SOIVRE Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The SOIVRE certificate, It is used for all merchants when carrying out their activities in agricultural products.

To obtain it, it is super simple, we have brought this article with information that can be of great help, continue reading and don’t miss any details about this important certificate in Spain.

Requirements for the SOIVRE Certificate

Many of those interested in obtaining the SOIVRE certificate, are in which are the requirements that are currently requested.

When speaking of this kind of importance, it is necessary for the government of the nation to ensure its quality in general.

It is for this reason that all importers are asked for information on the producer who is entering the country.

If you still do not know which are the most requested requirements to have the certificate, we have a indispensable list for that, and they are:

  • It should be indicated who is the importer, that is, the company that is responsible for transporting to the Spanish coasts
  • Should be have all the documents referring to the manufacturer of the product you are importing and must be in order.
  • Also, it should be indicated the country of origin and the passage of origin, that is, from where the product came from and to where it was made
  • At the same time you must specify the kind of product, and have all the documents for your entry
  • Must be have all the documents that indicates what is related to the tariff heading and the payments that were made when they were requested
  • It is important that you indicate the medium through which the merchandise was arrived, whether via air, land or sea border
  • You have to indicate the same way: the value, weight and unit.
  • Finally, you must mention the customs office of entry and the loe in which the articles that will enter are identified.

Step to Follow to Obtain the SOIVRE Certificate

By knowing what the necessary requirements To obtain the SOIVRE certificate, you must know the steps to perform.

Despite the importance of this document, it’s easy to get for all who are interested in doing it

The reason is to improve and make this process easier so that the person can do it themselves and without an intermediary.

At present, importers are the ones who carry out these procedures, in person before the corresponding authorities.

It is important to note that, it is not an indispensable requirement, because you can let a legal representative or an accountant carry out the process if you have one.

If the person wants to carry out the procedure in person, they must follow these steps:

  • Make an inspection requestThis can be done through the SOIVRE platform, if you have a user, in person or by mail.
  • Afterwards, it must wait for it to proceed on your request, which is something that doesn’t take long.
  • In doing this, a commission that is appointed by the SOIVRE will review the cargo and it will verify that all the parameters are met.
  • In case of successfully passing this step, then the certificate will be delivered, according to the person who requested it.

It should be mentioned that, in the case that it is decided to do it physically, the request in those enabled by SOIVRE.

If the person has an online user, all they have to do is enter the platform by entering through this link.

What is the SOIVRE Certificate for?

The SOIVRE fulfills several important functions, each one of which is quite remarkable. They have asked themselves this question many times about what its function is and what it is for.

The main one of it is: Quality control of all the products that are imported and arrive in the country today.

Also, they have an obligation to insure the products that comply with international shipping regulations, safety and health protocols.

In this way, it can be seen that any type of shipment that is not up to date, some of the regulations will be retained in customs.

Another of the main functions of this organization is to ensure that there is no traffic of endangered or wild fauna.

Since, the operation of SOIVRE in the nation it is very similar to customs, only this is done as a control.

SOIVRE in Spain

The SOIVRE of Spain, is one of the services by the state that has a function of complying with the rules regarding the activities of foreign trade that corresponds to each merchandise.

This means that it is in charge of ensuring the quality control of each and every one of the imported products that enter Spain today, it must also be verified that the product complies with the standards of health, safety and boarding.

If there is a shipment that does not meet these standards, it will be must stop at customs and not allow passage, since the SOIVRE, is known for customs control to not miss any details and maintain optimal quality control for the Spanish population.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SOIVRE Certificate

There are different questions that can be of great help to be clearer about the SOIVRE Certificate, and they are:

What certificates does SOIVRE issue?

This administration service is responsible for issuing four types of documents

  • Quality Control Certificate: With this certificate that guarantees the correct condition of the goods, normally of an agri-food nature.
  • Certificate of International Regulations: This document issued by this service guarantees that the products comply with international regulations regarding the protection of protected species. The certification is determined by the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
  • Certificate of conformity: They are related to the safety regulations applied in imports of consumer industrial products such as textiles, footwear or toys.
  • Voluntary Certificate: This certificate is voluntary, that is, it can be determined by two main aspects: first by the private interest of the company and established in our third country. With the function of facilitating the commercialization of products.

How to request an inspection from SOIVRE?

People who are interested should notify the SOIVRE Inspection Service of the Territorial and Provincial Directorates of Commerce In its own name or through its representative, those foreign trade operations that may be subject to control by the service.

Notices issued By the administrative service, they can be done electronically or in writing.

If the person wants to do it in writing, it is through any means by which the obtaining of documentary evidence is allowed in what is included.

The data that are exposed in the Article 5.4 of the PRE Order. If in case of doing it electronically, the interested party should request a password and username from the SOIVRE Inspection Service of the Territorial and Provincial Directorate of Commerce.

Notifications regarding inspection must be made at least 24 hours in advance in the event that a place is to be held in the applicant’s or operator’s warehouse.

What information must we provide to SOIVRE for the inspection?

In order to correctly carry out the control service, the importer must provide certain data such as the identity of the importer, the manufacturer, the country of origin, the provenance and the type of product.

The tariff heading, the means of transport, units, weight, lot, value and Customs of entry. These data are usually found in the commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading.

What should the Importer do?

Has to provide all the necessary means to this administrative service to carry out control activities Necessary such as trade document, registration and product certificate organizations.

This organization can carry out physical control of the merchandise.

How long does SOIVRE take to respond?

The presentation is made electronically to make it easier to respond, but if a document or merchandise control is requested, it is usually obtained confinement 24 hours.

What is it?

The SOIVRE certificate It responds to a series of permits and regulations, which were mentioned before, through an exhaustive inspection of what is imported into the Spanish country.

This certificate allows the importation of agricultural-type products into the national territory.

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