Residency Form for Research: How it is, Completed and MORE

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Are you a researcher living outside of Spain and you want to do research in a Spanish organization?

Then you are interested in knowing what the Residency Form for Research. Keep reading us so that you know the steps you must follow, and voila, you will be able to process your residency as a researcher.

What is the Research Residency Form like?

The Residency for Research form It is a document that you have available, as long as do not be a citizen of the European Union.

Before knowing the form, we recommend that you be clear about various aspects.

Mainly, take care of legal aspects such as not having any problems with your stay in Spain.

It is essential that you identify a research body that is authorized to sign agreements and appears on the list made by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Investigate it!

It is very important that you know if the investigation body that you can choose is registered in the Social Security system and is clear about its obligations.

Ensure the signing of a host agreement and prove your professional qualification .

Verify that your research project meets the acceptance parameters before any duly formalized research body.

Filling out the Residency Form for Research

Before filling out the form, we advise you to put your documentation in order and to have their respective legalized duplicates. In this way you will be able to present the originals at the time of making the request.

Have the application printed in official EX model–04 and its duplicate, duly registered and signed by the research body to which you apply or with which you signed an agreement.

Have your documents, original and copy:

  • Complete passport or travel document as a foreign researcher, recognized as valid in Spain.
  • documents that prove your professional qualification for the legal exercise of your profession.

You must also have a file of the investigation body at hand, making sure that the documents are translated into Spanish (or in the official language of the territory where the application is submitted) and duly legalized by the Consular Office of Spain:

  • Copy of the NIF of the Agency and the corresponding Registry.
  • accreditation of the signatory in legal representation of the organization.
  • Copy of the NIF or NIE or consent to verify data in the Identity and Residence Data Verification System of the signatory of the application.
  • host agreement signed by the foreign researcher and the research body.

Usefulness of the Residency Form for Research

If you are a researcher who does not live in Spain and you want to have a happy and quiet stay during the research you carry out, with a host agreement, the residency form for research guarantees it.

For you to achieve it, you need to have an initial temporary residence and work authorization for research that enables you, as a foreigner living outside of Spain, to obtain your research visa.

You will be exempt from this procedure if you have already started the investigation in another Member State of the European Union, for a period of up to three months.

This form will also allow you to request a temporary residence authorization for your family members. Take this into account when contacting the research body, so that you specify it in the host agreement.

Who should process it?

You have to formalize your residence application for direct research and personally as a foreigner seeking to obtain authorization to stay for studies, research or training in a Spanish organization; or in a member country of the European Union.

If you are interested in processing this visa for your family group, you must ensure that each one carries out their corresponding procedures.

Who Issues It?

You need to know the bodies responsible for issuing the Residency Form for Research.

In Spain You must always be in contact with the information provided in the Immigration Portal , under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Secretary of State for Migration.

Keep in mind that the procedure for a temporary residence and work visa for research takes place in two phases.

The first phase occurs in Spain, and you must carry it out directly before the competent body for processing in the province where the research project is going to start.

The duration of your initial authorization for temporary residence and work for research will be greater than three (3) months, with a maximum of five (5) years.

This term will coincide with the time of the research project, so you should know that it will be limited to the exercise of the research activity for which it was granted.

Second stage

The second phase will be carried out in the corresponding Consular Section.

Consider that you must submit the application within one month (1) from the date of the notification of authorization of temporary residence and work for research at the competent Government Delegation / Subdelegation.

When you carry out the procedure, you must know the legitimate subject to submit the request (who acts as the legal representative of the investigation body personally).

Later, identify the place of presentation: the Immigration Office of the province where the research project is to be carried out.

Once you handle information about the visa issuing bodies, according to their phases and provinces, you should know the residence and work rates.

You must pay the corresponding amount at the time of admission of the application process and within a period of ten (10) business days, as indicated in each model. Be guided by the following:

  • Of the 790 model, its two codes: 052, section 2.1 for the initial authorization of temporary residence; and 062 for authorizations equal to or greater than six (6) months.
  • Remuneration: less than 2 times the SMI, section 1.2, to be paid by the employer; equal to or greater than 2 times the SMI, heading 1.7 employed for research.

After you verify and cancel the residence and work rates, you will be able to download the subscription form on the Internet portal of the Secretary of State for Public Function.

What is the Research Residency Form?

With the Residency Form for Research you manage to obtain a residence and work authorization that enables you as a foreigner residing outside of Spain, to carry out a research project.

This will be a fact as long as

your research is supported by a host agreement

signed with a formally recognized research body.

In this way you will be entitled to stay in Spain for a period of more than ninety (90) days for the main purpose of carrying out an investigation.

Always remember that the duration of your stay will be the same as the one programmed by the activity that gave rise to your authorization to stay in Spain.

Eye! you have a maximum time limit of one (1) year


Do not worry, you can extend your time of stay to two (2) years, as long as you are attending to the procedures, procedures and stipulated deadlines.

Always stay in rule

You must be vigilant in complying with specific requirements, which must be assessed by the Immigration Office.

In your case, that you are going to carry out research or training activities: you must have been admitted to an officially recognized center in Spain to carry out these activities.

The research activities that you develop must be carried out in a research center of a University, a center of the Higher Council for Scientific Research or other public or private R&D institution.

Make sure that the research center where you are has taken out civil liability insurance for their activities.

You can defer your stay authorization annually as long as you demonstrate that you continue to meet the necessary requirements to continue developing the activity for which you were qualified to stay in Spain.

Similarly, you must permanently pass the tests or requirements that indicate that the research you do follows an incremental path of progress.

You need to remember that you can extend your mobility to another Member State of the European Union, within the framework of temporary programs promoted by the Union itself.

We suggest that you pay attention to the deadlines you have for this request for extensions: you must request it during the sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of the validity of your authorization.

Last steps

Then, you must go to the Immigration Office of the province where the research center where you carry out your activity is located, to consign the following documentation (original and copy):

  • EX-00 application in duplicate, filled out and signed by you.
  • Valid passport or travel title.
  • Support documentation on your economic capacity during the period you requested and then so that you can return to your country.
  • Health insurance.
  • File that shows that you meet the requirements to stay in Spain.
  • Support for you to demonstrate your ability to continue the investigation.

After receiving the notification, and within a month, you must personally request the Foreigners Identity Card at the Immigration Office or Police Station of the province where you have established your address.

Once you get all the benefits of having processed the Residency Form for ResearchKeep in mind that your family members will not be able to obtain authorization to carry out lucrative activities.

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