Requirements to Work at Leroy Merlin: Steps, Offers and MORE

Do you need to get a job? This article will explain the Requirements to Work at Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin is a French company dedicated to home decoration and fittings. They also sell items for people who want to start in the world of DIY, gardening, decoration and much more.

Leroy Merlin is the first company that has evolved and perfected in the concept of large area. Applying in the accommodation and creation at home in the Spanish territory.

He specializes in conditioning and decorating homes, improving the living conditions of his clients and advising them to make their homes more comfortable, comfortable and safe. It carries out constructions, maintenance and becomes a collaborator of its clients.

What are the Requirements to Work at Leroy Merlin?

People who wish to work in this company must comply with a series of Requirements to Work at Leroy Merlin which are the following:

  • It is important to note that the company does not determine what the age range is. Applicants must have as minimum 20 years of age.
  • The applicant must possess a medium to superior level of study. For example: it is important to have a minimum of 5 years of experience to apply with the gardeners.
  • And to qualify for other positions, you must contain at least experience.
  • Possess a great vocation in business and a great sense of belonging to the company.
  • Be clear that the most important thing for the organization is the customer and offer them the best solution to their needs.
  • Have extensive knowledge to perform various tasks that allow coordinating, selling and preparing marketing strategies.
  • Leroy Merlin requires trained, prepared personnel who know the various articles in order to be able to fully advise his clients.
  • Very important at least to speak the English language.

Steps to Work at Leroy Merlin

The first thing to do to apply to work at Leroy Merlin is to submit your Curriculum vitae and it has the facility to do it in two different ways:


You must first enter the following link, then you must give the option «Leave your cv». And a form will appear that is named «Sign up for our job portal» where you must complete this form.

It is important that the applicant before sending his curriculum synthesis must accept the policies and mark the box of «I’m not a robot.»


Another alternative for people who do not have internet, they can deliver their curriculum in person in the stores you want to work with.

It is very important to note that if the applicant is selected, he will be summoned to participate in a group dynamics and a personal interview. On the other hand, if a vacancy needs to be filled quickly and urgently, the candidate will only be interviewed by the area manager.

Group dynamics

All selected candidates are summoned and problems related to the area for which they are being postulated are raised. Also, after a discussion, they must come up with a solution.

In this dynamic, the participants will be supervised by the staff of human Resources, to analyze which is the best candidate for the position requested.

Individual Interview

If he is selected after having complied with the group dynamics, he will be summoned to a interview with the head of the area where you will verify your experience and discuss the work schedules and previous positions that you have made, apart from the knowledge of the products that you will handle in your area.

It is recommended that they have knowledge of the products that handle the area in which they will occupy the position.

Job offers

In this recognized company of French origin, there are a wide variety of jobs that are mentioned below:


For the organization it is a fundamental position since it provides clients with effective advice and they are responsible for organizing and executing sales campaigns.

Project advisor

To occupy this position, you must know what the fashion trends are and thus be able to advise your clients on the project to be carried out.

Sector boss

He is in charge of the sales group and defines strategies, in addition to their compliance.

Head of section

Control your team so that they maintain the offers of their products and the availability of stock.

Management controller

He is connected with the heads of the sector to make the most convenient decisions for the company and they are in charge of the elaboration of the investment steps to maximize excellent results for the good of the company.


Have a good presence and cordiality in dealing with the public, additionally they must handle the information on the financing plans of the merchandise responsibly.

Store management and services team

It is made up of the cashiers, the cashier and a person assigned to customer service.

Logistics Personnel

It ensures that all merchandise enters the warehouse correctly and is stored at the point of sale.

The head of the store

Its main function is to coordinate and channel projects. In addition, their responsibility lies in developing business plans to satisfy the customer.


The average depends on the job position the person has. It also varies between 977 to 2764 euros per month and per hour varies between 5.65 and 8 euros per hour. Some of the positions with their respective salaries will be shown below:

  1. Seller approximately 1,087 euros per month.
  2. Cashier at least 1056 a month.
  3. Project advisor approximately 977 euros.
  4. Logistics at least 1,095 euros per month.

Benefits of Working at Leroy Merlin

The benefits offered by the Leroy Merlin company are the following:

  1. The 80% of workers have an indefinite contract and a 60% of the positions of responsibility are promoted, by a deserved internal promotion according to their work within the organization.
  2. They enjoy excellent commercial advantages within the country within the platform Inspiring Benefits, through fabulous offers that provide great job well-being.
  3. In addition, they enjoy a wonderful life insurance, accident insurance.
  4. They enjoy employee discounts on the products offered in the store, and diet and travel policies.
  5. The person who works in this prestigious company will be able to enjoy training opportunities.
  6. In Leroy Merlin contains a Scholarship Program They have to offer a first job at the end of their studies, where they will teach you how to work in teams and know the profile of the company.
  7. This company contains a Young graduates program, It is a professional training procedure, where it requests a person who are graduates to the labor market.

What is it?

Leroy Merlin specializes in conditioning, decorating homes and is very committed to quality, people and respect for the environment. Its objective is to provide products and provide solutions that contribute to a better quality of life for its customers to make their homes more comfortable, comfortable and safe.

In Spain it already has more than 30 years of experience Focused on products for construction and gardening, it has received various awards since its foundation and offers very good working conditions.

Working hours

The schedule will depend on the type of contract, either full-time or part-time and in both cases they will have to work on weekends and on different occasions they will work overtime.

For those who work full time will be established alternate schedules in the morning and afternoonThe time it starts will always depend in part on the position of the employee.


The values ​​that represent Leroy Merlin direct the behavior of the workers, comply with the stipulated rules, expressing who we are and how we work, which reflects the best way to act. Which leads us to be faithful to the values ​​endorsed by the company project.

Its human resources are based on 4 axles that represent the corporate culture and philosophy of the company:

Share the love

Its main pillars: work group, professionalism and results focused on its main function, which is to satisfy the client. Resulting in important values ​​approved by the company such as: responsibility, proximity, security, honesty, simplicity and respect.

Share the knowledge

A conscientious worker and adequately manages his objectives and those of the company. You will provide improvements in your personal and professional growth and will provide resources in the growth of the company.

Share the Power

It is expressed through participation for a better daily decision making, forming teams to search for solutions, generating trust and initiatives based on the best for the company.

Share the credit

The groups are directed to obtain the results, they share between them benefits that they have generated. They are managed by applying practices through participatory policies.

To conclude, people who are interested can contact the free phone 900813344, from Monday to Friday between 9 and 21 or through their social networks (Facebook and Twitter) or your Web page. In addition, to aspire to this job, you must comply with a series of Requirements to Work at Leroy Merlin.

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