Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances: Format, What it is and MORE

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Citizens who are in complicated situations such as: their family is in danger, can apply to reside and work in Spanish territory. To apply, you will first need to obtain the Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances or as you can also find it EX-10 in the immigration portal.

If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances, you can fill out the document. In that case, we recommend that you continue reading the article so that you can take notes.

Residency Form Format for Exceptional Circumstances

This type of form is one of the most common forms that are asked of foreigners who aspire to live in Spain.

You can also get the form with the name of EX-10. Therefore, to access the document, the citizen must enter the Immigration web portal.

When you are on the page, you will see the general formats or models and there are all the forms. Will look for the one that says Ex 10 «Application for residence or residence and work authorization due to exceptional circumstances» and you will click and you will have the document directly in PDF file.

Filling out the Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances

It is important that before filling the Residency Form For Exceptional Circumstances, they should take into account that they must complete it with black pen, in capital letters, in block letters or in typewriter. You also have to present the original and copy.

The reason why it should only be a black pen is because the information is better understood and it is not difficult for the authorities.

Under no circumstances can the form ber erasures or amendments. If it contains errors, the document will be returned to you.

When you have the Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances, you will notice that the document is divided into 4 parts and they are the following:

Foreigner’s Data

In the first part of the form, the citizen must complete everything related to their personal information and it is the following:

  • The first thing you will have to put is the number of your passport or if you have the NIE.
  • Your last name and the applicant’s name.
  • Sex
  • Highlight your date of birth. There you must use 2 digits for the day, 2 for the month, and 4 for the year. Fulfilling the same order.
  • Place and country of birth.
  • Your nationality.
  • You will have to mark your marital status
  • Add the name of your parents.
  • Address in Spain, placing the number and the floor where it is located.
  • Add your town, postal code and province.
  • Your mobile phone, email.
  • In this case you have a legal representative, you must place it, with your DNI / NIE / PAS. Finally, you will have to place the title that the representation holds, such as: father / mother of the minor citizen, sole administrator, etc.

Representative Information

When you have completed the first part of the Residency Form for Circumstances Exceptions, then you must fill out the second part of the document that refers to the representative’s data.

It is worth emphasizing that this second part should only be filled out by a third person who will deliver the form. In this case, the information to complete is the following:

  • First you will have to enter the name of the representative or, if applicable, the business name.
  • Your number of any of these identification documents (DNI / NIE / PAS).
  • Enter all information about your address in Spain such as your number and the apartment where you live.
  • Add the town, the postal code and province.
  • Mobile phone, email.
  • In that case you have a legal representative , you must place it, with its DNI / NIE / PAS. Finally, you will have to place the title that the representation holds, such as: father / mother of the minor citizen, sole administrator, etc.

Address regarding notifications

This is part 3 of Residency Form for Circumstances Exceptions and it is related to the address which you want him to get all kinds of information about your process. To fill out this section you must do the following:

  • First you must put your name or in that case, the business name.
  • Next, put the number of any of the identification documents that you have as: DNI, NIE, PAS.
  • Everything related to your address in Spain, with the number and the floor where you live.
  • Add the town, postal code and province.
  • Telephone and email.
  • Finally, as optional, pYou can check the box for digital notifications. This means that your procedures will reach you through your email when you need them.

Type of authorization requested

The citizen must indicate what type of authorization he wishes to reside in Spain. In the form you will find 4 types of authorizations, depending on your situation and whatever it is to do.

The first thing you may notice is about the initial residence, which indicates that the citizen may be in the European country.

If this is your case, you must mark the option that corresponds to you. For example, situations such as: work roots, social and family roots, international protection, among many more.

In the second place we have the Residence Extension. This case is for citizens who must notify that their initial residence has expired.

If this is your case, you should opt for one of the following options: if you are the holder of a residence permit by the European Economic Community (CCEE) granted by security or holder of a temporary residence permit for international protection.

In third place we have the special renovation of residence, this case is for minors who are receiving some type of medical treatment.

The fourth and last we have the residence and work. If this is your case, you must mark with an X the one that corresponds to you depending on your case.


Finally you must sign the applicant or if applicable, the legal representative. In the next pages you will notice that there are annexes I and II.

The I are the documents on which the check is authorized and the II refers to the documents for which it is denied.

It is important to emphasize that when in doubt, in the Residency Form for Circumstances Exceptions you will find the compliance instructions.

Usefulness of the Residence Form for Exceptional Circumstances

The Form works to request a residence or work authorization when you are in the following situations:

  • Through the social, work, family roots .
  • Citizens who are in danger and need to be protect internationally.
  • Displaced people .
  • Humanitarian situations. Such as people who have been crime victims.
  • Citizens who have an advanced disease or people who are displaced and need medical treatment.
  • People who want to live in the European country because it is in endanger your family and your safety.
  • Help with administrative authorities.
  • Provide assistance to authorities police, prosecutors or judicial.
  • National security situations.
  • Public interest.
  • It also relapses if your child has been victim of gender violence, being 16 years old or if you have a disability in Spain.
  • Child of a victim of trafficking, under the age of 16 or if you have a disability in the Spanish territory.

Who should process it?

The citizens who must request it are foreigners who are in exceptional circumstances, such as cases that are minors or incapacitated.

Who Issues It?

Following the Spanish rules, the Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances must present it to the Province Immigration Office where the citizen is residing. In the case of minors or people who have a disability, you must submit your request with your legal representative.

Depending on the type of permit that you are going to request, you should take into account that you can consult the place of the presentation, on the website of Immigration from the Ministry of Labor, Migrations or, where appropriate, from Social Security.

What is the Exceptional Circumstances Residency Form?

The Residency Form for Exceptional Circumstances is a document that must be filled out by citizens that contain reasons considered as special.

To conclude, if you want to start over because your integrity and security has been affected, you can do so in Spain. The faster and more organized you do it, the better.

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