Requirements to Travel to Switzerland: Visa, Costs and MORE

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If you are looking for a tourist site in Europe to schedule your travel list, Switzerland is a country that you should consider among your options. This nation has several beautiful landscapes, among which are great mountains and lakes. In addition, it has famous and recognized centers for skiing and several hiking trails. It is the idyllic place for adventurers. So, gather the requirements to travel to Switzerland and start this adventure

Don’t you know what those are requirements to travel to Switzerland what do you need? Well, in this article we explain them to you. Likewise, we also answer you about other doubts that, normally, are generated when you are planning a trip. Here, you will find some attractions of Switzerland that you must schedule to visit, in addition, you will also find travel tips to go to this country and the cost that going to Swiss lands can generate.

So, if you are interested in touring Swiss soil, we invite you to continue reading the advice and information that we have for you in this article.

What are the Documents to Travel to Switzerland from Spain?

To get started with this article by Requirements to travel to Switzerland from Spain, we are going to touch on the subject of the documents that are required to carry out this trip.

In the first place, it is important to highlight that each country has its own documents and requirements to allow tourists to enter; so the procedures and requirements will depend on different factors.

One of these factors is nationality, since in the case of Switzerland, citizens of European countries that belong to the Schengen area will be able to travel more easily, because they will only need the National Identity Document (DNI).

What is the Schengen area?

The Schengen area refers to the territory made up of 26 European countries, which agreed to abolish border controls between them.

This agreement was carried out in 1985, through the Schengen Agreement. The agreement allows the free movement of citizens between member countries. In a migratory context, the 26 nations make up a single country.

Justly, the inhabitants of Spain have this facility to travel to Switzerland, since it is one of the nations that belongs to the Schengen area.

Therefore, the first document that You must have to plan your trip is the DNI. Also, Foreigners residing in the country can use their Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) or your residence card.

Do you need a visa to travel to Switzerland from Spain?

On the other hand, one of the doubts that is most generated when it comes to meeting the requirements to travel to Switzerland is the visa. Normally, there is concern about whether some type of visa is needed to enter Swiss lands, the answer is no.

In order to travel to Switzerland from Spain you will not need any type of visa, since the Iberian country is part of the Schengen territory of Europe. This allows Spanish citizens to move freely through the Alpine country.

Now, there is a document that you will need to gather or possess to enter and move around Switzerland, depending on your nationality or residence.

This document is the National identity document, for Spanish citizens, and the Foreigner Identity Number or residence card, for foreigners residing in Spain.

Travel costs to Switzerland

Once you know the requirements to travel to Switzerland, and the documents you need to acquire, it is time to delve into the financial issue “How much am I going to spend if I decide to travel to Switzerland?”

The issue of costs is very important when planning a trip to a country, since it is a variable that will determine whether or not it is feasible to make the trip.

Now, to calculate how much a trip to a country can cost you, it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

  • Plane ticket (Round trip).
  • Lodging.
  • Meal.
  • Transport.
  • Attractions and tourist sites.


The first economic aspect to consider, if you want to travel to a country, is the cost of the plane ticket. Normally, the value of a ticket varies constantly around the year, since it is taken into consideration if it is high or low season, if it is a stopover or direct flight, among other variables.

In the case of traveling to Switzerland from Spain, the tourist will be able to have several alternatives to travel to the country, due to the ease of mobility that exists between European countries.

Therefore, to make this trip you have the possibility of moving by plane, train, private car and bus.

Each transportation alternative has an average price and a travel time, which you should consider to determine which one best suits your budget and planning.

Next, we will present you the options that you can consider to plan your trip.

Trip by airplane
Barcelona (Esp) to Geneva (Sui) 4h 18m $ 48- $ 360
Barcelona (Esp) to Basel (Sui) 4h 32m $ 43- $ 608
Barcelona (Esp) to Zurich (Sui) 4h 44m $ 69- $ 278
Madrid (Esp) to Geneva (Sui) 4h 48min $ 59- $ 201
Valencia (Esp) to Zurich (Sui) 5h 00min $ 79- $ 246
Travel by Train

If you do not want to travel through the air, you can do it by land through a train, a frequent option to move between European countries.

On this occasion, you can take the train at Puerta de Sol station and travel to Zurich. If you choose this alternative, you will have a duration of 15h 58m traveling and you can spend between $ 266- $ 464.

Travel by Bus

Another alternative to take a trip to Switzerland from Spain is the option of using the bus. In addition, there are two options you have to transport yourself on this route, one is using only buses and another mixes buses and a train.

In the first case, you can catch the bus in Seville, Madrid and Burgos going in the direction of Zurich. This alternative has an approximate cost of $ 124- $ 185 and a travel time of 26h 44m.

Now, the second alternative is basically the same route as before, only it includes the use of the train to transport you from Basel to Zurich.

Travel by Car

Finally, you can also transport you using a private vehicle. In addition, it can be a cheaper and quieter option, although it can be the longest in duration, depending on the stops you decide to make and the planning you have done.

Attractions of Switzerland

In a travel article you can not miss the recommendations of tourist sites, so, next, we are going to present you some attractions of Switzerland that you should schedule, if you are going to visit the Alpine country.

  • City of Geneva: It is a city that has a different architecture from the rest of Switzerland. In addition, it is the headquarters of international organizations such as the UN Human Rights Council. On the other hand, you have several famous museums that you can visit and a fascinating culture to know.
  • City of Zurich: It is a city that has two faces, a part made up of an architecture of yesteryear and a modern architecture. In addition, it also has a broad business culture and renowned business venues across Europe.

  • Chillon Castle: It is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and has medieval architecture, an ideal place to visit and marvel at the culture of the time.
  • Zermatt: An attraction that you cannot stop enjoying are the ski centers found in Switzerland; so if you are a fan of this discipline, this is an ideal place. In addition, it can be an opportunity to see snowy places.
  • Grinderwald: If you want to go hiking, this is the place for you. A mountainous and snowy landscape accompany this ideal plan to walk and find great views of landscapes.
  • Bern: In the historic center of Bera you will find the clock tower, a building that you cannot miss if you go to Switzerland. In addition, it is a place with a lot of history and that can be fascinating for lovers of physics.

Tips for Traveling to Switzerland

Before planning your trip to Switzerland, we want to leave you some tips that may be of use to you during your stay in the country belonging to the Alpine States.

  • Daily activities in Switzerland they start between 7 or 8 in the morning and they end between 4 and 8 in the afternoon.
  • If you want to drive your own vehicle in Switzerland, you will need the Swiss Highway Vignette decal to be able to travel on the roads.
  • The Speed ​​limits they are similar to Spain.
  • One point in favor is the Swiss multilingualism, since you can find inhabitants who speak German, French and Italian. Although you can also listen to other languages; so communication will be easier.
  • Returning to the transfer by private car, it is mandatory that you have winter wheels for traveling in Switzerland.

Planning and taking a trip are incredible activities that you should do from time to time, so that you can get to know landscapes and cultures beyond the area where you live.

Even if that trip deserves to go to another country, the experience you are going to live is much better; especially if you live in a European country like Spain, since the connection and mobility between countries allows better circulation.

Therefore, you should take advantage of and travel as many countries as you can. Among those countries, one that you should not forget is Switzerland, since it is a nation with beautiful landscapes and activities that you can do during your visit.

So, don’t waste any more time and gather the requirements to travel to Switzerland that we have mentioned in this article and start managing the necessary procedures.

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