Requirements to Study Psychology: Contents, Costs and MORE

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If lately you have been reflecting on what you want to study, and you are very attracted to the wonderful science such as Psychology. Then check all Requirements to study Psychology in Spain.

If you are a person who likes to socialize, be empathetic and listen to others, consider that you have a vocation to make this science your profession, we encourage you to read in this article what you need to know to get started.

Studying psychology is a popular profession in Spain, and there are numerous universities that teach this career. Currently there is a lot of field to specialize after finishing the degree.

What are the Requirements to Study Psychology in Spain?

If what you want is to study the career of Psychology then read carefully the Requirements to study Psychology in Spain:

  • This is a super demanding race, you must take into account then that you have to be very persevering
  • They must have successfully completed high school, preferably health sciences or social sciences baccalaureate.
  • You must have a good knowledge base of biology and mathematics.
  • In addition, you must be disciplined, organized and very independent to apply the content studied.
  • Also, you must have a true vocation to want to become a psychologist, otherwise this will be more difficult to achieve.
  • Likewise, a good memory is required.

What Contents Are Included When Studying Psychology?

Reviewing the Requirements to study Psychology in Spain, The psychology career is very complete with very complete contents, leaving the graduates of this career very well prepared to face the labor market. Likewise, clearer regarding what specialty they are going to dedicate to.

To study Clinical Psychology, the programmatic contents are the following:

  • Fundamentals of scientific research.
  • The methodology of research and statistics is studied.
  • Knowledge of the therapy of certain mental disorders.
  • Also, the Fundamentals of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology.
  • Likewise, the Classification of mental disorders.
  • The Study of the methods of psychotherapeutic intervention the mechanisms of action for the therapies.
  • Psychopathology is studied.
  • Also the development of childhood, influencing factors.
  • Neuropsychology and Neurosciences.
  • History of Psychology.
  • In addition, the biological bases of behavior.
  • Psychometry.
  • Likewise Social Psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology.
  • Ethics in psychology and psychological evaluation.
  • Neuropsychology.
  • Also, differential psychology, group psychology, linguistic psychology, learning psychology, forensic psychology.
  • Experimental methodology.
  • Philosophy of science and Ethology are studied.
  • Additionally, the Introduction to Anthropology.

There are a variety of branches derived from psychology: child psychology, legal psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, organizational psychology, canine psychology, among many more.

Best Universities to Study Psychology

Continuing with the Requirements to study Psychology in Spain, The best universities to study psychology in Spain will be shown below. So here you will find a range of options to start the career of your dreams.

Universities in the country offer the best in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programming in psychology.

  • Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • University of La Laguna.
  • Universities with a high educational level in the career of Psychology:
  • The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).
  • Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).
  • Also, the University of Barcelona (UB).
  • Likewise, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).
  • University of Granada (UGR).
  • And the University of Valencia (UV).

Other universities where you can also study psychology:

  • The Santiago de Compostela University (USC) is one of the most recognized for this career, at the state level.
  • University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU).
  • The University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR).
  • Also, the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

Race Costs

Following with the Requirements to study Psychology in Spain, Psychology is a highly demanded career in Spain, but there are also many Universities that offer this career with high academic quality.

Likewise, it is more expensive in some universities than in others and it also depends on the community where you are. The average costs to study Psychology in Spain for the year 2020 are the following:

  1. The cost per unit of credit is 20.43 euros.
  2. The price per credit resources for adequate learning is 12.51 euros.
  3. Price for credits of validated subjects 3.06 euros.
  4. In the Complutense University of Madrid the cost of the psychology degree is 5,970 euros and it is done with a reserve of 1,000 euros., 9 installments of 553 euros.
  5. It lasts for four years.

Tips for Studying Psychology

Continuing with the Requirements to study Psychology in Spain, You must bear in mind that studying a university degree such as psychology requires commitment and dedication. You must have a delivery on the run and stay motivated.

Well, motivation is something very important in life and of course in studies as well. Dedication to studies is fundamental, psychology requires the ability to analyze, understand and learn to read the psyche.

That is why any effort will result in more learning and experience. To exercise this career, the acquired knowledge must be well established, since it will deal with people’s minds and their behaviors.

  • You must have a lot of inner strength and know how to listen. It is a very interesting field of work that encompasses a variety of fields that could never have been imagined before.
  • When you study, make summaries so that later you can develop the points raised.
  • You must learn to manage your study time.
  • It is advised to read, read, read and read psychology. The world of psychology is an ocean of interesting information.
  • It is also recommended to be with people with identical interests to learn much more. Likewise, it is advisable to do a lot of research, not to be left with doubts and to make the necessary consultations.
  • For more information related to the career of psychology in Spain consult here.

What is it?

Psychology in principle is a social science and also an academic discipline, which is responsible for the study of human behavior and mental processes of both individuals and groups at specific times.

Psychology has a huge field of study and application, it focuses on the mind and the experiences of the human being, from very varied currents and perspectives. Some more scientific approaches and others more methodological.

It is a social science that is interested in all the processes that have to do with motivation, perception, learning, thought, attention, intelligence, personality, consciousness, love. Likewise, for the biochemical functioning of the brain and interpersonal relationships.

Psychology pursues the understanding of the processes belonging to the human mind. There, different methodologies, approaches with their determined objectives and corresponding approach are given.

It is assumed that this approach seeks to overcome, discover and solve different mental and emotional pathologies that afflict the individual today.

Psychology has many branches that can be divided as follows:

  • Basic psychology.
  • Cognitive Psychology.
  • Psychology of Learning.
  • Also, evolutionary psychology.
  • Psychopathology.
  • The so-called art psychology.
  • Also, the psychology of personality.
  • Also, applied psychology.
  • Likewise, clinical psychology, educational psychology, child psychology, industrial psychology, social psychology, sports psychology, forensic psychology.

The practice of this profession is divided between education, exercise or clinical practice, that is, the work itself in a therapeutic way to understand the emotional difficulties of individuals and academic research.

Within psychology are the main currents and these are the following:

  • Gestalt psychology based on the psychology of form.
  • The psychoanalysis that is analytical psychology.
  • Behaviorism.
  • Cognitive psychology or cognitivism.

By now you should know what to do about whether or not you study psychology, after having read the Requirements to study Psychology, hopefully you are encouraged and clear about the decision you are going to make.

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