Temporary Residence Form for Third Party Account: Format, What it is and MORE

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The Temporary Residence Form for Third-Party Account is a document that must be filled out for workers who are abroad in Spain and need to work for a company project.

Discover in this article, how to fill in the Temporary Residence Form for Third Party Employer.

Format of the Temporary Residence Form for Third-Party Employer

This Form consists of seven parts to be filled out, but it must be entered at Temporary Residence Form for Third Party Account

  • The worker’s data: put the personal information of the worker such as, passport number and NIE, surname and first name, select gender.
  • IIndicate the dates, place and country of birth, as well as nationality. Mark the marital status. Write the names of the father and mother, if applicable.
  • The address in Spain, the mobile phone number and the email address.
  • Employer or entrepreneur details: Indicate the name or company name, the DNIE, NIE or Passport number as appropriate.
  • Place the activity in which it is dedicated such as construction, agriculture, commerce, etc.
  • Indicate the worker’s occupation as a laborer cook, doctor, computer scientist, etc. Complete information about the address, mobile phone number, email address. Are used by Social Security for the transmission of news.
  • Information about the representative: In this case, it is a person other than the applicant, such as address, mobile phone number and email address.
  • Information about the address to be contacted: The name or company name, address, mobile number. You must mark the consent box to receive notifications and communications by electronic means.
  • Select the type of authorization they request: mark the corresponding option in it.
  • Place the signature of the applicant, place and date of application.
  • Annexes I and II, are completed to give consent to verify documents that have not been provided, for example: criminal or police records, registration or Social Security.

The diplomatic mission resolves the request within one month

Notified, where appropriate, the granting of the visa, the work must be collected in person within a month from the date of notification.

By not making the collection within the aforementioned period, it is understood that you have resigned and the file of the file is produced.

The work must enter Spain during the 3 months of validity of the visa, qualifying for entry and remains in Spain in a situation of stay until the affiliation and discharge into the regime.

How to fill out the Temporary Residence Form for Third Party Employer?

Form EX 03 must be printed and filled in in capital letter, using an ink pen

The file must be duplicated and signed by the contracting company.

To obtain it, you can enter the Electronic Immigration portal or click on the following direct link of Form EX03

Usefulness of the Temporary Residence Form for Employee Account

People who are in the situation of temporary residence in Spain, for a period greater than ninety days and less than five years, without prejudice to the provisions regarding study stay, student mobility, non-work practices or volunteer services.

Payment of Fees corresponding to the residence authorization process and that of employed persons are requirements that must be attached to the EX03 form.

According to the Immigration Portal, the fees must be paid within a period of ten skills, counted from the admission of the application process:

  • For the foreign worker, you must use this model 790/052
  • While the employee, use the Model 790/062

These amounts are specified when the authorization is requested, according to the provisions of law 4/2000, in chapter IV

In the payment of fees, there is the method electronically and in person before a collaborating Financial Institution, prior printing and filling of the forms.

Who should process it?

The applicant employer or entrepreneur, who must be officially registered with the Social Security system.

Also, it must be in force with compliance with tax and SS obligations. In the same way, they must have the financial means, as many materials or personal ones.

They must be enough to cover the employment contract agreed with the worker and obviously with the project business, where the skills of the future employee should be required

The work contract agreed to the work, must comply with the conditions set in the current wage regulations

In situations where the contract is part-time, the remuneration must be equal to or greater than the minimum interprofessional salary for the jofull work and annual calculation.

There are some necessary requirements for the application of the Form, which must be fulfilled:

  • Must not be a citizen From a State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, OR a family member.
  • Do not find irregularity in the Spanish territory
  • have no criminal record in Spain
  • Not be prohibited from entering Spain and not appear as objectionable in the territorial space.
  • Not being, in the case, within the term of the commitment of no return to Spain
  • Pay the processing fees of the residence and work authorization.
  • The authorization is directed State nationals, with whom Spain has an international agreement, are: Chile and Peru.
  • Present a contract signed by the employer and the worker, guaranteeing the activity during the period of validity to reside in the country.
  • The applicant must be registered in the Regime of the Social Security System and find the current to fulfill your tax obligations.
  • The employer must have financial, material, personal means enough for him business project and face the obligation assumed by the contract against the worker.

Who Issues It?

It is important that, to reside and work in Spain it is necessary be over 16 years old and have previously obtained an Authorization of Temporary and Work ResidenceAfter obtaining, the corresponding visa can be requested at the consulate or embassy of the country of residence.

As an exception to this rule, only to determine certain activities, no such authorization is required.

When this type of document is provided from other countries, It must be translated into Spanish or the co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.

This foreign public document must be previously legalized by the Consular Office of Spain with jurisdiction of the country in which said document is issued, in the case, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

What is the Temporary Residence Form for Third-Party Accounts?

The Form must be completed by an entrepreneur or employer to request residence authorization or employer to request authorization of temporary residence and employment.

This is because it is functional for those people or companies that want to hire a worker who is not domiciled in Spain and is outside of Spanish territory.

There are some questions about this Form, and here we answer it:

  • Can I complete the form online?

The procedure associated with this Form EX03 on the request for authorization of Residence and Work for Others, points out that the format must be printed and filled in with a ballpoint pen.

  • What information should be placed in links I and II of the Form you are completing?

These annexes are to consent to the document verification by the aadministration and that is not attached. To avoid being verified by administrators, the physical of the documents must be attached.

  • Who should sign the Form if the applicant is a large company?

This request is signed by a legal representative of the company according to the minutes of the meeting, or failing that, a staff authorized for the purpose.

  • For which bank entity can the residence fees be paid?

It can be paid at any Savings Bank, Bank, Credit Unions that is a collaborator in tax collection.

In practice, it is normal for labor relations to be modified or even the contract is terminated for main causes attributable to the employer and to a lesser extent attributable to the worker. (victims of gender violence, etc)

For more information, it is important to review the information contained in the renewal and modification section for the residence permit.

By reading this document you can learn a little more about the regulations necessary to successfully achieve this process.

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