Requirements to travel to the United States from Spain as a tourist: What you should know

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Keep reading and soak up all the information you need to know for your trip.

Procedures and required documents

The necessary procedures and documents that you must have to be able to go to the United States from Spain, are the following:

1-ESTA visa for the United States:

It is known in Spanish as the electronic system for travel authorizations to the United States of America.

2-Are you on time at the airport:

This is essential, we are talking about preventing one or two hours before departure as such.

This way you comply with all the necessary safety tests, and your trip is better and comfortable.

3-Machine readable passport:

Don’t be scared, this is the one you usually use. What will allow them to certify that it is you in a fast and safe way.

In addition to verifying where you have previously given in your travels.

4-Airplane ticket:

This is a bit logical, we know, but it never hurts to remind everyone that they cannot be forgotten.

Also remember that it must be the round trip, the travel limit is only 90 days.

5-Form I-94.

6-You must not have a criminal record:

This should not be an essential requirement as such. In the case of having them, you could be denied the trip, or have many obstacles to do it.

What we recommend is that you clarify everything with the embassy before everything becomes a misunderstanding and you cannot make the trip that you have wanted so much.

Do I need a visa to travel from Spain to the United States?

Each of the Spanish inhabitants can travel to the United States without the need to have a visa.

They should be clear that this is as long as they do not last more than the estimated 90 days.

In addition to that, your trip must be for tourist, work or medical reasons only.

Having them is mandatory, and if you think it is easy, you should not worry about this, do it online very quickly.

Types of visa and how to process it

The types of visa that ESTA has are the following:

In order to BUSINESS

To go from TOURIST


These are the visas that you can choose for your first trip to the US, with a maximum status of 90 days, remember that the type of visa for the purpose.

Unofficially it can also be used for other purposes such as:

Medical procedures

Courses or exams.

The form to process them is as follows:

Being able to apply for a USA visa requires requesting in advance request a personal interview with an official.

And a totally mandatory visit to the United States to make it personal.

Whereas in IS It can be done online, to anyone who needs to get them, which meets the necessary requirements.

The response this afternoon takes 10 minutes, while a visa in the USA takes between 15 to 30 days to be granted.

What is Form I-94

This is a form that is given on the same plane, when the destination is to travel to the United States.

In this, questions of all kinds are reflected. This is requested to be able to know or inspect the moment in which you arrive at the airport. So the best thing is to have it prepared quickly.

What places to visit in the US

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

The Oneonta Gorge is part of the Columbia River Gorge, it has a totally unique ecosystem of aquatic and forested plants.

All the ferns and mosses make you believe that we are in a fairy tale.

Visitors who decide to have this experience can walk through the warm hills on summer days.

If you believe in fairy tales this is the place for you, and all those fantasies.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado

This beautiful nature reserve is found in the Elk Mountains of central colorado.

It has more than 100 miles of trails that you will love to hike.

Do not miss to know a little more about nature in your life, forget the electronic devices and find your self interest in this great place.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

This lonely island is full of beauty and happiness.

It is in about 70 kilometers to the west of Key West. It is surrounded by totally crystal clear waters, it also has a very high amount of marine life that you are going to love. To be able to access it, it must be by boat or seaplane, so leave all your devices in each and enjoy a day without a signal on this beautiful island.

If you want to know more magical places you can enter this site recommended by us

Thank you for always trusting us

Success with your new adventure!

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