Residence Form without Work Authorization: Format, What it is and MORE

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Look no further and consult here the information you need to know related to the subject of Residence Form without Work Authorization.

In this article, learn how to fill out the form, how useful it is and what are the exceptions established in the current rule.

Read on and learn about this topic that concerns any foreign citizen who needs to stay in Spain temporarily.

Format of the Residence Form without the Work Authorization

The format of the Residency Form without the Authorization of Work or Request for authorization to stay or temporary residence with the exception of the work authorization EX-09.

This format consists of five sections.

Section 1 Worker Data

In this section you must place the Passport, NIE, Surname, Names, Date and place of birth, nationality. Data of the father, mother, address in Spain, Town, Mobile phone, email address. Also, indicate the legal representative.

Section 2 Data of the Entity that invites, hires or displaces

In this section the following should be indicated:

  • The Name or Company name, DNI / NIE / PAS.
  • Also, indicate the activity, occupation.
  • You must specify the address, the number and the floor.
  • In addition, indicate the location, Province.
  • Likewise, the cell phone and email address.
  • Also, indicate the legal representative.

Section 3 Representative details for the purposes of submitting the application

In this section they should indicate the Name or Social reason, DNI / NIE / PAS, the address in Spain, Town, Province. In addition, you must indicate the mobile number and email address and the Legal Representative if it is the case.

Section 4 Address for notification purposes

In this section they must indicate the Name or Company Name, DNI / NIE / PAS, the address in Spain, Town, Province. In addition, you must indicate the mobile number and email address.

Section 5 Type of Authorization Requested

Initial residence with Exception

  • General assumption of resident outside of Spain for activities excepted greater than 90 days (art. 117)
  • For minors of working age protected by a protection entity (art. 117.j)
  • Holder of authorization of stay for studies, research or practices that ceases in such condition (art. 199)
  • In addition, indicate the holder of previous residence / residence and work authorization who ceases in such condition (arts. 200-203)
  • Others (specify).


In this section, you must indicate the holder of the residence authorization in Spain for activity less than residence (article 117). Select whether it is a minor of working age protected by a protection entity (article 117.j). Also, indicate any additional information.

1st Extension of Residence and 2nd Extension of Residence

In both cases, you must indicate the holder of the temporary residence authorization with the exception of the Initial / Extended work authorization (article 118). Specify additional information.

Extension of stay

In this case, indicate the holder of the initial stay authorization with the exception of the work authorization for less than 90 days (article 118). Likewise, specify any other additional information.

Filling out the Residency Form without the Work Authorization

To fill the Residence Form without Work Authorization, they must comply with a series of indications that must be followed to the letter, to do it properly.

Here are the indications for the correct filling of the form:

  • The form must be completed in capital letter and printed typeface.
  • Also, remember to use only black pen for filling.
  • Additionally, you must present the original form and copy correspondent.
  • Indicate the option that corresponds Man / Woman.
  • Also, do not forget to fill in the two digits that correspond to the day, the month and four digits for the year in this way dd / mm / yyyy.
  • Also, select the option that marital status Single / Married / Widowed / Divorced / Separated.
  • In addition, you must indicate the main activityWhat it does if it is in the area of ​​hospitality, health, commerce, construction, agriculture, among others.
  • Likewise, the corresponding representation, administrator, legal representative, among others, must be indicated.
  • You must agree to the consent to receive electronic notifications.
  • Also, remember that electronic notification is made to the people who have indicated the data in the box “address for notification purposes”, in the absence of this to the applicant.
  • Also, you must fill in the mobile phone number and email address fields in order to receive notifications.

You must select the excepted activities according to what is indicated in article 117, they are the following:

  • Professor, researcher, technician or scientist in Universities.
  • Also, technicians, researchers or scientists in the Public Administration, universities or other research organizations.
  • Likewise, the directive staff or the faculty of officially recognized institutions in the country.
  • In addition, civil or military officials of foreign state administrations.
  • The special correspondent for foreign media.
  • Members of international scientific missions.
  • Likewise, artists with performances for up to five continuous days.
  • Those artists with performances equal to 20 days in a period of less than six months.
  • In addition, religious or members of religious communities and confessions.
  • Additionally, members of trade unions and important internationally recognized business organizations.

On April 26, according to the General Data Protection Regulation, the data that provide data in the form, become part of the organs of the General Administration of the State with powers in immigration.

Therefore, anyone can have access to access the data or withdraw consent.

Usefulness of the Residence Form without the Work Authorization

The Residence Form without Work Authorization, applies to certain and certain cases. It is a format that provides the ease of applying for residence without having the authorization to work in Spain.

If he is a resident in Spain, the foreigner must make the request for recognition of the exception and substantiate that he has all the conditions before the Immigration Office that corresponds to the Province where the activity begins. You must provide an original and a copy of the required documentation.

The exception to the obligation to obtain work authorization to exercise one of the lucrative, professional or work activities are those indicated below:

  • The technicians, scientists and researchers hired by the General State Administration, by universities, autonomous communities and local entities.
  • Also they professors, technicians, researchers and scientists hired or invited by a Spanish university.
  • The managerial staff or teachers of cultural institutions or teachers dependent on other States, or private ones, recognized by Spain, who develop cultural and educational programs in their respective countries, as long as they only carry out such programs.

  • Also included here are those civil or military officials of the foreign State Administration that enter Spain to develop activities under cooperation agreements.
  • Likewise, professionals foreign media correspondents.
  • The members of international scientific missions who carry out research-type work in Spain duly authorized by the Administration.
  • In the same way the artists who come to Spain to make presentations that do not mean a continuous stay.
  • Also they members of the hierarchy of different churches, religious communities, religious of religious orders.
  • Foreigners who are part of representative bodies, administration of unions, government and business organizations.
  • Finally, the foreign minors of working age.

Who needs it?

The Residence without work authorization It is required by those foreigners who are included in the different types of exception already mentioned.

To make the query regarding the exceptions do it here.

Who Issues It?

If you are not a resident of Spain and your stay is more than 90 days, you must go to request the residence visa before the Spanish Consular Office of the place of residence. You must accompany the application with the corresponding documentation according to the cases of exception to the work authorization.

If you are not a resident of Spain and your stay is not longer than 90 days, you must make the application and the visa before the Diplomatic Mission or the Spanish Consular Office.

In the event that you reside in Spain, you must then request recognition of the exception before the Immigration Office of the province where the activity is carried out.

What is the Residence Form without the Work Authorization?

The Residence Form without the Work Authorization, Model EX09, is a form that must be filled out to apply for temporary immigration residence in Spain.

The data of the applicant, the company that makes the contract and the representative of the application must be indicated. Also, you must choose the type of request.

Any foreign citizen who wants to reside in Spain must be previously authorized. Then you can obtain the visa that allows you to enter the country.

Temporary residence in Spain is one that is authorized to stay in the country for a time greater than 90 days and less than five years. Authorizations for less than five years can be renewed periodically.

If you have reached the end of the reading, excellent since now you know well what must be done in this particular case of residence application without work authorization.

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