, rent, by season, etc. Those who offer in them have already been previously analyzed to avoid fraud or misleading offers. Generating security in the applicant.
  • However, it is suggested to ask yourself some questions, which will expand the information about the housing offered for rent. Like the time it has been unoccupied, if it pays the community of owners fee and also on the discharge of services.
  • If you are a pet lover, you must be sure that they allow coexistence with animals, so do not forget to ask.

And the most important before closing a rental contract that must be very clear, is how long the contract lasts, if insurance is required and the months that the deposit must include.

The duration of the contract can assure you that there will be no increase in short periods of the monthly payment. Of course, if there are readjustments by law, they must be complied with.

We hope that the information will be very useful for the rental of an apartment

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