Requirements to Work at Carrefour: Steps, Offers and MORE

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If you are thinking of starting to look for work and do not know where to do it, you are in the right place here in the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, You can find out about the different job offers offered by this magnificent chain of supermarkets.

Carrefour is a French chain who is constantly posting job offers. It is easy to access to work in this famous chain because it is not only supermarkets, but also looking for specialists for areas such as textiles, fuel, financial services, bazaar, electronics, among others.

So what are you waiting for, keep reading what is presented below and check if you meet the conditions to make the corresponding application.

What are the Requirements to Work at Carrefour?

If you are still thinking about it, check the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, shown below:

  • Regarding the level of studies, there is no requirement minimum, but it is recommended to be a school graduate or have the Initial Professional Qualification Program. The company is in high demand for jobs, so if you are better prepared, you will surely find more opportunities to be employed.
  • Talk perfectly the spanish language.
  • No experience required previous.
  • There are no problems with job availability since the stores have different hours and it is to choose the one that is most favorable for you.
  • Has to take a test that is used to be assigned the job more suitable.
  • The chain is looking for energetic people to work at a fast pace.
  • It takes into account practical, determined, autonomous, kind, patient and tolerant people with clients.
  • Regarding age, there is no established minimum and maximum, there is diversity in the payroll of workers. Only in fashion stores if they make the request for a youthful image and good physical appearance.

This chain of companies generally does not specify the positions available, nor does it allow applicants to choose the positions in which they are interested. But through the procedure through the page, they must indicate the category and the preference of the area and the position.

Steps to Follow to Work at Carrefour

According to the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, If you are convinced or convinced that you want to look for work in this famous French chain, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Carrefour has a wide variety of supermarkets, shops and therefore they have a large job bank. The workforce is approximately 84,000 workers and they continue to hire.

Here you can see the Steps to follow to work at Carrefour:

  • In principle what you should do is prepare the curriculum synthesis and send it to the chain.
  • Enter the website official Carrefour official page.
  • You can decide between the options of working in hypermarkets or in supermarkets.
  • Then proceed to press the “Sign up” button.
  • Later on the “Work with us” page, fill out the form with identification and location data, among others.
  • Once the form has been filled out, start filling in another form that is the one corresponding to the curriculum synthesis. It is a format that is supplied by the standard model company. You must complete the field corresponding to personal data, then fill in the training fields and then fill in the work experience fields.
  • Indicate the job position in which you are interested. In this section you can add additional information that you have not included in the curriculum synthesis.
  • Then go on to carry out the test that the company does. The test is a series of short questions, such as: “I try to do much more than expected”, it must be answered according to a scale of one to five, where one means totally disagree and five means totally agree .

Job offers

Continuing with the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, You can review and access all Carrefour job offers. One way is through the news in the different media of the written press.

Another way to access are the different job portals, and of course the Carrefour web portal, where in addition to being able to send the curriculum vitae, you can review the available job offers.

In turn, a large number of Carrefour establishments and stores are constantly open in Spain, attracting an extraordinary number of customers. This famous French chain is constantly searching for workers to fill job offers and provide customer satisfaction.

There are job offers in the area of ​​food, charcuterie, greengrocer, fishmonger, butcher, bazaar, sale of appliances, textile replacement, line of boxes.

Also, financial services, fuel, maintenance, finance and insurance agents, travel agents.

Definitely Carrefour has a wide job offer and depending on where you want to work, and what are the skills, level of knowledge and more.

What is it like to work at Carrefour?

Following with the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, It is important to add that at the time of entering, you should promote everything that makes you look different and that indicates to those in charge of selecting the personnel that you are a suitable candidate for a position in the company.

In addition, fill out the forms properly, depending on where you intend to work and when you attend the interview, try to give a personal image appropriate to the occasion. Answer without hesitation, express your ideas clearly and demonstrate confidence and of course, the desire to work at Carrefour.

In Carrefour each of the establishments, be it the Hiper, the Market, the Express and Supeco, have their own characteristics of operation and the established hours.

This company offers the benefit of training Inside the company. Carrefour provides plans for the training of workers, through courses and inductions.

Likewise, they provide the worker with a code of ethics and conduct, allowing the new employee to know the values ​​that govern the company. Carrefour is a fairly large and professional company that provides many opportunities for promotion.

They have a medium work rate, does not become intense. In addition, there is a good work environment, of camaraderie and solidarity.


Reviewing the Requirements to Work at Carrefour, It can be said that one of the things that is most talked about and that is undoubtedly important to know is regarding the salary paid at Carrefour. An employee of this prestigious company earns the following monthly on average:

  1. In the positions of Cashier (a), replenisher (a) oscillates approximately in 800 euros per month.
  2. The warehouse manager can earn 1,000 euros per month.
  3. In the case of store managers, they earn a salary of 1,000 euros per month, but can reach the 1,150 and 1,200 euros.
  4. The stalls of products such as fish, meat, bread, pay the managers a salary of 950 euros every month.
  5. In case of being in jobs whose category is lower, then the salary will be 7.50 euros per working hour. Generally, those who earn the least are sales promoters and have an average salary of 765 euros per month.
  6. As the months go by, as you climb positions and positions of responsibility, therefore, the salary will increase.

What is it?

Carrefour is a multinational chain whose origin is in France and is dedicated to distributing products such as food, perfumery, drugstore, sports, textiles and electronics among others.

The number of workers reaches thousands in the almost 11,000 establishments around the world, providing customers with the highest quality services. Its workers are the first brand ambassadors.

Working at Carrefour has many attractions but knowing that it is a company that advocates maintaining a united team, Through companionship and conciliation, he makes many want to be part of his payroll.

Carrefour has a large number of supermarkets in Spain that are responsible for the distribution of various products throughout the country.

Carrefour is essentially based on Carrefour Market, which refers to franchises located in urban areas, and Carrefour express, which are located in neighborhoods.

This leading company in the sector has a successful image, with the possibility of achieving job stability and starting a professional career. Their important foundation is professional training.

The company has agreements signed with leading business schools for managers, also agreements with universities and also develops trade schools for its teams. For Carrefour, ethics is fundamental and its commitment is to equality and diversity.

You already met in the Requirements to Work at Carrefour everything related to the job application in the Carrefour company, it is up to you to prepare an excellent curriculum synthesis, pass the test and leave the interview with flying colors. Luck.

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