Requirements to Travel to Morocco: Documents, Costs and MORE

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If you want to make the trip of your dreams, you are in the right place. Requirements to travel to Morocco He is going to leave you the information you are looking for to prepare a magnificent trip to this long-awaited place.

It is an inexpensive tourist destination, and it is a country full of contrasts. Then prepare for the trip and follow the information that appears here, because it will surely be useful to you.

Morocco is full of fascinating and magical places, but read the article Requirements to travel to Morocco and take note of everything.

What Documents Are Needed to Travel to Morocco?

According to the Requirements to travel to Morocco, the necessary documents basically depend on the place of origin of the traveler. There are tourists who must have a passport plus the visa and in other cases, only the passport must be had.

For all those tourists who require a visa to enter Morocco, the passport must be valid for at least six months, so that the Moroccan Consulate issues the visa in advance.

In the case of Spain, Spanish citizens do not need to do any visa procedures to enter Morocco as a tourist. All that is required is the passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of entry into the country. They cannot do it only with the DNI, since the passport is essential.

Likewise, it is important to emphasize that the Schengen visa is not valid to travel to Morocco. Only with the passport, Spaniards as tourists can stay in Morocco for a period of three months.

Likewise, the stay in the country can be extended, once the entry and exit form has been filled out, if the procedure is done before the Moroccan authorities.

In Morocco the maximum stay is six months a year, these months must be divided into several visits during the year, because it is only allowed to be a maximum of three continuous months. Regarding minors, it should be taken into account that Morocco requires the same documentation as with adults.

If you intend to travel to Morocco with the pet, you must have the health certificate issued in the last semester and the rabies vaccination certificate valid for less than six months.

To marry a Moroccan citizen, you require the Certificate of Marriage Capacity, in addition to other documents that must be translated and legalized.

Format for entering and leaving the country

In general, all tourists entering the country are asked to fill out an entry and exit form. In this way, the airport has all the information about your stay.

In addition to the passport, the Moroccan authorities request that you be given a sheet with the personal data and the reason for the trip to that country. At the airport they deliver the entry and exit form, if not, once on board then you will have it.

Likewise, if you travel by boat, the entry procedures are carried out when the traveler is on board the boat. The form must be filled out again upon departure from Morocco and delivered together with the passport.

Customs in Morocco

According to the Requirements to travel to Morocco, to travel to Morocco by car, it is necessary in addition to passports, fill out the form for the car and deliver it with the other regulatory documents.

Documents to consign in the Moroccan customs:

  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • Present the driving license.
  • Likewise, you must have international insurance.

If the car in which you travel is not registered in the name of any of the people traveling, then you must carry a certified authorization from the owner of the vehicle, where you expressly authorize to drive the car in Morocco. In the event that the car belongs to a company, it will also have to have the corresponding authorization.

When traveling to Morocco by car, it can only be done with one vehicle, this is registered and associated with the owner’s passport number of the car or of the person authorized to drive it. Also, it is good to say that you cannot leave Morocco without the car you entered with.

Also, once at customs when you are about to leave Morocco, you must deliver the permit that you filled out when entering the country.

Costs of Traveling to Morocco

According to Requirements to travel to Morocco, it may be found that this is a wonderful journey, which many desire. But for this and to enjoy the trip, many aspects must be taken into account, among which is the cost of making it.

That is why estimated budgets are always very helpful.

Renting a car for a day has an approximate cost of 310 dirhams or 27.8 euros. A taxi that takes you from the airport to the center of Casablanca costs 299 Moroccan dirhams or 26 euros. Making the transfer by bus is also safe and easy to get around Morocco, an urban ticket costs 9 Moroccan dirhams or 0.8 euros.

Now, eating in a regular restaurant can cost between 150 and 210 Moroccan dirhams or 18.4 euros. Also, the cost of a double room that includes breakfast can be 655 Moroccan dirhams or 62 euros.

To be able to rent a two-bedroom apartment in an average residential area, the monthly cost is 4,999 Moroccan dirhams or 458.7 euros.

The approximate expenditure of one day per person, traveling in a rented car and doing some recreational activities is about 1211 Moroccan dirhams. But if the transfer is done by public transport the cost is approximately 1040 Moroccan dirhams or 95 euros.

Traveling to Morocco is not usually an expensive trip

However, it will depend on the form of travel and the budget that the tourist has.

For a low budget such as that of a traveler who is commonly called a backpacker, without taking into account air tickets and adding two people, it can be in a week of 305 euros. This budget is valid for most Moroccan cities, but the visit to the desert in southern Morocco is not included.

On the other hand, for two tourists with an average budget, you can spend about 705 euros in a week, including the tour of the Palm Grove of Marrakech and the camel excursion.

If you have a higher budget and your trip is well organized. then you can spend a week in Morocco, visit various cities and enjoy the richness of this wonderful country.

Attractions of Traveling to Morocco

Following with the Requirements to travel to Morocco, You can find that Morocco has a lot of wonderful and fascinating sites. Beautiful places where you can savor the excellent mint tea and forget about the day to day.

Morocco is a country of vast extension, it also has a super millennial culture and offers tourists the magnificent opportunity to immerse themselves in Arab culture. It has paradisiacal beaches, you can go mountain tourism, skiing, hiking, cultural tourism, you can enjoy great gastronomy or stroll through the ancient medinas.

The medinas of Fez, Marrakech, Tetuan, Essaouira, the cities of Rabat, Meknes, the Portuguese Village of El Jadida. The archaeological site of Volubilis and the Ksar by Ait Ben Haddou. All the places mentioned are World Heritage Sites.

There are also the traditions and customs declared Intangible Cultural Heritage such as the cultural space of the Jemaa El Fna square.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and together with Casablanca, Marrakech and Fez are magnificent tourist destinations. There is also the Atlas Mountains, there is the Tubgal with 4167 meters of altitude and to the south of the Atlas is the Sahara desert, with Merzouga and Zagora highlighted by sand dunes.

Here are these excellent suggestions, when you are encouraged to visit Morocco:

  • The Blue Chaouen town, a beautiful city also known as the pearl of the north, is a must-see destination, because it has a captivating beauty.
  • The northern coastal town Asilah town located on the Atlantic coast between Rabat and Tangier. It has walls that contrast with the white houses, a destination very visited especially in summer, since it has beautiful and large beaches of fine sand stretched out by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • There is also Ifrane called the Moroccan Switzerland, has a population of 30 thousand inhabitants, located in the mountains of the Middle Atlas with about 1712 meters above sea level. Very visited both in summer and winter, it has the Mischliffen ski resort.
  • The imperial city Meknes with more than 40 kilometers of walls. Also, the great Medina of Morocco Fez famous for the walled city with one of the oldest universities in the world. Fez is a spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco.
  • The capital of Morocco Rabat with a mixture of tradition and modernity. Equally, the Red city Marrakech which is an important cultural center in the country, stands out for its markets and festivals.
  • The beautiful city of the wind Essaouira, It is a wonderful coastal destination, for having a beach of great beauty. There is also Saidia the North beach resort with lavish landscapes, it is a haven of peace.
  • Finally, it can be recommended Merzouga with an immense Erg Chebbi desert being the pearl of the desert and is very popular with travelers.

Tips for Traveling to Morocco

Following with the Requirements to travel to Morocco, be attentive to a series of recommendations when making your trip to Morocco.

It is recommended, as when traveling to any other country, to have international medical insurance and travel insurance. In the same way, it is recommended not to consume food in street stalls and to drink bottled water.

Regarding vaccines, it is not mandatory to have any, however, the most recommended is the typhoid, hepatitis A and B vaccine, the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine, as well as the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. If you travel during Ramadan time, you will surely find some restaurants closed.

It is also good to point out that in Morocco it is forbidden to carry drones with you. Likewise, it is forbidden to take photographs of official buildings such as those of the army, police, among others.

In the particular case of ladies, there is concern about clothing in Morocco. You can dress the way you want, as long as it is done discreetly without necklines. Due to the weather, it is better to wear long clothes, long summer pants, T-shirts with short sleeves, long dresses, a hat, glasses and very important sunscreen.

If you plan to visit the Sahara desert, you can also bring a handkerchief. We hope that all the information that we have presented has helped you, now you have to organize your trip to, of course, all the Requirements to travel to Morocco.

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