Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver: Roles, Skills and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver. A delivery person are people whose main function is to deliver any package, articles, products, for the people who need it.

Each company or institution has its own policies according to the requirements that people need to become a delivery person.

Today, a delivery man are important people because citizens prefer to purchase products, meals, articles, through applications, web pages or especially by calling companies to place their order. That is why, if you are interested in accessing this position, you must comply with the Requirements to Work as a Delivery Person.

What are the Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver?

It is very important to note that to be a good dealer you must have good skills and abilities. That is why Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver are as follows:

  1. The citizen must have a vown vehicle or means of transport. The delivery man must have his documents up to date, such as: his license.
  2. Must have your personal mobile phone. In addition, your mobile device must have a GPS application, so that the person can be located on the spot.
  3. The person must be adult to aspire to the position.
  4. To be autonomous.
  5. Delivery drivers must have good attitude and be punctual in each delivery.

Functions of a delivery man

The functions that each dealer must fulfill are the following:

  • Being a delivery person is not only driving all day, nor carrying goods from a site to another.
  • A delivery man must plan and organize his schedule and especially the route that you are going to perform.
  • You must carry all the orders to be deliver them.
  • The person in charge must verify the specs Of the order.
  • The delivery person must verify that the vehicles are in perfect state. That is, check the oil, gasoline, etc.
  • Before making the delivery, the delivery person must verify which route is the correct one, to deliver the package on time.
  • The dealer must comply with the traffic laws.
  • The person who works as a delivery person must keep a record of all the packages delivered so that there are no errors.
  • Depending on the company, the delivery person must notify if there are delays or accidents. That is, you must contact the main establishment about any inconvenience and ask for help if necessary.
  • Make repairs to your means of transportation if necessary.

Skills Required to Work as a Delivery Driver

Depending on the means of transportation the person uses, they must have their necessary driving license. Either license of the type B that if you drive a car or light van, it can be type C which is for cars between 3.5 0 7.5 tons or D more than 7.5 tons.

The delivery man must have the ability to know all, the streets, the green roads to be able to deliver the orders. Also for this type of work the puntuality, the responsibility is paramount and above all treat the customer in a friendly way.

He has to work under pressure, in the case if unforeseen situations arise, such as an emergency, he must handle it in the best way.

In the case if you work with heavy items, must have very good physical condition or especially to handle bicycles.

Best Companies to Work as a Delivery Driver in Spain

Some of the companies that request people to work as a delivery person are the following:

Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver: MRW

It is a company that makes shipments anywhere in the Spanish territory. It is very important to highlight this company has approximately 550 franchises distributed Throughout the Spanish territory. Also in countries like: Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.

This important Spanish company contains approximately 3,300 vehicles and they ship to at least 200 destinations.

Individuals can ship both nationally and internationally. At least the company performs 62 million annual shipments. If the citizen wishes to send a CV to this company, they can carry out the following steps:


  • The applicant must access the online portal of MRW.
  • Then you must look for the section that says “About MRW” and will give you the tab “Work with us.”
  • Then a box will appear called “User Access”. And it will give you a new record.
  • You must accept the terms and conditions.
  • A form will appear that you will have to fill out. Which are distributed in 6 sections such as: personal data, training, language, IT, work experience and CV and passport photo.
  • The applicant must confirm his email.
  • Then you can review the offers and available positions, so that later you can apply to the one you want.


This company contains many branches, that is why anyone can attend to deliver their curriculum synthesis to see what position they want to apply for.

Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver: SEUR

It is one of the most essential transport companies in Spain. Contains approximately 1,400 stores and at least of 4,700 vehicles to deliver orders. The means of transport used by this company are on an ecological basis.

This company has been in the world 75 years, they work in three main business axes that are, international, electronic commerce and business B2B. Meets the needs of at least 1,200,000 clients.

If the citizen wants to aspire to work as a delivery person in SEUR, they must first follow the following steps:

  1. First, the citizen to aspire for this position, must access his Web page.
  2. Then it will go to the bottom of the page and look for the title of “work with us”.
  3. Then 3 boxes will appear and he gives the one that says dealer.
  4. It will appear if you want to consult the offers. There the province will appear, the type of contract to choose and it will show you if it is vacant in that particular place.
  5. When you have already selected the vacant you want will appear for you to put your email and password. In case you are not registered, below you can find create an account.
  6. When you have created an account, you will see information that you will have to fill in, such as: your email, choose a password, first name, last name, country or region where you live, and you are done with your account.
  7. You can now access the portal and you can access the vacancy

Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver: Amazon

Amazon is an American company where people make their purchase through its web portal. This important company has evolved every year becoming one of the best e-commerce companies in the world.

It is found anywhere in the world, including in Spain. In that country they have implemented the Amazon Fulfillment where they have approximately 250,000 person who have the opportunity to work in this incredible company.

In the company they are evolving with respect to technology, innovation to satisfy customers and above all so that each one lives a different experience.

Amazon implemented something new that is named Amazon Flex, consists of distributing packages of said company in your area, making it your own boss.

People who wish to opt for this job must first register on the web portal of Amazon Flex. After registering, you will need to download the application to apply for the job.

The application will be your ally to carry out your deliveries, it only has to notify when it will start and when it is active.

Requirements to Work as a Delivery Driver: DHL

DHL is a German company that handles packaging globally. Today this company contains approximately 380,000 workers who work in 220 countries. Every day they seek to spread and expand more.

If the citizen wants to aspire to work at DHL Spain, he must first enter his web portal. Then you will put the country where you are, in this case Spain.

Then the vacancies will appear, and when you have reviewed you must click on the one of your choice. Then a red button will appear to apply and you must click there.

To finalize the applicant must upload his curriculum vitae.

Other business options

The person can also aspire to work in companies such as:

  • Telepizza.
  • Glovo.
  • Domino’s.
  • Nacex.

Salary of a Delivery Driver

It is important to explain that working as a delivery person in the company MRW can earn approximately 1200 euros per month. There are workers who work between 10 and 12 hours a day, which can earn 3500 euros gross.

In the company of SEUR can earn approximately 1,225 euros per month. Work as a freelance deliveryman for the company Amazon, they can win at least 56 euros for 4 hours a dayIn the case, if you work approximately 6 days a week, per month you would earn an approximate of 1,344 euros gross.

The workers of DHL they can earn approximately between 1,200 to 1,324 euros per month. It is also found that the salary that people earn as a delivery person in the company Telepizza is in approximately 900 euros monthly.

In the company Glovo the dealers can win approximately 1,453 euros per month.

What is it?

A delivery person is a person who is in charge of going to deliver the orders or packages of the people who previously requested.

The people who carry out this work must travel by any means of transport that the company requests, so that it can make its deliveries.

If you want to work in this, the citizen must comply with the Requirements to Work as a Delivery Person.

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