Requirements to Travel to the United States: Documents, ESTA and MORE

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If you are planning the trip of your dreams to visit the United States, continue reading this article, which tells you what the Requirements to travel to the United States.

This is the destination that many long for, so if you have the opportunity, take advantage of it so that you know and learn about everything that this beautiful and prosperous country offers.

Documents Needed to Travel to the United States from Spain

As is well known, the United States is one of the destinations most chosen by all the citizens of the world. Be it for business, vacations, visiting friends and family, or for studies. To get to this country it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to travel to the United States, which are:

The passport

All citizens of Spanish nationality, to leave European territory, must present their passport. This must be valid, and according to the country where you go you must have at least one valid for one month, 3 months or 6 months, from the moment the trip begins.

In the case of the United States, there is an agreement called the Six-Month Club, which allows some countries to only require a valid passport during the period they remain in the country. Among these are: Switzerland, New Zealand, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Thailand.

It also includes: Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Peru. For this reason, it is essential to verify that the passport is valid for the required time to be in the United States.

ESTA authorization

The Spanish territory is part of the Visa Waiver Program, that is why it is not required to process a visa to enter the US However, if it is necessary to manage a permit known as ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), in Spanish is “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”.

This one of the main Requirements to travel to the United States. Without this permit it is not possible to enter the United States from Spain, you cannot do business, tourism or any activity within this country. It should be noted that this rule covers minors.

Apply for the ESTA Permit to Travel to the United States

To ask for this permission is to comply with one of the Requirements to travel to the United States without visa. It is a completely easy and fast procedure through the online format, which is available 24 hours a day and it only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to complete.

If there are several people, the request can be made in groups and in the same format. Upon being paid and admitted, you will be notified via email and text message. If it was requested as urgent, you can get a maximum in an hour and a half. the amount to paying for this procedure is $ 14 dollars.

However, it is advisable to ask for it as soon as you know that you are going to travel to the United States, since the date of entry into the country must be entered in it, even if the accommodation is not arranged. That is why it is important to make a planning taking into account the exact dates.

ESTA Duration Time

This permission it is valid for 2 years, upon admission. In this sense, taking into consideration that a stay can be up to 90 days maximum, it is possible to make the trips that are desired to any part of the United States.

It is important to note that if the passport with which the ESTA has been requested expires, in the same way, the ESTA document expires. So it is essential to verify the validity time remaining for the passport, and in this case manage the renewal so as not to cause delays with the trip you want to make.

It is not necessary to request ESTA authorization, only if you enter the country by land, or if you have an American passport or a visa. This diligence makes it possible to inspect all tourists previously, and rule out unpleasant people.

Apart from the 2 documents mentioned above like Requirements to travel to the United States, You must also meet other requirements, according to the reason for the trip, priority and the activity to be carried out during the stay in the country. The documentation is as follows:

  • Travel Insurance: Health care in the USA is very expensive, so you must purchase travel insurance that is adjusted to the activities that are going to be carried out there. Besides that guarantees on the loss of luggage, cancellation of flights, etc.
  • International Driving Authorization: Initially, with a valid Spanish driving license, it is enough to drive in the USA. However, in some situations, depending on the state in which you are, the company with which you rent a car advises you to have a driving license. This can be requested at the Traffic office where you reside, its cost is € 10 euros with a validity of one year.
  • The Registry of Travelers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: It is necessary to register there, so that they have all the data of the person and can be located at some time of emergency.
  • The credit card: It is suggested to have a card, which can be used abroad and does not include commissions. Similarly, some dollars can be exchanged from Spain.
  • Vaccines: Up to now it is not mandatory get a vaccine to enter the US Although it is suggested to have up-to-date vaccines in Spain.

Costs of Traveling to the United States

Regarding the costs to travel to the USA, they may vary depending on the budget you have, the reason for the trip, among other elements. The average per person for one person is € 836.95 euros. Below are the basic costs per day:

Cheap flights

These include the round trip ticket. From Spain to the United States the price of a flight is between $ 50 – $ 200 dollars. It can also vary according to the airline where you buy the ticket. It is suggested to do a study in different airlines to compare prices and decide what is best.


The average amount for lodging each night in an apartment or a hotel, can change depending on the city to which you travel, and the season in which it is done. However, the cost is between $ 94 – $ 161 dollars per night. The following is the average price per night in hotels in some cities in the US:

  • Boston $ 126 dollars.
  • Los Angeles $ 122 dollars.
  • San Francisco $ 161 dollars.
  • Hawaii $ 122 dollars.
  • Orlando $ 142 dollars.
  • Las Vegas $ 116 dollars.
  • New York $ 118 dollars.
  • Miami $ 139 dollars.
  • Washington DC $ 94 dollars.
  • Chicago $ 99 dollars.

Travel Insurance

It is convenient to look for travel insurance, due to the costs generated by any situation of illness or emergency in the USA, since it is private. It is better not to risk and hire this service which can reach cost at least $ 46.95.


The average cost of transportation in most of the cities of this country changes drastically, it is between $ 32 and $ 330 dollars. To give you an idea and do the calculations, they are mentioned below:

  • In New York the cost of the Metrocard for seven days, and unlimited use it is $ 31.95.
  • The cost of renting a car for fourteen days is $ 332.
  • Average amount of gasoline nationwide is $ 3.50 for 4.5 liters.


To eat in this country you must invest between $ 15 and $ 30 euros per day. Although it also has to do with the preferences of each person. Or if you are willing to cook and the money you have. Likewise, you can eat in simple restaurants that do not have to be fast food for between $ 7 and $ 10 per person.

Tours and Recreation

When you travel to the US, you think of spectacle. There you will find a wide variety of sports activities, festivals, musicals, theme parks, and more. In this you can get to spend between $ 25 and $ 300 dollars. You can go to an NBA game, Disneyland, or a Broadway musical. The prices for these events are as follows:

  • Ticket cost for an NBA game, between $ 25 and $ 50 dollars.
  • Broadway tickets for $ 60.
  • Parks in Disneyland $ 110 dollars.
  • Tickets for the natural parks for $ 80 dollars.
  • The New York City Pass at $ 122.

United States attractions

Among the attractive places that the United States offers to make your stay pleasant, are the following:

  • Las Vegas in Nevada, where all over the on the way to the Boulevard are the fountains which are a symbol of the best hotels.
  • Los Angeles in California is a beautiful city that offers a great view of the tallest buildings in the city.
  • Chicago in Illinois, it’s lovely the proximity to the river within the city and a great attraction.
  • Boston in Massachusetts, in this city you have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the old era and its beautiful streets.
  • Washington DC, it can be said that it is the visit that is most valued in the trip, since the view to the White House it is unique and spectacular.
  • Portland in Maine, just minutes from the mountains and forests are great urban locations.
  • Yosemite in California, during walks through this city you can take beautiful photos of the rivers full of stones.
  • Savannah in Georgia is full of beautiful lakes where you can walk and feel the sun.
  • Denver in Colorado, its Gothic style in terms of architecture merges with the modern and manages to attract attention.
  • Universal Studios in Florida, it’s great to take photos at the entrance of this then share them.

Recommendations for traveling to the United States

  1. Review the suggestions given by the Spanish government, on income limitations. Since it is necessary to know what documents are required to travel to the United States. It also recommends managing the ESTA in advance, since the response time is different.
  2. Have all the Corresponding documentation in order and current. This refers to the ESTA, international driving license and the passport.
  3. Registering in the travelers registry, which although it is not a mandatory procedure, it is convenient to do so, since you do not have a stable residence because you are a tourist.
  4. When traveling with underage children, they must also have the relevant and up-to-date documents. Additionally, it is prudent to bring the document that confirms the relationship and parental authority of the minor.
  5. Hiring travel insurance is essential, since you save worries and money that can throw your budget out of control.
  6. In the case of suffering from a serious illness, it is essential take the necessary medications, to cover the time that the entire stay in the country lasts.
  7. You must be aware of what is carried in the suitcase, because there are products that are not allowed. It is valid to enter the web portal of the Embassy of the united states, where they have a list of the items that they allow, quantities and other characteristics.
  8. The plugs used in the USA are different from those used in Spain, and the voltage is lower. For this reason, it is necessary take a universal adapter that allows the cell phone to charge quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy the glamor of New York, the beaches of Los Angeles or a vacation at Disneyland. The United States offers you endless options when it comes to traveling on your own or with your family.

By knowing the Requirements to travel to the United States, now the most important thing is to get them together to enjoy that trip you want.

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