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The Social Bonus Request Form It is the document with which the request for the Social Bonus is made, with this a considerable discount is obtained in the billing of electricity. It is regulated by the Government and aims to take care of households considered vulnerable due to their socio-economic situation.

It was enabled in Spain as a resource for the protection of certain consumers considered vulnerable, and has been developed in the process of total supply liberalization. More details on this important topic below.

Format of the Social Bonus Request Form

Get the Social Bonus Form it is very easy, since you can download it from any site that has internet access.

The format of the Social Bonus Request Form you can view and download it here.

Before filling out this document, you must gather the following documents for processing:

  • Family book or certificate of proof of life and status: Copy of the family book or individual sheet of the Civil Registry of the holder, and of each one of those that make up the family unit, or another document issued by the competent authority that certifies the civil status of the applicant.
  • Certificate of registration: Valid registration certificate of the applicant and all members of the family unit. Given the case of single-parent families, a collective registration certificate must be issued. For the rest of the cases, the individual certificates of each member of the family unit are also considered.
  • Large family title: Copy of the valid large family title or the large family card of the applicant.
  • Income declaration (optional): We remind you that the verification of the income requirement will be carried out through the telematic application enabled by the Ministry for this purpose. In case you want to deliver the supporting documentation, you can do it in this line.
  • In the city of Navarra, it is important to submit together with the application, the income statement or the certificate of imputations of each of those who make up the family nucleus. Very large families only have to provide this information in the case of applications in order to have the 40% discount.
  • DNI / NIE of all members who have it: You will need the identification documents (DNI or NIE) of the members of the family unit who have it. (Required for people over 14 years old)

Filling of the Social Bonus Application Form

The Social Bonus Application Form It is divided into six pages, here is how you should fill out correctly:

  1. Fill in each box with your data. Remember, CUPS is a 20-digit number that you can find on any of your invoices. You can also, instead of writing the CUPS, attach a photocopy of your electricity bill.
  2. Check this box only if you are not part of a family unit. Fill in the table with: your name, surname and, NIF or NIE.
  3. Check this box only if you are part of a family unit. Fill in the table with your data and all
    members of your family nucleus over 14 years of age: indicate the name, surname, NIF or NIE.
  4. Do not check any box if you are requesting it for rent.
  5. Check the box only if you are a large family.
    5.1 Fill in this box only if you really are from a large family, and if you want the income requirements to be verified to be a severe vulnerable consumer.
    5.2 Check the box only if you are from a large family, and you do not want the income documents to be confirmed to be a severe vulnerable consumer.
  6. Check this box if you or all the members of your family unit are pensioners due to retirement or permanent disability, and receive the minimum amount in force.
  7. Check this box only if you or one of your family members has:
    – Disability or limitation equal to or more than 33%.
    – Situation of being a victim of gender violence.
    – Status of victim of terrorism.
  8. Check this box to authorize the consultation of your tax data.
  9. Check this box to authorize us to consult the other tax information.
  10. Fill in the table with your data and that of all the members of your family unit over 14 years of age: name, surname, NIF or NIE and the signature.
  11. Sign, adding your city and today’s date.

See model instructions here.

What is the Social Bonus Application Form for?

The Social Bonus Request Form allows access to the Social Bond of Electricity, it is a process regulated by the Government, which seeks to help vulnerable consumers with fewer resources.

It is based on normative, which establishes three categories of vulnerable customers, with special discounts on the value of the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer.

Who can be Beneficiaries of the Bonus?

To be Beneficiary of Social Bonus It is necessary to have contracted the PVPC electricity figure (with or without hourly discrimination), and an electrical capacity equal to or less than 10 kW in your main home.

As well as you must meet all the necessary requirements, to be considered a vulnerable client to a lesser or greater degree.

How do I know if I am a Vulnerable User?

Citizens who can be Bonus Beneficiaries are:

Vulnerable clients

Vulnerable clients are considered to be citizens who are creditors of a regulated tariff contract (PVPC), and have the following conditions:

Annual profit less than or equal to the limits indicated by the IPREM, the index of common use to grant aid and subsidies:

  • 1.5 times the IPREM: if you are not part of a family nucleus or there are no minors in your charge.
  • 2 times the IPREM: if there is 1 minor in the family unit.
  • 2.5 times the IPREM: if there are 2 minors in the family unit.
  • Annual IPREM with 14 payments, valid sum for 2019: 7,519.59 euros.

The aforementioned accesses will increase by 0.5 times the IPREM, if one of these circumstances is seen:

  • When a member of the family nucleus suffers a disability recognized, equal to or greater than 33%, is a victim of gender violence, or is a victim of terrorism.
  • Having a member of the family unit is in a situation of dependence, recognized grade 2 or 3.
  • That it is established that the family group is integrated by a single parent and a minor (single parent families).
  • Pensioners with the minimum pension: that the applicant receives the minimum pension, for retirement or for permanent disability. Also, if you have another source of income apart from the pension, your annual amount should not exceed € 500.
  • Large families: all without exclusion.

Severe vulnerable clients

They have a discount on their spending of 40%.

It can be considered that they are severe vulnerable clients, consumers who are creditors of a regulated rate contract and meet at least one of the following 3 established conditions:

  • Lower annual income: the consumer who has income scales lower than 50%, of the valid limits for vulnerable clients.
  • Pensioners with a minimum pension and a lower income: that all members of the family nucleus are Social Security pensioners, receive the minimum pension and have an annual income, less than or equal to one time of the IPREM.
  • Large families with lower income: those very large families that have an income per year less than twice the IPREM.

Severe vulnerable clients at risk of social exclusion

In this special section, those who meet these 2 conditions are contemplated:

  • Be considered a severe vulnerable customer.
  • Be assisted by the social services of a regional or local Administration, which covers at least 50% of the amount of your electricity bill.

New social bonus for COVID-19

In view of the COVID-19 a legislative expansion is generated, which benefits some sectors affected by the coronavirus.

In this way, they will also be able to apply for the social bonus:

  • Individuals in unemployment condition.
  • People who are affected by a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE).
  • Entrepreneurs, who have had their working hours reduced, for reasons of care or other similar situations that mean a substantial loss of income.

What is the Social Bonus Application Form?

The Social Bonus Request Form It is the form that must be filled out, in order to request the help of the Social Bonus company. This document is based on a model established by the Government, which is disclosed in the BOE, but each Reference Marketer has its original version, in which their tax information, name, logo and contact information are entered.

At Social Bonus Request Form On the form you must provide your personal data, description of the home for which you are requesting the social bonus, and the personal data of the family nucleus that will count for the help.

Also, you must indicate in the boxes corresponding to your situation, for example, if you have a large family, or if you have people with disabilities in the family, etc.

The new Social Bonus for those affected by the COVIDIt will be valid until June 30, 2021. In any case, if you have all the requirements to qualify for the application for the Social Electricity Bonus, for the rest of the groups, you can take the relevant application at the time.

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