Return Commitment Form: How it is, Completed and MORE

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In Spain, to carry out visa procedures it is necessary to obtain the Return Commitment Form. Represents a pass to proceed with a residence or work procedure.

In this section you will find out about what this form is, what it is for and much more. Let’s go!

What is the Return Commitment Form?

To obtain a residence and work visa in Spain, for activities of a fixed duration it is necessary to have the Return Commitment Form, which as its name says, commits the applicant to ensure his return to the country of origin once the employment relationship that rooted him in Spanish territory has ended.

If any person does not comply with this commitment, it will be taken as a cause for denial of the visa.

Likewise, all those workers who have Residence and Employment Authorization for a fixed duration to carry out seasonal or campaign activities, works or training services, among others.

The delivery of this form is of great importance because, in the event that a worker does not present this commitment to return to his country together with other requirements of the visa process, this could not take place; that is, it would be denied.

What is the Return Commitment Form like?

Below is an image that allows you to appreciate what the Return Commitment Form.

Filling out the Return Commitment Form


OWNER INFORMATION: Name, surname, nationality, NIE, passport data and its number, date of birth, town and country of origin, name of mother and father, marital status, address in Spain, floor number, town, province, mobile phone and e-mail.

If you have a legal representative, add the following information about him: DNI / NIF / NIE and Title.

You agree to the Spanish authorities, in compliance with the obligation established in art. 101 of RD 557/2011, to return to his country of origin or residence once the employment relationship for which he has been hired in Spain has been concluded, for which he has been granted Residence and Work Authorization for a fixed duration and that has been requested by the employer detailed below (the details of the employer must be provided):

  • Name: ________
  • Business name: ________
  • Exercise: ________
  • Province: ________

Signature of the owner and the legal representative, if they have it.



  1. Fill in using 2 digits for the day, 2 for the month and 4 for the year, in this order: dd / mm / yyyy
  2. Check the box that applies to the marital status you have: S / C / V / D / Se
  3. Indicate the title on the basis of which the representation is held, for example: father or mother of the minor, guardian of the same or another.

Usefulness of the Return Commitment Form

The Return Commitment Form It is a document that you will need to carry out other visa procedures in the country.

It is extremely important to process it for that reason. Without it, it is not possible to proceed with many processes of residence and temporary work or in a determined time.

Who Issues It?

The body authorized to issue this document is the Record corresponding to the province where the work is carried out.

Who should process it?

The employer of any foreign worker who is not the holder of a residence and work authorization for another person in Spain or who, legally, has a business representation.

These two named above are the ones who must make the initial authorization request.

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