Criminal Record Certificate: Steps, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Criminal record. Citizens who need a United States Criminal Record Certificate should apply directly to the FBI. You should be aware that the embassies of that country do not provide this service.

If you need this document, we recommend that you continue reading this article, which will explain every detail.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Criminal Record Certificate

It is important to note that people have three alternatives to choose from, to process and obtain their Criminal record, are the following:

Criminal Record Certificate: Option 1

In this first option the citizen can send his request directly to the FBI online. You must enter the web portal of the FBI.

Then, you will need to follow the steps under the section for “Obtaining Your Summary of Identity History” (Obtaining Your Identity History Summary).

If you are going to do it this way, you will need to go to a post office to have your fingerprints taken that make up the application steps.

Criminal Record Certificate: Option 2

In this option, the citizen must send his request to a post mail. But you must first complete the applicant information form.

Before carrying out the procedure of your procedure you must take into account the following:

  • If the request is for a couple or people who make up your family nucleus, each person must fill out, complete and sign the form.
  • The citizen must add his correct full email address, as well as your phone number and email.
  • It is important to emphasize that the results will be sent to you through the United States Postal Service.

The second step to do it this way is to obtain your fingerprints, you should follow the following:

  • Citizen footprints must be affixed on a standard fingerprint form (FD-258).
  • The citizen must provide a fingerprint card every year, with their respective personal information such as: your name and date of birth.
  • You must add prints of the 10 fingerprints that must be taken at the same time.

When you have done step 2, we continue with 3, which is send payment. The citizen can cancel with credit card using the Payment Form. or by check.

If you have already made the payment, you must now send the documentation explained above to the Federal Office of Investigation in 1000 Custer Hollow Road Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306

Criminal Record Certificate: Option 3

This and last option, the citizen can send his request to a Channeled accepted by the FBI. It is a private company that works in requesting the certified in your name.

Then you can find in the following link, a channeler list approved by the FBI, for shipments and departmental orders.

It is important to note that you have these three options to be able to carry out your procedure and to be given your Criminal Record Certificate. It is not a difficult procedure, the idea is that I made the decision to carry out one of these options, in my own way.

Who delivers it?

Citizens who need a Criminal record from the United States, you must request it directly from the FBI.

How to Request a Change or Correction?

The FBI is responsible for keeping all fingerprints and related information. Identity History Summary for the country. Therefore, you do not have the authority to change any information in such a summary, unless specifically communicated by the agency providing the information.

In this case, you consider that your history summary contains incorrect or incomplete information, below we will explain three options to request the change or correction:

Option 1

In this option, the citizen must contact the agency where they provided the information to the FBI. If your state information is wrong or missing, you should be aware that most states require that changes to the information of the Identity History Summary are proceeded through the state centralized agency.

That is, before the State Identification Office, so that you can make changes to your information.

The citizen can communicate with the State Identification Office that corresponds to him and ask for help. And if applicable, you must request that they supply the FBI updates to your Summary. You should bear in mind that the information for each state is provided in the following identification list.

Various states maintain their own system of records. Updates only do at the state level, so the FBI cannot modify records. Instead, the FBI can access the state’s system for authorized purposes to verify and review the record.

If the federal information is incorrect or missing, the FBI should receive a request from the agency that made the official arrest, through a court with control over all the information of the arrest or another agency with control over the information of this.

Option 2

In this option, the person must send online their request for challenge directly to the FBI. Therefore, you must enter the following link. Next, you must perform the steps in the section “How to question the summary of your identity history.”

When you have submitted the request electronically to the FBI, you will receive a response electronically and an option to receive a response by first class mail.

Option 3

In this last option you can send your request for written challenge to the FBI. You should first note that your written request must clearly identify the information that you believe is incorrect or incomplete. For this, you must attach copies of any supporting documentation proving the fault, to support your claim.

For example: if the data you have supplied is incorrect or missing, you can present documents obtained from the court that is handling the case about the arrest or the office that proceeds the crime. The FBI will contact the agencies to review and correct the entries contested by the person.

When you have received the official communication from the agency with the control over the information, the FBI will make the modifications and notify the final result.

It is important to note that you must send a challenge to the Summary of the Identity History to the FBI, writing to the following address: Attention of the CJIS division of the FBI, with the Criminal Background Analysis Team 1 in 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Criminal Record Certificate

It is normal for citizens to have doubts about this issue, for this reason we will answer their concerns below

Question 1: Does the FBI accept personal checks, business checks, or cash?

No. Individuals cannot send personal checks, business checks, or cash. They consider that they are not acceptable forms of payment for requests for Departmental Orders (DO).

Please note that personal and business checks sent with a DO application will not be returned and will be completely disposed of.

Question 2: How much does it cost to request a history summary check? identity?

The cost to be paid by a person requesting a summary verification of identity history is at least $ 18.

Question 3: Does the citizen have to pay $ 18 for each copy requested, in which case if he needs more than one copy of the results?

The FBI provides a sealed response for each request received. You can make as many copies as you need when you receive your reply. In case you receive the information electronically, you can print as many copies as you need, upon receiving the response.

If the person needs additional stamped responses, they must submit an additional request with another payment of $ 18 for each sealed response requested.

Question 4: In the event the person is unable to pay the $ 18 to request a summary verification of identity history?

If the citizen cannot cancel the $ 18 fee, your request for a fee waiver must include a claim and proof of homelessness, such as a notarized affidavit of homelessness. In this case, you send your request electronically, you must contact the following number (304) 625-5590 or through the email that is

By the above means, you will be instructed to request a fee waiver before submitting your request.

Question 5: Can someone else cancel the identity history summary?

Yes. The person who is going to do it must complete the credit card payment form with the signature of the cardholder or obtain a money order or check certified by $ 18 US dollars paid to the US Treasury. You must sign where necessary.

You should take into account that if you cancel with a credit card, you must attach your card’s expiration date. If you send it online, you must provide the payment information during the application procedure.

What is the Criminal Record Certificate?

The Criminal record, it is an important document because it contains information about sentences imposed that a person has received.

In the United States, Criminal record, is a document that is submitted by the FBI, which highlights a summary of the personal criminal history. This summary is federal in nature.

To conclude, the Criminal record It is important for people to review their history. Therefore, it is recommended that you organize and apply as soon as possible.

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