Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form: How it is, Conditions and MORE

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The Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form, it is a very important document when making an agreement by part to obtain a second hand vehicle.

Learn more about this spare part, so as not to be deceived or scammed, we have created this article for you, It is very useful to get rid of certain doubts about this procedure.

What is the Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form like?

This Vehicle Purchase Form is intended to facilitate the work of buying and selling a used car, a model of a used vehicle sale contract has been drawn up.

It is a PDF document that you can get through this link , these modifications that each one considers appropriate and that more can be adapted to the sale of a specific vehicle.

Conditions in the Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form

This is a very important procedure to carry out to cover both backs in part of the transactions between individuals.

  • First: The seller sells to the buyer the vehicle of his previous property specified the amount of money, not including the corresponding taxes that are payable by the buyer.
  • Second: The seller delivers materials to the buyer the possession of the vehicle, making him take over any responsibilities that may be contracted for the ownership of the vehicle, and the possession, use of said delivery document
  • Third: The seller must declare that no load, limitation of disposition, encumbrance or tax and penalty pending payment weigh on the vehicle on the date of signing of this contract, otherwise committed to regulate
  • Quarter: The seller must undertake to provide the various documents related to the vehicle, as well as to sign any other documents necessary for the vehicle to be correctly registered in the name of the buyer in the corresponding public bodies, all expenses being the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Fifth: The buyer declares to know the current state of the vehicle, for which he exempts the seller from all responsibility, for the vices or defects that arise after the delivery, except for those hidden that have their origin.
  • Sixth: For any litigation that arises between the parties of the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract, this is expressly waived the jurisdiction that may correspond, they will be submitted to the courts and tribunals.

If the information that appears not real or fake documents accepted as true, they may end up being victims.

There are some conditions that can be met when carrying out this procedure, and they are:

  • Check if the vehicle is impounded or has any cargo:

It is not the first that a car has been repossessed or has a load, the owner wants to get rid of it, therefore, there is a right over the person, either a bank, a commissioner or the tax agency. Any of these entities can keep the car, even if it was purchased.

So, the person can be left without the vehicle and without the money, if they cannot locate the seller or they no longer have money.

  • Check documentation and data

The DNI within the European UnionIt has many anti-counterfeiting measures, but you cannot end up counterfeiting with the proper means. Therefore, it is important to look closely with the identification document.

The best way to detect this type of problem is to compare it with yours and be meticulous, although it is always good to stay alert, first and foremost.

  • Beware of sellers on behalf of owners.

The data that appear in the sales contract must be those of the owner and it must be clear, as a buyer, the only way to ensure that it is not a fake is for the owner to show his DNI and sign the contract in your presence.

You can see the photo of the DNI corresponds to the person who signs.

  • Do not validate proof of payment of the buyer

Apparently it is very obvious, but for people who are not very familiar with these operations it can be easy to deceive. It has to be the bank itself the one that notifies you of the money in is in your account.

Therefore, a proof of income shown or sent by the buyer. If done, you can be the victim of scams like the empty envelope.

This deception occurs many times, using a proof of income by putting an empty envelope in a cashier and showing it to the seller.

However, the income never reaches the destination account, because chen bank operations open, the envelope will see that nothing inside and cancels it.

Usefulness of the Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form

It is very problem that many people see the need to buy or sell a second hand car. Whatever the role, it is important to be responsible with the contract of sale of the vehicle.

Purpose is that both parties fill out and sign a contract When buying and selling cars, it is clear the conditions under which a car is bought, with any other vehicle, to avoid unpleasant surprises or later.

The sales contract can be drawn up freely, there are some safer formats, but it is considered that it should be included in the same way.

You can not miss any contract of sale the full name, the DNI of the two parties, the data of the vehicle being transferred and the signature of the buyer and the seller on all the pages of the vehicle sale contract.

Who should process it?

You can process it anyone who wants to buy or sell a car for the benefit of the person, but it must be taken into account that it is necessary to be very rigorous when drafting the model of the sale contract, the clearer the transfer, problems can be avoided.

There are two protagonists in this process, the buyer or seller, that is why the following data must be respected, which cannot be absent at the time of any vehicle purchase-sale contract:

  • Name, Surname and Identification number of the buyer and the seller
  • Signature of the Buyer and seller on all the pages of the sale contract
  • Description of the vehicle, such as: make, model, version, finish, engine, extra that includes.
  • Vehicle data: license plate, chassis number and mileage
  • State in which it is, engine, bodywork, etc.
  • Vehicle price
  • Way to pay.

There are some private sellers who do not have to be clear about this information about the vehicle, such as the finish or the extras. However, you do not necessarily need to fill in all the data. It is rather that everything that is mentioned of the vehicle during the sale.

If the car is said to have a gasoline engine of 130 CV, it must be reflected to avoid scams or misunderstandings. Something very common when buying second hand.

What is the Vehicle Purchase-Sale Form?

At the time of acquiring a used vehicle, you have a contract of sale, very essential to avoid problems of any kind. Of this fway the document is used and formalized to securely close deals between seller and buyer.

Buying a second-hand car is a practice that happens a lot, but the guarantee must be made to avoid problems. In Spain, second-hand vehicle sales exceed those of new cars, so I know it is of vital importance know each and every one of the elements and the process necessary to acquire this type of vehicle.

One of them, maybe it is much more important, It is the contract of sale of the vehicle. This document provides security, avoids misunderstandings and fraud to people, helps both parties to know the terms of the commercial transaction that they are about to carry out.

If you want to know more about the importance, here you can tell the main scams in the sale of vehicles between particles.

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