Social Security ACCREDIT Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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Don’t you know the Social Security ACCREDIT Form? Through this article you will get information about this format, which is very useful for those who require some kind of help in Spain.

You will also find how the Form is filled out, what it is for, the required documentation and the steps to follow to submit it. On the other hand, some questions or concerns that some people have in this regard are exposed, which help to clarify certain points.

Format of the Social Security ACCREDIT Form

The format of the Social Security ACCREDIT Form, it is very easy to complete. It also consists of a single sheet. and it is only required to have at hand the data that is requested there. Its parts are listed below:

  1. In the first spaces find the provincial address, the month of settlement (mm / yy) and date of transmission of the incident.
  2. The data of the company / group: The Client Account Code (CCC), Client Account Code, the entity and the email address (to receive a response).
  3. Worker information: The spaces for the Social Security Affiliation Number (NAF) and IPF.
  4. The information of the IT parts, issued by the SPS / MCSS consigned by the worker. These fields reflect: The low date, low province, high date, contingency, relapse, process date / previous relapse.
  5. The details of the delegated payment made by the company: Here is the delegate payment start date and delegate payment end date.
  6. Then a space for observations appears.
  7. Finally, there is a legend on the spaces that must be filled in a mandatory way, among other aspects.

How to fill out the Social Security ACCREDIT Form?

The Social Security ACCREDIT Form, is a document in PDF format that can be filled out, completed. To proceed to fill it in, a series of guidelines must be taken into consideration, which are mentioned below:

  • You must fill out a Form for each employee and medical leave procedure. If there is more than one medical leave procedure for an employee, with any type of incident. The number of Forms must be completed as procedures have incidence.
  • In a single email to the Acredita Mailbox of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), you can attach the number of forms that are required.
  • This Form has mandatory completion spaces (they are marked with an asterisk).
  • The data that appear in the spaces of the Form, they have to be the same that are in the respective medical leave that is being processed.
  • It is required to present the pertinent medical leave parts in PDF format.
  • In the space of “Remarks” the precise subject must be placed of the incidence. Especially when there are differences between the data shown in the medical leave and the operational data in the company.

Usefulness of the Social Security ACCREDIT Form

Among the utilities that the Social Security ACCREDIT Form, are the following:

  1. Through this Form, Spanish people who are affiliated with Social Security. Have the possibility to communicate if there is any difference in your personal information.
  2. It is possible to solve some difficulty that does not allow to distinguish a subscription or a benefit.

When the Form request is made, in other words, the respective email is sent. Then, the National Institute of Social Security, will proceed to respond 48 hours later of making the request. Said response will be made through the same channel through which the request was made.

The individual will receive an email, if they have made the request online, or attend the relevant body to obtain information on the correction. There are also so-called Incidents, for which the Social Security ACCREDIT Form.

These incidents are those that do not allow modifying the distinction of benefits or subscriptions. The benefits affected could be short-term or cancellation of contributions to the INSS of a worker. Said incidence is given by the difference between data contained in the subsidies database and the real data of the affected party.

Documents and Steps to Follow to Process it


The documents that are needed to carry out this management are the following:

  1. The NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) or the Tax Identification Number.
  2. Full name and surname.
  3. The phone number to be contacted.
  4. Email address.
  5. The Social Security Affiliation Number (NAF).

The Steps to Follow

Regarding the steps to follow to record the Social Security ACCREDIT Form, they are named below:


An email must be sent to the mailbox of the respective INSS, with the following information:

  • The authorized principal and the company name.
  • Information on the identification of the worker involved.
  • The NAF (Social Security Affiliation Number).
  • Nature of the service received.
  • The Contribution Account Code (CCC), where it is indicated that the worker is registered.
  • In the case of being affected by the Special Regime for Sea Workers, you must send the email to the ACREDITA ISM mailbox.
  • After doing this, you have to wait to receive ratification by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Which will be done through email.

In person

  • Download and print the Social Security ACCREDIT Form, in any of the Service Centers corresponding to the INSS.
  • To locate any of these Centers, you can enter through this link.
  • To obtain the Form, it can be obtained by going to this website.

Frequent questions

There are some questions that people interested in this process frequently ask. For this reason, they are set out below:

Do I have the possibility to request help for incapacity to work, having Spanish nationality but I was not born in Spain?

Citizens who are under this condition, if they can request help because they are unable to work. However, they must be at a level of age between 16 and 65 years. Likewise, they have to obey the legal documents while they have lived in Spain, at least 10 years, and fulfill the nationality during this period.

My spouse just died and was benefiting from financial aid out of need. Can I receive the widow’s pension?

It should be taken into account that the laws that regulate benefits do not consider widowhood. However, if they issue the right to receive some of the benefits accrued and not collected. Time can be at least four (4) months.

How can I claim a disability or old-age benefit for work?

Individuals who are in this condition and live in Spanish territory. They have the opportunity to request a benefit at the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of the Embassy from the country. This is called disability or old-age benefits for jobs.

The Ministry is the body in charge of making the forms possible, so that individuals can collaborate with the respective request. Where each of the requirements that must be met to make said request can be indicated.

It should be noted that those citizens who are returning to Spain can request one of the elderly benefits for the area. They can also go to the Functional Unit for Employment and Social Security, of the corresponding province in the country.

Other Concerns

I am a Spanish citizen and I live in Spain, I have a son who needs a very expensive operation. Can I request some kind of help?

For this type of case it can be accessed without major inconvenience, it should only be taken into consideration that your child also must have Spanish nationality. In addition, you must be financially dependent on your parent or legal representative.

Also, these people have to obey a series of requirements. They must also justify the lack of financial means. For cover those costs that may occur during this process. This in order to study the possibility of the aid and be received.

I am unemployed, I have Spanish nationality and I want to live in Spain. Can I ask for some kind of help?

If any citizen is unemployed, they have Spanish nationality and also want to live in Spanish territory. He has the opportunity to ask for a type of help. This in order that it can be maintained for as long as required.

Citizens who wish to carry out this procedure should know that the main requirement is work. Likewise, another important condition is that they have to consign the following documents, according to each case is particular:

For Employed Workers:

  • Each person must record the spanish passport, together with the copy of the personal information and the seal of the records. It is also important to present some consular losses.
  • Consign some work letters of those you have made in previous years. The year of entry and exit must be reflected there. The work periods must be certified, so that in this way the interested party can present it to the Spanish nationality.
  • It must be indicated in each of the certifications of the contributions that are related to social security. These must have a minimum validity of twelve (12) months. There the last six (6) months prior to the consignments must be highlighted in some documentation.

Independent workers

  • Each of the people must present the Spanish passport. Together with some of the photocopies they contain personal data and the seals of the records. It is also important that they present some of the consular losses.
  • It is essential that individuals have the impression of consular losses. Therefore, each one must be reserved and recognized if required.
  • Record the last two (2) tax returns on some incomes, which are known as ISLR. In such a way that they can be certified each month that it was operational.
    • If for some reason the time cannot be completed, these have to be completed through one of the statements. In this way they can be verified through the remaining months.
  • Have company cancellations that were consigned in front of the mercantile registries, or have the documentation of the commercialization of the actions.

What is the Social Security ACCREDIT Form?

The acquaintance Social Security ACCREDIT Form, is detailed as a mechanism for social security. Each of the regulations through which the State operates are shown there. In addition, it is in charge of guaranteeing that each individual involved in the system can perform different professional functions.

Likewise, these individuals have the power to make and obey each of the requirements within the stipulated types. This is one of the terms that can be used in the same way for assimilated or family members in charge.

To process some kind of help through the Social Security ACCREDIT Form, it is necessary to comply with the laws stipulated in Spain.

In addition to complying with the requirements that are demanded for this purpose. For this reason, we create this information for you, so that you can have everything you need at hand to carry out this process successfully.

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