Apply for Wells Fargo Credit Card: What it is, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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To start you should know that a credit card is a plastic card issued by a financial company. That allows its owner to borrow money from the issuer. We will tell you how Apply for Wells Fargo Credit Card, to get them to pay for products or services without having cash or check.

Within this context, it is a concept of great value in financial matters and of great utility for all people and companies in the United States. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about cards, types, features, benefits and much more.

What is Wells Fargo?

Now then, next we want to talk to you about who is Wells Fargo & Co. is a financial services company with operations around the world. In addition, Wells Fargo is the fourth best bank in the US by asset quality and the third largest bank by market capitalization, and Wells Fargo is the second largest bank in deposits, mortgage services, and debit cards.

Within this context, it is a US bank with an international presence, which achieves the loyalty of its customers, providing them with innovative quality products and services. All this, through a motivated and qualified human team, with personalized management and adequate technology, promoting the development and well-being of the community.

Therefore, it offers its customers the Credit cards Wells fargo, which are a means of payment that allows you to make purchases. It is called “credit” because the amount you use when making the purchase corresponds to a loan given to you by Wells Fargo Bank.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that the referred Bank offers you in terms of products and services. In order that you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. And consequently you can Apply for Credit Card Wells fargo quickly and without any inconvenience.

Types of Credit Cards Offered by Wells Fargo

In this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, about the types of Wells Fargo Credit Cards that exist. In this regard, it is very interesting to learn about this aspect due to the importance of the aforementioned concepts in personal or business financial management.

In this regard, Wells Fargo offers its customers credit cards of the personal card type. Consequently, each of them have multiple benefits, such as: cash rewards, establish credit, rewards, no annual fee and balance transfer.

Additionally, we will cite in greater detail credit cards, which, as we mentioned earlier, allow you to make purchases with a bank loan. Now, in the case of Wells Fargo, you have its Propel American Express, Cash Wise Visa, Visa Signature, Rewards, Platinum and cards.

Reason why, it is important that you are clear about your financial needs, before proceeding to Apply for the Wells Fargo Credit Card. As well as, if it adapts to your requirements and you meet the requirements to grant it. In the next section we will detail these requirements to be able to opt for it.

Requirements for the Application

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about the requirements or documentation you need to Apply for the Wells Fargo Credit Card. It is important that, before deciding how to apply for your card in Wells Fargo, you meet these requirements.

  • You must first have opened an account with the financial institution.
  • When opening said account you must provide your name, address, date of birth, as well as other information that allows them to identify you.
  • Similarly, they may ask for your driver’s license or other identifying information.
  • Information about your dependent or independent job, and the income you get from that job.
  • Any other information that the Bank considers to demonstrate your solvency.

In this regard, you must be aware that the Bank is authorized to verify all the information provided, receive credit reports related to you. Also investigate your histories credit, employment and income, and state records, including records from state employment security agencies.

Consequently, the Bank will determine the amount of credit granted, as well as the product for which you qualify, according to its review criteria. If you do not qualify for the product or the rates, you should be informed of the reasons through the most convenient communication medium.

It should be noted that the requirements described above are the most common in the different types of cards. In other words, each card may require different or additional documents to those previously mentioned. We recommend you inquire according to your needs.

How to Apply for the Card?

As we reach the end of this writing, we are going to describe the different ways you have to Apply for Wells Fargo Credit Cards detailed above, without any inconvenience:

  • You must enter the Web page of the Entity and indicate if you are a customer of Internet banking or no.
  • Subsequently, you enter the personal data that it requests, with special emphasis on email.
  • In the same way, you enter information about your finances and card options.
  • After you have entered all the information that it requests, carefully, you click on review and send.
  • Once you present the online applicationYou will receive the status of your request on the confirmation page and they will send you a confirmation email.
  • If you receive approval, your credit limit will also appear on the confirmation page and email
  • In case the bank needs more time to review your application, you will receive an identification number of the application and a phone number that you can call to verify the status of it.

With this modality you will be able to know from the comfort of your home if you are eligible for the Bank to credit you one of their credit cards. Likewise, after knowing the results of this preliminary analysis, you must contact the Entity with the requirements indicated above.

At the branch
  • If you decide to do it in person, you should go to the Wells Fargo branches that are your higher comfort.
  • Before doing so, you must find out exactly the address and hours they serve the public, as well as if you need to request an appointment in advance.
  • In the same way, you must record all the previously identified requirements.


For the aforementioned, you should already know the existence of different types of Wells Fargo Credit Cards. Next, we will discuss in detail the different characteristics of each one, in case you choose to be the owner of any of them:

Propel American Express
  • Lower introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months from account opening
  • There is no limit to the points you can earn and points do not expire as long as your account remains open
  • Exemption foreign currency conversion fees
  • Cell phone protection helps protect your cell phone from damage or theft.
Cash Wise Visa
  • No Rotating category restrictions apply and quarterly activations are not required for unlimited 1.5% cash rewards.
  • Cash rewards do not expire while the account is open.
  • Account protections like 24/7 Fraud Monitoring.
  • Zero Liability alerts and protection for unauthorized transactions that are reported immediately.
Visa Signature
  • $ 0 annual fee
  • Exceptional Visa Signature privileges, including member access to events popular
  • Access your FICO® Credit Score Credit Score with Internet Banking Wells Fargo Online®
  • $ 0 annual fee
  • Flexibility to use points for travel, gift cards, merchandise, cash redemption, and more.
  • Account protection features like Zero Liability protection for unauthorized transactions that are immediately reported.
  • Account and card activity alerts and cell phone protection.
  • Account protection features like Zero Liability protection for unauthorized transactions that are immediately reported.
  • Alerts, cell phone protection.
  • My Money Map: tools to help you easily manage expenses and budget
  • Accessing your FICO® Credit Score through Wells Fargo Online® Internet Banking
  • Cell Phone Protection helps protect your cell phone from damage or theft.
  • No foreign currency conversion fee
  • Trip interruption and cancellation benefits

Benefits of Applying for a Wells Fargo Credit Card

Now, we want you to know everything about the Benefits offered by the Wells Fargo Credit Cards. Reason why, below we detail everything that implies being the owner of them, in a very simple and understandable way.

Propel American Express
  • No annual fee
  • Rewards accelerated
  • Points do not expire as long as your account remains open
Cash Wise Visa
  • Cash rewards
  • No annual fee
  • Low introductory APR for purchases and balance transfers
Visa Signature
  • Flexible rewards
  • Exceptional benefits
  • Travels
  • Flexible rewards
  • Low introductory APR for purchases and balance transfers
  • Pay balances
  • Take control of your finances
  • Pay balances
  • Pay expenses for more expensive items over time
  • Choose your next adventure
  • Turn your daily expenses into reward nights
  • Combine your purchases and eligible stays for more reward nights

We hope you can successfully Apply for Wells Fargo Credit Card!

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