Biographical Information Form G-325A: Format, Completion and MORE

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If you need to know what the Biographical Information Form G-325A, you have reached the ideal article for you. Here, we will talk a little about the details of this document, which allows you to apply to immigration requests in the country (green cards, VISAs or adjustments of conditions).

During the following lines, you will be able to find details about el format and the way in which you should fill in this document migratory of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In addition, we will also talk about the importance and the places where you must submit this form.

Read carefully, write down the information you need and start your process!

Biographical Information Form G-325A Format

The first details you should know about him Biographical Information Form G-325A have to be the formatting aspects. In this way, you can avoid falling into providing wrong information and other problems that delay the management of your procedure.

When you know the way in which this immigration document is formed, you can anticipate the information that you must provide and start collecting it early. In addition, it is always advisable to know what you are going to face.

Form G-325A of Biographical Information has the distinction of being a downloadable and fillable document; that is, you can search for it on the Internet, download it to your device and fill in the required information with your data.

In addition, it has a relatively simple format, despite having a large and tedious appearance. Its structure is based on five (5) parts: one for personal data and others for data on your immigration status.

Thus, the format of the Biographical Information form G-325A is made up of the following:

  1. Personal data section: You must fill in some information fields with your personal data of residence, identity and love life.
  2. List of your addresses: You must submit a list of your addresses in the last five years prior to the form.
  3. Address outside the USA: You must present the address of your last residence outside of USA (USA).
  4. List of works: You must submit a list of your work activities for the last five years.
  5. List of foreign jobs: You must submit information about your last job outside the country. [Es opcional, aplica según cada caso].
  6. Reason for request: You must present the reasons for your request and the alien registration number.

Completion of Biographical Information Form G-325A

Once you know the format of a document, you must learn how to fill in the information fields that these present. Thus, you will be able to avoid making mistakes, delays or inconveniences with the law, if you come to provide any incorrect information.

So, as we have previously explained, the Biographical Information Form G-325A is composed of five parts (there is an optional part). So, to avoid inconveniences, below, we are going to explain how this immigration document is filled out:

Personal information

It is the longest and densest section that is formatted for the form; so we have made a brief list, divided into three small sections, with the data that you must write for each one:

Personal informationFamily dataMarriage Data
  • First and middle names.
  • Surnames.
  • Sex (Male or Female).
  • Date of birth.
  • Nationality or Citizenship, as the case may be.
  • Previously used last names (Last names prior to marriage apply).
  • City or country of birth.
  • Social Security number.
  • Names and surnames of both parents.
  • Parents’ date of birth.
  • City or country of birth of both parents.
  • City or country of residence of both parents.
  • Name of the couple.
  • Date of birth of the couple.
  • City or country of the couple.
  • Wedding’s date.
  • Wedding venue.

Address Data

In this section you must provide the home address for your last five years. To do this, you must complete the following information:

  • Street name and number.
  • Town.
  • Province or State.
  • Country.
  • Residence start date.
  • End of residence date.

Foreign Address Data

In this section you must provide your last address domiciled outside the country, in which you have lived for more than a year. To do this, you must complete the following information:

  • Street name and number.
  • Town.
  • Province or State.
  • Country.
  • Residence start date.
  • End of residence date.

Labor data

In this section you must provide the employment data for the last five years; Furthermore, if your case applies, you must provide the details of your last job outside the country. To do this, you must complete the following information:

  • Full name of the employer.
  • Employer or employer address.
  • Position held.
  • Start date of work activities.
  • End date of work activities.

Labor data

In this section you must specify the reasons for requesting the form. To do this, you must complete the following information:

  • Specify your reason between: Naturalization, Permanent Resident Status or Others.
  • Signature of the applicant.
  • Date of the form request.

What is it for?

Once we know the format and the data that you must fill in, it is time to talk about the importance of this form. Knowing what a document is for can help you know if you are carrying out the correct procedure for your situation. In addition, it can help you anticipate the requirements or data that will be requested.

In that case, the Biographical Information Form G-325A has a utility dedicated to immigration; In other words, it is a document used by immigration entities to carry out residency procedures.

To be more specific, this form is used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to carry out a background check on people who apply for immigration and residence procedures.

Now the Procedures for which Form G-325A can be used There are several, but the following three stand out:

  • Petition for a green card.
  • Application for a VISA.
  • Residence condition adjustment.

Once you apply to this form, you will have to provide information about your old addresses, your academic background, your work experiences and personal information about your family.

Where is Form G-325A Biographical Information Filed?

A fundamental aspect of any procedure is to know the place or institution in charge of it; since this allows you to be aware of where you should present your documents and, where to go to find out or clarify doubts.

In the case of Form G-325A of Biographical Information, the institution in charge is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, if you want to present or resolve doubts, you must go to one of the USCIS headquarters.

Now, there are many USCIS headquarters, so you can go to anyone near you to do the paperwork.

However, if you do not know where the USCIS offices are located, you can go to the USCIS web portal and look for the section «Local Offices». There, you will find a search engine or office locator, you just have to cEnter your zip code and you will have the location of a office.

Requirements for Form G-325A Biographical Information

The Biographical Information Form G-325A is an immigration document, so people who can request this form must be foreign citizens of the country.

This document applies to those people who have applied for an immigrant VISA or a green card, in addition to requesting a change of status. This is because the USCIS uses this form as a background check and checking your immigration status.

Therefore, it is a document that does not have a list of specified requirements, it is open to all those citizens who need it.

What is it?

Finally, the G-325A Biographical Information form, as you may have read, is a document used by the USCIS to verify the background of foreign citizens, at the time of approving or not the applications for residency procedures in the country.

He the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services request this document, when citizens apply for VISAS, green cards or changes of residence status in the country. In this way, they verify your information and proceed to evaluate and make a decision on your case.

In addition, it has the ease of being able to do it through the Internet, so you can access from anywhere and at any time, to process the request for the form. You only have to fill out some fields, with some personal, residential, work and even marriage data.

So if you must request Form G-325A for Biographical InformationWe hope to have helped you with the information in this article.

Remember, make sure the information you provide is correct and take advantage of the process!

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