Requirements to Travel to China: Visa, Travel Insurance and MORE

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You like to travel? This article will explain what the Requirements to travel to China. Where the step by step of how to enter this incredible country is highlighted.

Nothing more rewarding than traveling, since people can witness to know cultures, places, customs of each country and understand them as their own. That is why, if you organize a trip to this incredible country, you must comply with the Requirements to travel to China.

What Documents Are Needed to Travel to China?

People meet the Requirements to travel to China and with their respective documents are the following:

  • The tourist visa allows people to stay for 30 days for a single entry.
  • You must have your original passport which must be valid for more 6 months.
  • Each person applying for a visa must fill out the application form. In the event that the person is traveling with a child, they must present the family book or, failing that, their birth certificate.
  • Attach a document showing your Bank account. You must have a minimum balance of 1,000 euros or at least 100 euros of balance per day that are in China.
  • The citizen must attach an updated color photo of the size of the passport, with a light background and the measure must be 48x33mm.
  • You must also include the original and the copy of the document of your legal status.
  • Round trip ticket.
  • You must present a hotel reservation where you will stay.
  • In the event that the citizen is going to visit someone in China, the person must provide the following information: a photocopy of the Chinese passport or identification, a proof of invitation and of the invitee and finally explain the reason for their stay.

Visa to Travel to China

It is important to explain that there are several visas to enter that country. One of them is the tourist, business, transit visa, studies, etc.

People who need to apply for a visa must do so through the The Chinese embassy, where you have enabled a Visa Application Service Center, it is also feasible to do it in the Chinese Consulate in the city of Barcelona . You can do it online through agencies or via email.

At the time the person requests it, they will have to be in the country where they legally live, where the Visa Application Service Center (CSSVC) to which it belongs.

It is important to note that the person has to start their visa process one month before making their trip to China, but it is never too much to do with more than 3 months in advance.

It is recommended that citizens use the online dating tool to submit the visa application. Once the person is in the establishment, they must present the confirmation of the appointment where they will supply their specific shift.

When the person has delivered the requested documents, they should not forget to pick up the receipt that indicates the visa application has been made and the date on which it will be delivered.

Transit visa

It is very important to highlight that citizens must remain in the corresponding place during their stay, which must be less than 3 days.

As of 2016, Spaniards who aspire to visit the city of Shanghai or neighboring cities for a maximum time of 144 hours can enter the People’s Republic of China and have a visa or a transit visa.

Residence and work visa

It is important to explain that to acquire the visa to reside and work in China, you must aspire according to the activity. In that country it is prohibited to work with a tourist, student or business visa. If you do not comply with these regulations, the authorities can even imprison you or even expel you from the country.

Tourist visa

People who request this type of visa can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days, if you want to stay longer you must apply for an exemption. Approximately the process takes at least 5 business days, but it is recommended to complete the process in time.

Length of stay in China

It is important to explain that Spaniards can request a visa in transit for a stay less than 72 hours in the following airports: Harbin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Dalian, Canton, among others. Tourists who will travel must have their ticket to move to another country.

It is worth emphasizing that they have to stay in the corresponding place during their stay, which must be less than 3 days.

Tourist Visa

In the event that people need a tourist visa, you must bear in mind that the permanence is of 30 days for a single entry.

Land border visa to Hong Kong

This entry and exit visa is valid for five days and expires in certain border ports such as: Lowu.

Visa fees

It is very important to explain that depending on the visa to travel to China it varies depending on the case of each person’s application.

  • 126.66 euros regular service, the process can take 5 business days.
  • 175.75 euros express service, the process may take 3 business days.
  • 197.85 euros, the service is urgent, the process takes 2 business days.
  • 162.85 euros postal service, the process can take 10 business days.
It is worth noting that at the Chinese Consulate in the city of Barcelona, ​​the price to acquire a basic visa is 60 euros.

Insurance to Travel to China

It is important to explain when planning a trip, especially if it is to visit the third largest country in the world such as China, all the logistics to be carried out must be taken into account.

Having travel insurance ensures that the traveler covers the expenses of certain situations that may occur during their stay in China. That is why you can access travel insurance Totaltravel that has a support service of 24 hours and limits on covered expenses.

It also includes extensive medical coverage up to at least 500.00 euros in medical visits, hospitalization service, surgery, medications, treatments and repatriation 1,000,000 euros.

Medical assistance in China in the main cities is good, but depending on the type of hospital the person attends. On the other hand, outside these localities the quality of health services tends to be precarious in rural areas.

In that country, health is not free and prices are usually high.

Iati Insurance

Another insurance that the person can purchase is Iati Insurance, has important packages and medical insurance. They exist for all kinds of people and situations, you can aspire to the plan Basic, Standard, Star and Backpacker. All have cancellation except for the Basic plan, which is not allowed.

With Iati, the cost will depend on the number of days you hire. For example: if the citizen needs Medical Assistance abroad, the basic plan coverage is at least 50,000 euros, the standard is 200,000 euros, the star with 350,000 euros and backpacking 250,000 euros.

Costs of Traveling to China

China is one of the largest countries in the world, that is why if you want to visit this great country, that is why the budget that you have will not be the same as that of the other person, that is, it may vary.

Requirements to travel to China: Airplane ticket

You can find both cheap and expensive tickets, that will depend on the airline, the season and the city you are going to visit. Tourists can find cheap flights from Madrid to Beijing can cost at least 500 euros onwards. But you can also find flights from 1000 euros onwards.

Requirements to travel to China: accommodation

A bed in a hostel can range from 6 to 8 euros except the cities more touristy, these places tend to increase the price. But in hotels, an average cost per night in China can range from 50 euros onwards.

Requirements to travel to China: Transport

China is an extremely large country, you must take into account that most of your money can be spent on transportation through the great routes that you will have to take to get to know the country. There are several types of trains in China that are:

  1. The trains K and T.
  2. Trains of the type Z.
  3. Instead the trains C, GYD they are the trains that are faster.
  4. You can also find trains that do not have no letter but pure number.

For example if you want to buy a second class seat, to travel on the G Train it can cost at least 60 euros, if it is first class it can cost 100 euros.

If you want to grab a type Z train it can cost at least 30 euros.

Buses are usually the cheapest, that is why they can range from 15 to 30 euro cents. If you want to take a taxi, your initial fee may be worth 1.25 euros.

Taxis per hour of travel, the rate has a cost of approximately 4.77 euros and the rate of 1 km can be worth 0.31 euros.

Requirements to travel to China: Food and drink

It is important to note that if the tourist wants to taste fried rice and noodles they can cost between 2 to 3 euros. If you want a more elaborate dish such as meat or fish it can cost between 5 to 6 euros, these are local restaurants.

In the case that the tourist wants to eat in an à la carte restaurant, at least two dishes and dessert can be worth at least 18.87 euros. If you want fast food such as: McDonald’s or Burger King it can be worth at least 4.39 euros.

Water has a cost of 0.28 euros, Coca Cola or Pepsi has a value of 0.42 euros; an imported beer can be worth 2.51 euros.

Requirements to travel to China: Sights

  • The Great Wall of China can cost 5.7 euros, grown ups.
  • Forbidden City can cost 7.9 euros but in high season.
  • summer Palace 4 euros.
  • Warriors of Xian can cost 19.7 euros.

This is a great country where there are many options to visit. That is why, if you want to plan a trip to that country, you will have to comply with the Requirements to travel to China.

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