Social Bonus Renewal Form: Format, Utility and MORE

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The Social Bonus is a benefit enjoyed by people who are at risk of energy poverty in Spain. This is why it is so important to process the Bond Renewal Form Social.

In this section you will discover what it is, how to obtain it and many more things related to the subject. If you are interested, keep reading!

What is the Social Bond Renewal Form?

The Social Bond Renewal Form It is a report where the pertinent data to the services of the person requesting it is verified. In this case, we will focus on the Social Bonus of Electricity.

Renewing your Social Bond of Electricity can be done in the easiest way.

This voucher is valid for 2 years; except in the cases of large families, which lose validity when the same large family title expires.

The renewal must be carried out 15 days in advance of the effective date of the Social Bond of Electricity and the validity period of this is consulted in all payment invoices.

To be able to renew the Social Bond of Electricity it is necessary to have the same documentation and follow the same steps as when it was requested for the first time.

Step by Step

In order to fully provide the information necessary to obtain the renewal, we explain the step by step:

1st. He passed: Verify that you meet all the requirements.

2nd. He passed: Prepare the requested documentation.

3rd. He passed: Send or personally deliver the documentation.

The requirements to apply for the 2020 Luz Social Bonus are detailed below:

  • Supply with the Social Bonus equal to that of the applicant’s current home.
  • He continued to comply with his personal, family and income obligations as a vulnerable consumer: Pensioners, a family unit with an income equal to or below the established limits, and large families.
  • Social Bonus Form duly accredited and signed by family members over 14 years of age.
  • Copy of the large family title.
  • Family book or certificate of the individual sheet of the Civil Registry.
  • Copy of the DNI of the holder of the electricity contract and of the family members.
  • Certificate of registration of the holder and relatives thereof.
  • Social Services document that allows corroborating special circumstances (disability, victim of some type of violence, among others)

According to the IPREM, the rental conditions to have access to the different types of discounts are:

Being the IPREM the public Multiple Income indicator that is updated every year, it currently amounts to € 7,520 / year

If the case of a beneficiary with family members with any of the following conditions is presented, a higher income limit will be applied, based on the fields that are light green in the box above:

  • Victim of gender violence.
  • Single parent families.
  • Victim of terrorism.
  • Disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  • Grade II or III dependency.

Electronic Social Bonus Application

The interested party must contact the Reference Marketer and comply with the form provided by the company, either virtually or at its commercial offices.

Once the request is made, the interested party must submit it accompanied by the required documents mentioned above. When you have everything ready, the requirements can be submitted or delivered to the following sites:

  • Curenergía App.
  • Curenergía last resort marketer service point SAU Apartado de Correos 61.017 – 28080 Madrid.

Format of the Social Bonus Renewal Form

Select the type of Social Bonus that corresponds to your situation:

– Large family

– Rent

– Pensioner

You declare that the applicant has a title of large family in force with specification of its expiration date: day / month / year.

And it requests that the income requirements be verified to be a severe vulnerable consumer. You can see the limits set here.
Or, on the other hand, he does not want the income requirements to be verified to be a severe vulnerable consumer, and consequently he will only request the social bonus for my status as a vulnerable consumer.

The documentation to be provided by the client is specified:

  • Income declaration (optional).
  • Large family title.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Family book or certificate of proof of life and status.
  • DNI or other identity document of all family members.

Required fields * of the Social Bonus Renewal Form

Your customer data

You must add your personal data. These would be: Names, surnames, identification documents (DNI / NIF) and number, date of birth, mobile phone, e-mail and confirmation of the same.

You must fill in the indicated fields for each member of the Family Unit, not including the applicant.
People who are not spouses or children should not be included, even when they live in the same address.

If there are no family members, leave the fields related to them blank and do not attach any identification.


You must write down the names and surnames, NIF / NIE / DNI and the document number and date of birth. In addition, you must give your authorization for the rental requirements to be verified.

Son 1

You must add the full names and surnames, identification document (NIF / NIE / DNI) and number, date of birth. Likewise, you must authorize the rental requirements to be verified. You can read the authorizations here.

You must do the same if there are more children; otherwise, leave the fields blank.

Usefulness of the Social Bond Renewal Form

The Social Bond Renewal Form It serves to facilitate the payment of the services in the marketer of your preference.

Represents a benefit to obtain a discount in the payment of certain services.

It should be noted that the documentation is delivered by the marketer in an estimated time of no more than 15 days. If an error or inconvenience occurs, the applicant will be informed within the same period. Another 15 days are added to give the final answer.

What is the Social Bonus?

The Electric Social Bonus it is aid provided by the government to all consumers who have difficulty paying their bills and who are in danger of energy poverty.

It’s a discount of between 25% and 40%. It is a safe benefit because it covers the energy term and the power term of the bill.

To enjoy the bonus this year 2020, it is necessary to meet certain financial requirements.

The electricity contract must be with a Reference Marketer.

Requirements for the Social Bonus 2020

  • PVPC Rate (Voluntary Price for Small Consumer).
  • Contracted power of up to 10kw.
  • Exclusivity for habitual homes (second homes do not apply).
  • The owner of the electricity contract is the one who can make the request.

The new electricity social bond determines three types of beneficiary users: vulnerable, severely vulnerable and users at risk of exclusion Social.

The Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM) It is who uses the indicator to grant financial aid, subsidies and / or unemployment benefit.

The 2020 IPREM is € 7,529.59, with 14 payments. This is decisive in deciding whether or not a user complies with the established financial requirements.

User types

Vulnerable users: They will be able to enjoy the 25% discount on your electricity bills. They are characterized by having a family circle with 2 minors. The income range increases up to 50% if you live with disabled people of 33% or more and with victims of violence of some kind.

  1. Pensioner: minimum pension | up to € 500 of other income.
  2. Large family unit: no income requirements.
  3. Family with 1 minor: 1.5 times the IPREM | annual income € 11,279.
  4. Family unit with 2 minors: 2 times the IPREM | annual income € 15,039.
  5. Family with 3 minors: 2.5 times the IPREM | annual income € 18,799.

Severe vulnerable users: They will have access to a 40% discount on their electricity bill. Due to the unfavorable situation that the person may have, the financial requirements to obtain this benefit are:

  1. Pensioner: annual income € 7,520.
  2. Large family unit: 2 times the IPREM | annual income $ 15,039.
  3. Family with 1 child: 0.75 times the IPREM | annual income € 5,640 | CE = 1 times the IPREM | annual income € 7,520.
  4. Family unit with 2 minors: CE = 1 times the IPREM | annual income € 7,520 | CE = 1.25 times the IPREM | annual income € 9,340.
  5. Family with 3 minors: CE = 1.25 times the IPREM | annual income € 9,340 | CE = 1.5 times the IPREM | annual income € 11,279.
CE (Special Circumstances): family with at least one dependent minor, disability equal to or greater than 33%, degree of dependency II or III, victim of terrorism or victim of gender violence.

If social services finance half the amount of the electricity bill, the user will not have to pay the electricity bills.

Users at risk of social exclusion: Those people who are considered severe consumers and need help from the social services of their autonomous community to add 50% of their total bills.

Advantages of the Social Bonus

It’s a discount from 25% to 40% on the utility bill, this is beneficial for vulnerable people who cannot cover this expense.

It makes it easier to cope, at least, with financial obligations.

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