Return Authorization Form EX13: Format, What it is and MORE

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The Return Authorization Form Ex13, this document allows the foreigner whose residence or stay authorization is in the renewal or extension period.

In this article, we will inform the appropriate steps in each of the sections within the ex13 form, how to fill out and the attached documents.

Return Authorization Form EX13 Format

It is important to know the Form EX 13, to mainly comply with a series of guidelines that must be followed.

In this sense, one of the main things you should know is that this type of request must be completed in general fitness.

This means that the people who must request or print the form to be able to fill it with what you request inside.

You can better view this document by viewing this link from free way and verify all data to be supplied.

Completion of the Return Authorization Form EX13

This form must be completed in black pen as no other color will be accepted. It is very important to highlight this, because it usually happens in many users when delivering and carrying out this process.

Likewise, the type of application must be mentioned, it must be completed in handwriting typewriter and never in cursive or running font.

Finally, it is necessary to say that you cannot have any type of erasure or erasure, this form will not be received in any case.

The form has a whole series of sections, where it will be explained more in front of how to be filled to avoid errors, and they are:

Foreign Information:

The first thing to find when filling out the EX 13 form is that the foreign person’s data must be entered in this way:

  • In the first cases, the person’s passport must be placed, followed by the NIE number, if you have it current
  • After that, the surname and first name, the same as the gender that appears on the identity document, in the corresponding boxes.
  • When this is over, You must have to place everything referring to the place of birth, as well as the date, the country of birth and nationality.
  • At the end of this step, you have to enter what the current marital status is and then name it of the parents that appears in their official documentation.
  • Finally, you must complete everything related to the legal representative who perhaps takes the moment of presentation to the authorities

Representative Information

The moment this first section of the form EX 13, then the data of the representative abroad will be followed:

  • The first thing you put on data that identifies a person or institution which he holds accountable to the authorities of the nation.
  • After this you will have to put everything related to the location data in which it is located intuition or the particular person.
  • To finish the section, you must place the legal representative information that the applicant is taking over the process.

It is important to note that it is separated It should only be filled out if you are not doing the paperwork the foreigner interested in being able to reside in Spanish territory.

In the same way, this is related to whether the person enters as a protected immigrant, or some control of status within the national territory.

Domicile for the purpose of notifications

Other sections that must be completed for the Form EX13 It is from the address for the purposes of notifications of the procedure:

  • The first thing is that it must be taken into account to fill this section is to place the identification data of the owner of the property, whether physical or legal
  • Then, you must put all the location information of the address, where you live in the current affairs within Spain.
  • At the end of this section, you must enter the locality data, province and postal code of to housing for greater precision.
  • In the same way, the number of telephones and an email must be indicatedThrough it, you can communicate with each user properly.

It is important to mention that, to receive notifications through digital means, you must check the box at the end of the match, before continuing to complete it.

In the event that you do not check this box, it will not send you any online notification

What is the Return Authorization Form EX13 for?

In some situations, a lot of unforeseen events happen on trips, so normally we do not have the documents that are necessary to find residence in Spain.

In all voluntary departures from the national territory, whatever the border may be for a purpose, the authorized posts and with the documents, such as: passport, travel title to validate entry to the country.

Too, Departures can be made, with or without defective documents, if there is no prohibition or impediment whatsoever, in the opinion of the control police services.

Foreigners in transit who have entered Spain with a passport or any other document to which analogous effects are attributed, it will be necessary to leave the Spanish territory with the necessary documentation, complying with the traffic laws, established by the International Agreements.

Those who are in a situation of stay or of some extension, know how to leave Spanish territory, within a period of validity, depending on the situation of the person. The entry and remained after Spain, it will be necessary to submit to what is established.

Those who enjoy the residence authorization can leave and re-enter Spanish territory as many times as the authorization and the passport or similar document is in force.

However, the provisions of the previous section, the foreigner who has residence or stay authorization is in renewal or extension periods, you are issued a return authorization that allows you to leave Spain and then to the national territory.

The return authorization, is when the trip responds to a situation of need, it should be treated as a priority. Chen the foreigner proves that the trip responds to a very needy situation, the return authorization may be issued.

Who Should Fill It Out?

The cases that can request the Return Authorization, are the following:

  • When you are the holder of a residence or stay authorization, you must start the procedures for extension or renewal of the authorization to enable them to remain in Spanish territory within the legal term.
  • When the holder of valid foreigner identity card (TIE), a duplicate application must be submitted due to theft, lost, destroyed or unusable.
  • When the trip is accredited, respond to a situation of need and exceptional reasons concur, and has a favorable resolution of initial authorization of residence or stay and has the process of issuing the foreigner identity card (TIE)

Who issues it?

The Ministry of the Interior has created a document that is issued from the foreigner whose residence or stay authorization is in a period of renewal or extension that allows a departure to Spain and subsequent return to the national territory

What is Form EX13 for Authorization and Return?

The way this form is filled out can be explained in different ways, but we do not explain what it really is, and the truth is that this is something very simple to explain, since it is a form for to be able to enter Spain again.

This form is used when the person does not have a citizenship or permanent residence, you must leave the country for any reason.In the same way, any foreigner whose residence is within a extension or renewal process you must request that if you want to leave.

This form was something that was born out of the need where people who are not yet residents who they have adequate legal protection.In the same way, it should be mentioned that not only does this form exist when talking about foreigners in the national territory today.

There are other types of forms that are used to other types of things and what are requested according to the particular case that is presented.

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