Requirements to Study Nursing: Where, Costs and MORE

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This article will explain which are the Requirements to Study Nursing. For the person to become a good nurse, they must be trained with the best professionals at the moment the career begins.

It is important to note that this career is one of the most interested in students in Spain. That is why, if you want to study this career, the student must comply with the Requirements to Study Nursing. Stay with us and take note of this interesting topic to be discussed.

What are the Requirements to Study Nursing?

People who want to access to study this career, must comply with the Requirements to Study Nursing, are the following:

  • The citizen must be of Spanish nationality, it must also belong to a State included in the European Union or have the right to free movement of workers.
  • If the student is from another country, which does not belong to the European Union, you must apply for a student visa.
  • The applicant must have completed high school or, failing that, a medium grade cycle to be able to access a cycle higher than the health branch.
  • It is important to note that students who wish to study this career must pass the selectivity exams or passing a course higher than the branch of health.
  • Have a vocation for the health service.

How long should you study?

The time it takes to prepare for this race will depend on each person, the effort and dedication they have. But the approximate training time is as follows:

  1. The nursing degree has a duration of 4 years, the topics that more or less will teach you are: clinical pharmacology, child nursing, clinical nursing. And a large number of additional subjects that will help the specialization you want to study.
  2. If you want to carry out a Postgraduate course of a specialization, Master or examinations for nursing, it has a duration of about 3 years depending on the degree and how long it takes the citizen to pass it.
  3. It is important to note that it is recommended that the citizen know another language. That is to say, that it is bilingual, because it is a plus in the world of work, where every day there are more demands to enter due to the competition that exists.
  4. The nursing exams are all those tests that the citizen must pass to have access to a public job in the world of health.

Where to Study Nursing?

To study this career there are many university options that are good, both public and private, which are the following:

Requirements to Study Nursing: University of Salamanca

This is one public university, located in the city of Salamanca. It is important to note that it is the most ancient Spanish territory and the Hispanic world.

People can study nursing in this wonderful place, where they train and teach professionals with scientific chairs, preparation in the field of health with procedures, techniques, formulas that improve the state of health and collaborate with the prevention of ailments, diseases and their consequences.

It is important to highlight that the clinical practices that students must do, in Castile and Leon.

Requirements to Study Nursing: University of Valladolid

This university is an institution public educational in the Spanish territory, located in the city ​​of Valladolid. It is considered as the third oldest university in Spain.

In this university they train students to achieve and complete activities to solve and help people with health problems. In addition, nurses must coordinate and help in the care of citizens who are in good condition or sick.

It is one of the most demanded careers, that is why if you want to enter this university you can access its web portal.

Requirements to Study Nursing: university of Navarra

It is a private and Catholic educational institution. According to the ranking of universities, the university finds positions as one of the best institutions to train as a nurse.

Studying at this university is intended for students to have access to clinical practices in health centers located in the same city.

Requirements to Study Nursing: University from Jaén

Is a public university located in Jaén in Andalusia. In this institution, students train it to work correctly in the health sector. The idea is that they learn and provide help to the people who need it most

The trained specialists will also teach the students everything related to scientific care so that they can correctly carry out the determined methods.

Requirements to Study Nursing: University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is a public institution which is located in the city of Barcelona. In this very important university, students are trained to acquire knowledge in the field of nursing.

Nursing students develop skills in the methods and procedures of the careful nurses. They must also learn to interact with the people who need it most.

If you are interested in knowing about this university, you can enter directly to its web portal and there you will find all the important information about the nursing career.

Costs of Studying Nursing

The costs vary depending on the institution in which you study, also if it is private or public, etc. The following cases will be shown:

  • The University of Navarra enrollment is approximately 11,124 euros.
  • University of Salamanca the monthly payment can be approximately 1,560 euros.
  • The University of Valladolid can be the monthly payment in 1,112 euros.
  • University of Jaén the monthly payment can cost 757 euros, is one of the cheapest.
  • The University of Alicante a monthly cost of approximately 1,389 euros.

Salary of a Nurse

In Spain it is important to note that the salaries of nurses are different depending on the communities, but they also change depending on the age of the person, experiences, etc.

The base salary of a nurse is approximately 1,000 euros per month, although it varies depending on the center where I am. Now, if the citizen works in specialized care, the base salary can increase to 1,400 euros.

Supervisors or coordinators can earn a base salary of at least 1,600 euros.

For this reason, nurses must have different variables such as continued care of at least 140 euros, the triennia are 30 euros and the professional career 1,700 and 6,00o euros.

What is it?

Nursing is a profession of the subject of health. This profession consists of the attention and care of people who contain blows, wounds, injuries, people who are sick, etc.

Nurses are people who are dedicated to caring for and providing assistance to people who are ill or who contain wounds, blows, under the recommendations dictated by the doctor. That is why a nurse must offer care services, which may have the following:

Nurses functions

  1. Nurses can perform many functions such as: attend to patients , taking the pertinent information.
  2. A nurse must be a caregiver. That is to say, the person who performs in this career, must always watch over the patients in any circumstance that is found.
  3. The nurses are decision makers, thinking about the best alternative or solution for the patient.
  4. People who perform the role of nurses must be good communicators for patients in the healthcare environment.
  5. You have to communicate in a way that people understand, especially in writing or by speaking with patients to generate security.
  6. It is important to note that the nurse is responsible from the time a patient takes care of until they leave. At all times you must be aware of that person.
  7. A primary role is that the nurse must protect the rights of the patient. That is, the nurse acts in agreement on behalf of the patient. What’s more, defends their thoughts and opinions supporting your best interests.
  8. Nurses must be updated according to the evolution of health, to provide the best care to patients.
  9. They must be agents of change.

Why study nursing?

It is important to explain that higher education is one of the best in Europe, especially one of the most demanding careers such as nursing.

The reason is that in Spain They give prestige to each nurse who fulfills her role in the health system. In addition, in that country, students receive knowledge and comprehensive training, learning by doing, which is essential in this profession.

This important career has a wide catalog of opportunities in relation to professional opportunities. That is why once you have graduated you can work on the following:

  • You can work in the healthcare field. It is one of the paths most demanded by most of the graduates, to start their professional career.
  • Labor in the field of research.
  • Scope of teaching.
  • The field of administration and management.

That is why if you are interested in studying this career, you must first meet the Requirements to Study Nursing. Don’t waste time.

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