Requirements to travel with IMSERSO: Read us and find out what you should know

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People at some point in their life want to take a trip, something that is reason enough for there to exist institutions that make this dream possible where people have to register. But of all of them they only talk about requirements to travel with the IMSERSO, to enter it.

What is the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services or IMSERSO?

In Spain there are several entities that manage social security in this country, something that is also the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services which is known as IMSERSO. In addition, this same institution is in charge of managing the retirement and invalidity of the person as the case may be.

At the same time, this institution is in charge of doing social tourism or making vacation trips, where they are for the elderly or the same people who go to spas.

To better understand what was just mentioned, IMSERSO is a social insurance in Spain that caters to the needs of retired people and those with a disability. But this same entity also makes trips, so it is important to know the requirements to travel with the IMSERSO, so the people of the golden years want to enjoy travel can do it.

What are the functions of IMSERSO?

Well you know that IMSERSO It is a social insurance, which cares in a certain way for the elderly and people with disabilities. Obviously, as all institutions have specific functions, as it is always good to know all the knowledge, the activities that this social security institution has to carry out have to be explained.

These are the other obligations you have to do Institute for the Elderly and Social Services:

  • Monitor and manage pensions for people with disabilities and the elderly.
  • Make social trips or vacation trips for the elderly and those who visit the spas
  • Manage the financial benefits that are mandatory due to what is established in the General Disability Law and indicate to the cities Ceuta and Melilla the benefits that correspond to them.
  • Propose norms based on equality and solidarity to determine the levels with which a person has a disability.

  • Comply with what is established by the Dependency Law.
  • Cooperate with organizations and entities that are dedicated to serving the elderly.
  • Being an establishment and the place where specialized care centers are managed, it conducts investigations that have to do with social security.
  • They are the ones who administer, monitor and make proposals on social service plans at the state level, serving the elderly and those who are dependent.
  • Make evaluations about social services and that they be of quality at the national level.
  • Be in contact with foreign and international organizations, to know everything about international collaboration programs in the area of ​​the elderly and dependent people.

What is the IMSERSO Tourism Program?

It is a tourism program of IMSERSO what would be a complementary service of this entity, to make vacation trips to the elderly, where they can visit the coasts and do tourism in the interior of the country.

With this program, an emotional contribution will be made to the health of the elderly and those with disabilities, so that they can better carry out their health treatments or rest in the best way during the years they live.

Additionally, this program contributes to maintaining the jobs offered by this company, but to mention that this tourism service offers employment to many people, since this type of event requires personnel to make it a reality.

What services does the IMSERSO Tourism Program include?

This program sounds interesting, but to be sure if the program to choose to take a good vacation, you have to make sure that it is the correct program to have a good vacation and see what this program offers.

Like any tourist service program, this one has its own services to make the stay of the people who use this program better. These are the services:

  1. Accommodation in hotels chosen by IMSERSO, but they are shared rooms.
  2. Insurance policy for all participants.
  3. Cultural animations for society.
  4. Medical service that comes from the social security, from the hotel. This does not apply when the trips are for the interior of the country.
  5. Outbound transportation to the place where the holidays are going to be and the same to return home again, well to the state where you live. While the trip is taking place there is no transportation service in the place where the trip is going to take place.

What are the requirements to access the IMSERSO Tourism Program?

Until now, the program promises a good vacation and, best of all, it has a medical service, so if any problem arises, the patient can be agreed immediately. But not everyone can access to obtain the benefit of this program, you have to comply with the requirements to travel with the IMSERSO, Which will be mentioned below:

  • Be in Spain as a resident and have these conditions:
    • Have a retirement pension, the participant must have a pension through the public system of the same.
    • Widows or widowers who are over 50 years old, who in turn receive a pension for this reason.
    • Pensioner who receive the benefit for reasons other than the above, because you receive unemployment benefit or because you are 60 years or older.
    • Be the holder or belong to the policy of a holder as a beneficiary, aged 65 or over.
    • Being an emigrant who returned to Spain and even so he returns to the country, where he is part of the Public Social Security System.
  • Spaniards abroad who have the requirements mentioned above. Then there are these countries *:
    • Germany.
    • Andorra.
    • Austria.
    • Belgium.
    • Denmark.
    • Finland.
    • France.
    • Holland.
    • Italy.
    • Luxembourg.
    • Norway.
    • Portugal.
    • United Kingdom.
    • Sweden.
    • Switzerland.
* These Spaniards can make the request through correspondence from the Ministry, Labor, Migration and Social Security.
  • Those who They are not born in Spain but have Spanish nationality and are registered in the Public Social System of the Country.

How to access the IMSERSO Tourism Program?

If the requirements to travel with the IMSERSO and you are interested in acquiring this, in addition to the program you can request in two ways, which can be online or in person.

Before explaining the steps, it must be clarified that the request will be made at a certain time of the year, for them you must verify the page IMSERSO to know when the call will be made and make a request.


  1. It must first be downloaded from the page of the IMSERSO, application form.
  2. After that it has to be sent to:

      • The section by mail at 10140, in the case of those who are in Madrid 28080.
      • Central Services of the IMSERSO.
      • Make the presentation according to what is established by law 39/2015, specifically in its article 16.1.

As it is only to deliver a form, it can surely be sent by mail, but this unfortunately cannot be done and it has to be in person.


In the event that it is very cumbersome to apply in person, there is this option to request a place to do this vacation. This method also It may be possible to do the procedure in person:

  • Enter the portal IMSERSO precisely in the tourism program section.

  • Then you have to select the option that says application and submission deadline.

  • Then I know the schedule for the year and the option is to apply online.
  • Then the instructions that the page says are followed in order to obtain the tourist trip that you want to live.

The truth is that there are several programs that you can choose from and enjoy a good vacation, you just have to constantly check the page to know when to apply and where your next vacation is going to be.

What are the benefits of belonging to the IMSERSO Tourism Program?

Now it is good to know that there is more that these travel packages can offer, something that has not been mentioned yet and that is important to know. These are the benefits:

  • The program has a 5 to 15 day trip where you can from some of the tourist places in Spain.
  • Prices will be based on the cost of accommodation and transportation, of course based on the pension.
  • You can do the programs you can choose from June to October.

Anyone who meets the requirements to travel with IMSERSO and likes those offered by this entity can apply for any of the tourism programs offered by the institution.

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