What are the requirements for the Civil Guard?

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The Civil Guard It is an organization of a military nature whose main function is to protect public security in Spain. In more than 173 years, this body, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior and Defense, has trained professionals for public protection.

In order to be part of this organization and maintain public order in Spanish territory, it is necessary to meet certain requirements, the requirements for the Civil Guard they will be explained in this way:

Requirements for the Civil Guard

To enter the Civil Guard you must comply with the following:

  • Have Spanish nationality or be a national of any of the Member States of the European Union or of other States parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.
  • Be of age.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Not having visible tattoos wearing the different modalities of the uniform.

Medical exclusions

These exclusions are those that prevent a person from working in the Civil Guard, these exclusions for all types, both physical or mental and are these:

General physical ability.

  • Height less than 165 centimeters in men and 160 centimeters in women, or greater than 203 centimeters in standing.
  • Thoracic circumference less than half the height.
  • Obesity greater than 20 percent or less than 20 percent thin or ideal weight.
  • Loss or alteration, total or partial, congenital or acquired of any part of the body, which less fits the general morphology.

General illnesses.

  • Diseases, physical defects or hereditary, constitutional or acquired anomalies that require some type of specific and / or long-term treatment or their, or pose a risk or rejection for social relationships or coexistence within the body.
  • Systematized conditions of the connective tissue
  • Malignant tumors of any location and clinical form and benign tumors that, due to their size or location, originate functional disorders, functional disorders or affect the aesthetics of the individual.
  • Diseases of the blood and hematopoietic organs, of some functional or prognostic importance.
  • Coagulation disorders.
  • Immune diseases and allergies of some functional importance or some prognosis.
  • Hydatid cyst.
  • Deficiency diseases that have produced morphological and functional alterations.
  • Acute or chronic poisonings, with significant anatomical or functional disorders.

Endocrinometabolic diseases.

  • Endocrinometabolic diseases that produce morphological or functional alterations.
  • Hypercholesterinemia greater than 220 mg to 100.
  • Hypertriglycerinemia greater than 200 mg to 100.
  • hyperglycemia greater than 110mgr per 100.

Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous circular tissue.

  • Chronic or recurrent diseases of the skin or scalp, resistant to treatment.
  • Deformations or scars that affect the mobility or aesthetics of the individual or prevent the use of regulatory equipment.
  • Inveterated ulcers with a recurrent tendency.

Neurological and psychiatric diseases and disorders.

  • Organic diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system of the meninge that cause motor or sensory disorders.
  • Congenital anomalies or traumatic sequelae of the skull or spine that cause functional alterations or disorders.
  • Abnormal involuntary movements in all its forms.
  • Seizure or seizure affinity seizures (such as the so-called epileptic equivalents and others) with significant EEG findings.
  • Known somatic-based psychosis and reactive psychoses.
  • The so-called endogenous psychoses of chronic or relapsing evolution.
  • Psychoneurosis with marked evident symptoms and chronic evolution.
  • Pathological or maladaptive psychic reactions to service and personality disorders.
  • Dementias, Cognitive Disorders, and Other Psychoganic Syndromes.
  • IQ less than 90
  • Psychomotor disorder with a neurpathic or constitutional background that originates or may be emotionally accentuated with the service.
  • Residual facial paralysis that, due to their intensity, produce manifest asymmetries on the face.
  • Evidence of drug or psychotropic substance use.
  • Habitual excessive alcohol consumption considering this substance abuse disorder.

Diseases of the digestive system.

  • Congenital or acquired conditions of the oral cavity and pharynx organs of some prognostic importance that cause chewing or swallowing disorders.
  • Fistulous salivary hypersalivation.
  • Esophagus affections, with important functional disorders.
  • Congenital or acquired conditions of the rectum and anus that cause functional disorders.
  • Hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid prolapses. Its existence does not constitute an impediment to carry out the remaining exercises of the call, but it will be cause for exclusion provided that they do not surgically correct before, in any case, making their presentation at the corresponding military training training center.
  • Alterations of the abdominal wall that hinder the physical activities that are required in the service.
  • Diseases of the liver, billiard tract and pancreas, acute or chronic.
  • Perineal and sacrococcygeal fistulas.
  • Abdominal or inguinal hernias.
  • Gastroduodenal peptic ulcers.

Diseases of the respiratory system.

  • Deviations of the nasal septum or hypertrophy of turbinates that make nasal breathing difficult.
  • Conditions of the nose, nasal passages, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses whose prognostic or functional importance is incompatible with the service.
  • Bronchial asthma.

Musculoskeletal diseases.

  • Organic or functional affections of the heart, pericardium or great vessels, congenital or acquired that produce functional alterations.
  • Residual heart disease.
  • Cardiac conduction disorder incompatible with the service.
  • arterial hypertension, with tensions greater than 140 millimeters of systolic mercury and / or 90 millimeters of diastolic mercury, determined in a state of rest and after repeated verification.
  • Aneurysm of the great vessels and arteriovenous fistulas.
  • Varicose veins or venous dilatations of any type that are clearly marked in standing.
  • Acute and chronic phlebitis.
  • Postphlebitic sequelae and lymphangiectasia with chronic and / or trophic edema.

Diseases of the visual apparatus.

  • Congenital or acquired conditions of any etiology, which affect any of the ocular structures and whose functional or prognostic importance is incompatible with the service.
  • Loss or atrophy of an eyeball. Intraobital foreign body.
  • Glaucoma and alterations in ocular tension, unilateral or bilateral, in all its forms.
  • Chronic conjunctivitis. Trachoma Xerophthalmia. Pterygionuni or bilateral marking developed.
  • Retinopathy and degenerative fundus alterations. Hemeralopia. Tapetorretinal, pigmented and non-pigmented degenerations and conditions related to them.
  • Absolute blindness to red or green, determined by the Ishiara tables.
  • Myopia or hyperopia to a degree equivalent to 2.5 diopters or astigmatism to a degree equivalent to 2 diopters, in any eye.
  • In the combined effects, the presence of some of the components, of one of the refractive defects indicated.

For more information: www.interior.gob.es

Documents for the Spanish Civil Guard.

These documents are part of the requirements for civil guard They are the ones who ask for him entry of the civil guard. This is the list of documents:

  • To be in possession or in a condition to obtain the graduation degree in Secondary Education or equivalent,
  • Commitment to carry weapons and in the case of using them.
  • Not having been separated by disciplinary file from the service of any of the public administrations.
  • Be in possession or able to obtain a class B driving license.

Steps to be part of the watch Spanish civilian.

How to be part of the Spanish Civil Guard? You only have to comply with certain steps that are going to be mentioned below to become part of the Spanish Civil Guard:

Step 1

You must fill out the form that you can obtain by entering the portal www.guardiacivil.es

Step 2

To start as a corporal you must do the exclusion tests that are divided into the following 4 tests.

First test

  • Spelling: A written spelling exercise is performed. For this test, 10 minutes are given and your grade will be pass or fail
  • Knowledge: A form of 100 questions on legal, sociocultural and technical-scientific matters will be answered in writing. The time for this test will require a score of at least 25 points.
  • Foreign language: 20 questions about the chosen language will be answered in writing; English or French. The test time is 20 minutes and will be valued from 0 to 20 minutes.
  • Psychotechnical: Intellectual attitudes and personality profile will be evaluated.

Second test

  • Speed ​​test: 20-meter race on the track with a standing start. The distance must be covered in a time not exceeding 8.30 seconds for men and 9.40 seconds for women.
  • Muscle endurance test: 1000-meter track race with standing start. The distance must be covered in a time that does not exceed 4 minutes, 10 seconds for men, 4 minutes 40 seconds for women.
  • Upper body extensor test: 18 push-ups for men and 14 push-ups for women will be performed.
  • Swimming test: 50 meters will be covered in the pool, by freestyle and in a time not exceeding 70 seconds for men and 75 seconds for women.

Third test.

  • Personal interview: The interviewer will conduct an interview with the applicant to be able to contrast the data collected in the previous tests and to know that the opponent has the necessary skills to perform the job of the Civil Guard.

Fourth test

  • Medical examination: Medical exclusions will apply.

The students of the training center for access to the corporal and guards scale will be incorporated into the corporal and guards scale of the Civil Guard after successfully completing the corresponding study plan and the evaluation of the training period and would entail with the attribution of the employment of civil guard, obtaining the degree equivalent to that of a technician of the general education system.

Step 3

When he can choose to be an officer, he will be governed by the rules established for entry into the Superior Scale of the General Corps of the Armies. The training for this entry lasts for 5 academic years and is taught in two teaching centers:

  • General Military Academy of the Army of the Earth located in Zaragoza
  • Academy of officers of the civil war located Aranjuez (Madrid)

Obtaining the first job on this scale will be equivalent to that of the general education system for a graduate, architect or engineer.

How much do you pay in the Spanish Civil Guard?

The pay a Civil Guard It is based on several factors, these factors that depend on whether it is for work performed for permanent work:

Elements of the work carried out: It is composed of base salary + specialty + destination + guards among other supplements that add to this job.

Work items: It is the sum of seniority in work and withholdings, that is, other income, children’s education, family insurance, among other things.

Academy and seniority

The pay of the Civil Guards is divided into those who have just left the academy, those who have seniority and those who have a specialization. This is the salary:

Civil Guard that has left the Academy: The salary is divided into 14 payments, that is, with two extra payments (June and December). The problem is withholdings, if you are single it will be 15% of the annual salary.

The average salary of the guard who has left the academy is this:

  • Monthly: 1177 euros.
  • Per year: 19,400 euros.

Civil Guard with seniority of 9 years and specialty in traffic:In this case it depends on the Civil Guard with 9 years of service (about 30 euros for three years) and 9 years in the body with the specialty of Traffic (about 200 euros) also home and with a child, the my retention will again be the same 19%

The salary of this civil guard with 9 years of seniority and specialty in traffic married and with a child is:

  • 9 years old.
  • Traffic Specialty.
  • Annual salary: 24,600 euros
  • monthly: 1412 euros

Civil Guard with 12 years of seniority and specialist in Judicial Police: Another example is that if a guard is 12 years old that would be 30 euros for every 3 years, with a specialty of judicial police it would be 100 euros more, married and with a child the withholdings will be 19%.

The salary of a civil guard with 12 years of service and a specialist in the Judicial Police who is married with one child is:

  • 12 years old.
  • Judicial Police Spatiality.
  • Per year: 23,200 euros.
  • Per month: 1,342 euros

The amounts that are checked are the updated ones.

Benefits of the Spanish Civil Guard


The person who approves a position for Civil Guard gets a job for life that he will keep as long as he does not commit any infraction or crime that involves being removed from the body. With the approval in the Civil Guard exams, you can forget forever the uncertainty that involves not having a job or having it and being hired temporarily.

Good pay

The monthly salary that an agent of the Civil Guard currently receives starts from a minimum of 1600 euros. During each year, agents receive a total of fourteen and a half payments, this amount grows according to trienniums that will report a salary increase for seniority of around 5% (not counting the CPI). In addition, in the Civil Guard there are numerous destinations that, due to their difficulty or dangerousness, allow the agent to whom they are assigned to enjoy substantial bonuses that reinforce the salary.

Promotion possibilities

In the Civil Guard, there are promotion possibilities open to all officers from the first year of service. To improve the professional category, agents must undergo tests established in current regulations.

Holidays and personal days

The Civil Guard officers enjoy a minimum of forty days of vacation each year and their own affairs that they can distribute at their convenience in the calendar and with prior agreement with their superiors, since their availability must be adjusted to the needs of the position in which they perform. his homeworks.

Possibility of requesting leave

Like any other public official, an agent of the Civil Guard has the possibility of requesting unpaid leave of absence without this implying losing his job, since after passing the oppositions the agent has a place in property in the Corps.

Possibility of free housing

The Civil Guard has an extensive real estate park destined for the members of this body until their retirement. While you enjoy this advantage, you can save for the purchase of your own home.

Social benefits

Important discounts for civil guards in means of transport, zoos, insurance, car rental, military pharmacies … and scholarships for the family.

What is the Spanish Civil Guard?

It is a military institution that is dedicated to Spanish security. It was born due to the need to have a national, strong, professional and widely deployed public security body that would respond efficiently to the security needs of Spain in the first half of the 19th century, which has led to carried out with great success


  • Ensure compliance with the Laws and general provisions by executing the orders received from the competent authorities, within the scope of their competence.
  • Help and protect people and ensure the conservation and custody of assets that are in danger from any cause.
  • Monitor and protect public buildings and facilities that require it.
  • Ensure the protection and safety of high personalities.
  • Maintain and restore, where appropriate, order and public safety.
  • Prevent the commission of acts criminal.
  • Investigate crimes to discover and arrest the alleged culprits, preparing the necessary technical and expert reports.
  • Capture, receive and analyze all the data that are of interest to order and public safety.

Collaborate with the Civil Protection Services in cases of serious risk, catastrophe or public calamity.

How long is basic training in the Civil Guard?

The training for this entry lasts for one academic year and is implemented in the Academy of Guards and NCOs, later comes the training in the Territorial Units of the Civil Guard, this only lasts 40 weeks.


In the Civil Guard there are several areas where a member of the Civil Guard can stand out according to their taste, these areas are defined in this way:

Weapons and explosives intervention area.

It intervenes in the manufacture and repair of weapons, imitations and replicas and their parts, controls the circulation of regulatory weapons, prevents, prevents and combats the illicit traffic of weapons and explosives, controls activities related to explosives and denounces activities that endanger citizens.

The so-called SEDEX-NRBQ has the mission of detecting, neutralizing and deactivating explosive, incendiary, radioactive, biological and chemical devices and studying and analyzing deactivation techniques.


They investigate actions related to computer crime and fraud in the telecommunications sector, stop computer crimes on the Internet and support the investigations of the other units.

They provide services typical of forensic science such as the identification of victims, study of the scene of the events, obtain evidence to be investigated and prepare expert reports.

Judicial police

It provides assistance and services to the Judges and Magistrates as well as to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the investigation of crimes, and in the discovery and assurance of criminals.

Tax and border area

Defense against drug trafficking and illicit goods, smuggling, human trafficking and illegal substances.

They act as a fiscal safeguard for the State, prevent and prosecute smuggling and fraud.

Nature protection area

Normally called SEPRONA, they ensure the conservation of nature, hydraulic resources, protect the soil, water and atmosphere, animal health, and control the conservation of species. It also fights against spills, illegal trade in protected species, irregular fishing, defense of natural spaces and prevention and extinction of fires.

In the mountain: They rescue people, investigate accidents, control the conservation of nature, control the safety of citizens in mountain facilities, competitions or ski slopes, as well as collaborate in the prevention of accidents.

At sea: They exercise the functions that correspond to the Civil Guard in Spanish and continental waters. They prevent and investigate crimes, control the conservation of nature and the environment, control and inspect fishing and sports vessels, protect submerged historical heritage, control irregular immigration and participate in missions abroad.

Did you know…?

There is an investigation that says that 7 out of 10 people who enter the Civil Guard seek a job for life and the opportunity to progress professionally within the body. In addition, 50% seek to enforce the law as a way to make values ​​and ideals a reality.

We know that many who work in this area take advantage of their power and commit injustices, however, to be an honest person you must always opt for truth and equality for all, otherwise, you will not feel satisfied in your work.


  • Prepare yourself well for all the tests.

Remember that they are: Spelling, knowledge, foreign language, psychotechnics, physical tests, interview and medical examination.

  • It ensures the free exercise of the rights and freedoms of citizens and guarantees their safety.
  • Emphasize and highlight your good values.
  • Remember the benefits:
  1. Stability. The person will get a job that they will keep as long as they do not commit any infraction or crime.
  2. Good remuneration.
  3. Promotion possibilities
  4. Holidays and personal days
  5. Possibility of requesting leave
  6. Possibility of free housing
  7. Social benefits

If this is what you like, what are you waiting for? Meets the requirements for the Spanish Civil Guard and defends the rights of the people.

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