Residency Form with Blue Card: How it is, Completed and MORE

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If you are interested in processing a residence and work permit in Spain, you are in the right place. Here we will tell you how to manage the Residence Form with Blue Card, complying with the requirements for this purpose. We invite you to continue reading what we have for you.

You will know how the Form is, the documentation that must be attached together, how it must be completed. As well as, what it is for, who should manage it, what is the body that issues it, the advantages offered by the Form and much more information.

What is the Blue Card Residency Form like?

The Residence Form with Blue CardIt is a very easy to understand and complete format. It is only necessary to have the pertinent information at hand. This consists of several parts and they are mentioned below:

  • The worker data.
  • The employer or employer information.
  • Representative details, for purposes of consignment of the petition.
  • Address information, which is used for the necessary communications.
  • The authorization type that is requested.
  • Another of its parts is: Annex I, where the documentation about which its verification or verification is admitted is described.
  • Annex II, Register the documentation for which the admission for consultation is denied.

Documents Accompanying the Blue Card Residency Form for the Application

  1. The copy of the passport or travel certification valid.
  2. Copy of required professional instruction.
  3. The documents that identify the company.
  4. The duly signed employment contract.
  5. The documentation that certifies does not take into consideration the national employment condition.
  6. Documents that certify that the company guarantees the solvency required for the contract. In the event that it is for the mobilization of employees holding a Blue-EU Card. Issued by another EU member state, they must record the following:
    1. The document that certifies the ownership of the Blue-EU Card.
    2. Certification of criminal records, issued by the agency of the country of origin or residence during the previous five (5) years.
    3. A medical certification.

Filling out the Residency Form with a Blue Card

To fill the Residence Form with Blue Card, some instructions must be followed. The first of these is to write in capital letters and a pen with black ink, in print or typewriter. This must be presented in original and copy. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Check the respective box: Man or woman.
  • Complete using two (2) numbers for the day, two (2) for the month, and four (4) for the year. The order is this (dd / mm / yyyy).
  • Select the required field: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated.
  • Indicate the name based on the representation: Father / Mother of the minor, Sole Administrator, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Indicate the main function, that is to say: Health, hospitality, agriculture, domestic service, construction, commerce.
  • Point out the profession or work of the employee: Clerk, computer scientist, domestic worker, doctor, farm laborer, cook, bricklayer.
  • Complete only in the case of being a person other than the applicant.

Decree 557/2011 of April 20

  • According to DA 4th of RD 557/2011, have an obligation in electronic communication, even if they have not given their admission, legal persons and communities of natural persons. Which due to their technical or economic competence, professional delivery and other certified reasons have a guarantee, income and availability of specific technological resources:
    • In the case of not being incorporated in any named group, it will be communicated by this means, only if the field of admission is chosen.
    • In any of the cases, the communication will deal with the availability of the documentation in the electronic office of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.
    • The communication will be made to the person where the information has been indicated in the field “address for notification purposes. In such case to the applicant.
    • To enter the documentation data, it is required to have the electronic certification affiliated with the DNI / NIE. This appears in the “address for notification purposes” box.
    • It is appropriate that the spaces “mobile phone” or “e-mail” are completed. In order to have the opportunity to send an indication (of an informative nature), when there is a pending communication.
  • Select the corresponding alternative.
  • The appliers are not required to provide documentation that has been carried out by any Administration. Likewise, that it has been consigned before in an administrative process. For this purpose, the respective documentation must be listed in Annex I. It will be assumed that this verification is allowed, unless it justifies its clear contradiction, and Annex II must be completed.

Other Considerations on the Blue Card Residency Form

The own data about procedures to be executed and documents that must be attached to this Request Form. For each of the processes considered in it. As well as the data about the fees generated by this management (Information Sheets).

According to Article 5.1 LO 15/1999, the information provided by the applicants is notified. Which are required to solve the request are stored in a file. Where its recipients will be the entities of the General Administration of the State in charge of foreigners.

Those responsible for this to the General Directorate of Migration, the General Directorate of the Police and the Delegations or Sub-delegations of the Government. Applicants can exercise their right of entry, verification, cancellation and contradiction in front of the aforementioned institutions.

In such a way that, the official patterns can be reproduced by any printing channel. These are also available on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. It should be noted that the Residence Form with Blue Card it is totally free and its sale is prohibited.

What is it for?

The Residence Form with Blue Card, is used to request a temporary residence permit. Likewise, for the employment of a foreign worker, who lives outside of Spanish territory. This with the aim of performing job functions that require a higher instructional qualification.

Likewise, except at least five (5) years of professional experience. In addition, it is used to request the temporary residence and work permit of a holder with a Blue-EU Card. Consent in another member state of the European Union.

Who should process the Blue Card Residency Form?

The people who must process the Residence Form with Blue Card, are those foreign employees who do not live in Spain. Which will begin to work in the country in a competent job, and that needs a certain certification.

In other words, these are non-community individuals (from outside the EU). However, they have to obey all the requirements in order to obtain a preliminary residence and work permit. Additionally, you must comply with the requirements to achieve work authorization.

The interested party must verify that they have the qualifications and experiences required to fulfill their functions in the job position they aspire to. To demonstrate this, it is generally done in two (2) different ways:

  1. Through the minimum certification of five (5) years of professional experience. Within the same scope of the functions that he will carry out as a professional in Spanish territory. In other words, it must have worked for a temporary period in that same exercise.
  2. Provide higher education competencies for at least three (3) years. These qualifications must provide the knowledge or qualities required to carry out an activity with a high degree of instruction. As well as being able to intervene in an investigative plan.

It is essential that the interested party is not in an irregular condition in the country. Therefore, you have to stay in your country of origin for as long as your employer begins management. The interested, may be the holder of a previous work permit or be hired from the country of origin. The two (2) alternatives are legal here.

Who Issues It?

The organism that emits the Residence Form with Blue Card It is the Immigration Office, belonging to the province where the procedure is carried out.

What is the Blue Card Residency Form?

The Residence Form with Blue Card, it is a temporary permit for both residence and work. Which authorizes living and working in any member country of the European Union, and provides great benefits in favor of it.

It’s a perfect authorization for computer scientists, doctors and researchers, who want or need to mobilize throughout Europe. This process is similar to the authorization as a highly qualified employee. Therefore, the interested party must be considered as a qualified worker.

The basic difference between these authorizations is that the Blue Card is determined to the national working condition. In other words, the job position must be on a shortage list, or not have the ideal number of Spanish applicants.

On the other hand, another fundamental distinction relates to the management of the card. The blue card, it will be the employer who begins the management, even if the employee still lives in their country of origin.

Advantages of Processing the Residence Form with a Blue Card

Although the process can be a bit complicated, this authorization offers some advantages, which are mentioned below:

  • This work permit it is supported throughout the European territory. What is an excellent alternative for all those individuals, who do not wish to limit themselves to residing in Spain for a long period of time. In the same way in some country belonging to Europe.
  • When the Blue Card is achieved, the holder has a card available as a resident. Which It is valid for one (1) to four (4) years, according to the country where you are going to work.
  • Finally, the Blue Card provides freedom of transit between countries of the European Union. After the interested party have lived eighteen (18) months with this Card, in any of the states belonging to the EU. This can be mobilized without extra steps throughout Europe.

Manage the Residence Form with Blue Card, It is a great benefit for all those citizens who want to live and work in Spain or in any member country of the European Union.

It is important to note that this procedure can be carried out even if the applicant or interested party is in their country of origin. You already have the necessary information to follow the steps mentioned above. Therefore, if you comply with everything required, do not think about it anymore and start your process now.

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