Stay and Extensions Request Form: How is it, Completed and MORE

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In Spain, Stay and Extensions Request Form or EX-00 it is known as the document that is officially issued to stay in the country. However, it must be processed before entering Spain.

In any case, whether air, sea or land, the applicant must formalize this Stay and Extensions Request Form. It must be processed through any embassy or office of the competent authority that administers this file. Surely you have many doubts about this issue and here we will clarify them below.

How is the Stay and Extensions Request Form?

Stay and Extensions Request Form is classified as follows:

  1. Data from abroad.
  2. Representative details.
  3. Domicile for the purpose of notifications.
  4. Type of authorization requested.
  5. Annexes.

Download spreadsheet here.

Filling in the Request for Stay and Extensions Form

You must fill in the Stay and Extensions Request Form with capital letters, black ink pen or typewriter, and present original and copy of said document. Follow these instructions for its correct filling:

  • Select the box that applies, be it Male or Female.
  • Write using 2 digits for the day, 2 for the month, and 4 for the year, in this order (mm / dd / yyyy).
  • Check the appropriate box: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated.
  • Indicate the title on which the representation is based, for example: Father, Mother of the minor, Guardian, Administrator or other.
  • Complete only in the case of being a person other than the applicant.
  • According to DA 4 of RD 557/2011, legal persons and groups of natural persons are subject to electronic notification, even if they have not given permission, who, due to their economic or technical disposition, professional performance or other accredited reasons, be sure of the access and availability of the necessary technological resources.

  • If you are not included in any of the mentioned groups, you are informed in this way only if you mark the consent line. In these cases, the notification lies in the making available of the document in the electronic office of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.
  • The notification is sent to the person whose details are specified in the “address for notification purposes” section or, otherwise, to the applicant.
  • In order to enter the content of the document, it is required to have the electronic certificate linked to the DNI / NIE, which appears in the section “address for the purpose of notifications”. It is also appropriate that you fill in the fields “mobile phone” or “e-mail” to have the possibility of sending you an informative notice, when you have pending information.
  • Choose the option that corresponds.
  • The interested parties are not subject to supply documents that have been prepared by any Administrator, or that have been previously supplied in an administrative procedure. Therefore, you must list in Annex I the precautions in question. This appointment is supposed to be authorized, unless you have your express opposition, and you must complete the section of Annex II.

Usefulness of the Stay and Extensions Request Form

Through the Stay and Extensions Request Form offers you the option of requesting a permit to stay, if you present any of these cases:

  • Initial temporary residence authorization: You appear in person at the headquarters or diplomatic mission or Spanish consular office of the country of origin. In case you have long-term residence status-CE in another associated State of the European Union, you can choose to deliver the application in Spain to the corresponding Immigration Office.
  • Permanent residence authorization and long-term residence authorization – CE:
  • When you are not in Spanish territory: You submit the application together with the corresponding documentation at the Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office in your country of origin.
  • When you are in Spanish territory: In a public registry, personally or through a legal representative, to the attention of the Office of Aliens or Area / Dependency of Work and Immigration.
  • Residence authorization for exceptional circumstances: What is well known as social, work or family roots. It must be presented in a personalized way, at the appropriate Immigration Office.
  • Residence authorization renewal:
  • Residence for exceptional circumstances.
  • Permanent residence.
  • Long-term residence authorization CE.

Assumptions in which the EX00 model is presented

  • Non-profit residence authorization.
  • Permit for the child of a legal resident in Spain.
  • Authorization for the child of a resident not born in Spain, of Spanish or legal resident or subject to guardianship.
  • Non-profit residence authorization license.
  • Work, family and social roots.
  • Case of international protection, displaced foreigners, relatives of exiles, humanitarian reasons, collaboration with authorities, public interest or social security.
  • Presumed minors in custody who did not receive residence authorization upon reaching the age of majority.
  • Residence authorization renewal for exceptional reasons.
  • Permanent Residence Authorization.
  • Long-term residence authorization CE.

All these requests must be submitted in duplicate, personally or through a legal representative, attaching the necessary documentation for each request, correctly legalized and translated if necessary. See page Web.

Who should process it and who issues it?

Although you may want to know which citizens are required to process this document. Well, remember that one of the main reasons you currently go to a place is for entertainment or business.

However, depending on the type of nationality you have and the passport you have, you have a period of stay in the country. That is why a permit granted in Spain can allow you to stay in the country for longer than allowed by the passport.

As well as, anyone who has a situation or a legitimate reason to stay in the country can handle the document. However, many people use this document for commercial reasons.

What is it?

The Stay and Extensions Request Form in Spain it is known as the EX-00 form, it is the document that is made in order to formalize the request to stay in that country. To avoid difficulties, this form must be processed before making the entry trip to Spain.

Short-term residence refers to the period of stay in Spain not more than 90 days per semester from the date of the first entry, but it does not affect the admission requirements for studies and student mobility, non-work habits or volunteering. After this period, to stay in Spain it is necessary to obtain an extension of stay or residence permit.

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law, foreigners who obtain any form of extension or documents that allow them to remain in Spanish territory, are based on the administrative files established in accordance with the provisions of the “Immigration Law”, for economic foreigners, professionals or social interests, family with Spain, they will provide continuous personal, unique and exclusive identification numbers. See page Web.

Step by Step

Next, we will show you step by step how to complete the form EX-00 quickly and easily. Do not forget to pay attention to the information provided on the web portal that performs the process.

  • First You must enter the following website where a blank form will appear, you just have to enter it here. Therefore, you must fill out the form based on your data, and it is recommended that you fill it out digitally to avoid inconvenience.
  • Later, the document must be printed and delivered together with the documents mentioned in the petition. In addition, he precisely gave certain instructions to execute the delivery of said documents.
  • Finally, you must understand the instructions given by the agency personnel responsible for managing these files. And don’t forget to ask questions that need to be answered to avoid inconvenience.

Deadline to present it

As mentioned above, there are two ways to manage this file when traveling to Spain. The first is to manage this file before going to the consulate or embassy related to your country.

The other option available is to process the passport during the entire period during which it was delivered to us to continue the country. If it has passed and we do not manage the documents, we must leave and return to the country to complete the procedure.

If you ask yourself regularly, anyone with a passport can stay in Spain up to 90 days. After this period, the government requires foreigners to leave the country to extend the 90-day period.

Do I have to present any documentation?

Yes, you must present the pertinent immigration documents and the form that can be requested. Remember, these documents must prove that your data is foreign.

Where is this form submitted?

These documents should be sent to any public registry near your location and sent to the immigration office of the province where the activity takes place.

What is your cost?

Like other legal documents, the amount must be paid within the predetermined period. When performing this process, an extremely important factor must be considered.

However, the fee for the Stay and Extensions Request Form when the request is processed. Therefore, after submitting the application, you only have 10 days to pay the filing fee.

Similarly, to pay for this document, it must be presented in another format. This is provided by the national management of the department of public functions.

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